George Gollin Ebola Connection?
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Why was George Gollin trying to destroy St. Luke School of Medicine, a Christian medical school trying to bring new doctors to war-ravaged Liberia? What purpose would Gollin's vicious, contemptuous activities serve--other than to enable the spread of the deadly ebola virus to more black men, women and children?

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Domestic terrorist George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin) hates black people. He even ran racist pictures on his website comparing a black man to an eggplant. George Gollin has been sued multiple times in federal court for stalking, defamation, extortion, civil rights violations and computer hacking.

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Screen shot of racist George Gollin's web page. Gollin considers black people to be contemptible "eggplants" who deserve to die from ebola. In a magazine interview George Gollin stated, "I was going to f*ck them."

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Stalker George Gollin caught in the act. Was George Gollin spreading more than just his toxic political message?

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It really must be heartbreaking for the good folks at St. Luke to watch helplessly while their sick and dying countrymen suffer--solely for George Gollin's personal entertainment and demented self-promotion.
George Gollin spent half a million dollars on his unsuccessful primary campaign. He even finished in third place in one county to an opponent who spent nothing. How many sick people could Dr. Dolphin have saved with that half a million dollars? George Gollin definitely has the blood of those dead Africans on his hands.

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Quote:Ebola Death Toll Rises to 4,033: World Health Organization
U.N. Deputy Secretary General Urges Action Against Ebola
NBC News

The number of people known to have died amid the worst Ebola outbreak on record has topped 4,000, the World Health Organization said Friday. The Geneva-based United Nations agency said the virus had killed 4,033 people out of 8,399 cases over seven months in seven countries by Oct. 8.

The death toll includes 2,316 in Liberia, 930 in Sierra Leone, 778 in Guinea, eight in Nigeria -- and one in the United States. A separate Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo has killed 43 people out of 71 cases. Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, died Wednesday in Dallas.

Meanwhile, Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Friday that Ebola infections rates are expected to climb.

"In Guinea and Sierra Leone, the number of infections is projected to double every month. In Liberia, infections are projected to double every two weeks," Power said at a General Assembly session on Ebola.

Power praised countries that "have punched far above their weight." She cited the example of Cuba, "a country of just 11 million people' that "has already sent 165 health professionals to the region and plans to send nearly 300 more."

But she also called on more countries to "step up" in the global battle against the deadly virus. "The need is growing, and it is growing fast," Power said.
From the SLSOM website:

Quote:Thank you George Gollin for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) deaths in West Africa

George Gollin and Muhammad Sheriff conspired against SLSOM in 2005 to prevent the opening of its Free Town campus in Monrovia, Liberia.

Gollin provided Sheriff with lies about SLSOM operations in the United States and Liberia to scare the Liberian public. Sheriff lied on Liberian radio and in newspaper reports about SLSOM in an effort to embarrass his arch enemy, then Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Coleman, a profession surgeon.

Sheriff lied on Liberian radio about SLSOM's history in Liberia stating that SLSOM had graduated hundreds of Indians (false), from the street (false), who merely, only paid graduation fees to SLSOM for Doctor of Medicine diplomas (false). He stated that these people were applying for licenses in Liberia (false). Sheriff stated that SLSOM had no campus (false) and no equipment (false), and that SLSOM had no professors to teach any students (false). Sheriff was purposely lying to mislead and frighten the Liberian public.

SLSOM has certified statements proving that Sheriff had visited SLSOM's campus in Free Town in February 2005, when Dr. Dolphin was in Ghana bringing more medical books and medical equipment to the Liberian campus.

Sheriff knew that SLSOM had a campus in Free Town, as wells as medical books, equipment, and professors. There was one well qualified India-born American citizen, a SLSOM graduate, applying for licensure in India, who had passed the All-India medical examination. At that time, three SLSOM graduates had passed their medical examinations in Ghana and were completing their house-jobs (internships) in Ghana. Several SLSOM graduates had passed their examinations in Nigeria and the USA. In fact, more than a dozen SLSOM graduates passed medical examinations in the USA and elsewhere. SLSOM graduates had more than 90% pass rate, worldwide.

At the time, SLSOM was planning for 30 students coming from our Nigerian campus to Monrovia. At that time, SLSOM had more than 400 brand new medical books, 15 microscopes (12 of which were 1200x [1200 powered]), 14 computers connected to an active internet connection, 4 electric centrifuges and 6 hand-held centrifuges, hundreds of test tubes, thousands of latex and non-latex hand gloves, blood type test kits, bacterial stains for gram testing and non-gram stains, two portable electric power generators, and more, including 12 sphygmomanometers, 25 stethoscopes, and electrocardiogram (ECG) equipment. SLSOM was one of the few institutions with ECG equipment in Liberia.

SLSOM was also connected to one of the few Liberian electrical generation networks, a diesel 80,000 watt generator, to which SLSOM was actively engaged and using on a daily basis.

SLSOM had fresh water tanks, plumbing, toilets and brown water reservoirs. It was well equipped with electrical sockets and outlets. SLSOM was better equipped than almost all of hospitals in Liberia.

Sheriff, with the help of Gollin, did his very best to despoil the name and reputation of SLSOM, and stop the opening of the SLSOM Free Town campus.

In 2005, he forced with threat, Liberian Ministry of Education officials to send false documents to Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates in Philadelphia, PA.

SLSOM bought more than 2.5 acres of land to build a 32,000 square foot modern campus, not far from Roberts International Airport. Sheriff and his cronies did everything they could to prevent the approval of our plans to build. SLSOM in 2006 won approval to build. However, even when and after SLSOM won its court cases in Liberian Supreme Court and Liberian Civil Court, Sheriff used his influence to gain false judgments to stop SLSOM's progress in Liberia. The question arose, why should SLSOM invest more money in Liberia, when Liberian officials did not respect orders from its own courts to not interfere with SLSOM?

Gollin went even further, when SLSOM was gaining accreditation in Ghana; he sent a false ninety-page document, completely confabulated, to the National Accreditation Board of Ghana, which was full of thousands of lies about SLSOM. The result of which was delaying SLSOM's accreditation to this day.

By now, without the lying of Gollin and Shariff, SLSOM, according to its planning documents, would have graduated about a thousand legitimate medical doctors in West Africa. SLSOM estimates that more than 500 of those medical doctors would be working in modern and well equipped hospitals and clinics in West Africa. This estimated is based on SLSOM's student graduation requirements, which require its graduates on scholarship to work in the country of graduation for two to four years before leaving.

Now, with Ebola spreading in West Africa, according to BBC and CNN broadcasts and other international broadcasts and reports, many Liberian doctors have to confront patients without gloves, masks, or modern diagnostic equipment. Many doctors have died from their empathetic exposure to EVD. How can Gollin or Sheriff live with themselves, knowing they purposely lied about SLSOM, its personnel, its graduates, facilities, capability and equipment in Liberia and Ghana?

Both Gollin and Shariff, when confronted by lawsuit in the USA federal courts by SLSOM, used federal immunity as defenses for their lying about SLSOM. SLSOM invites lawsuit from either of them if any part of this editorial is false.

To George Gollin and Mohammed Sheriff respectively:



I pray that doctors in Liberia and other parts of West Africa are protected when they meet with patients suspected of having EVD. I pray for the families of those doctors who have died as a result of their exposure to EVD. .
Liberia already had only a few dozen of its own doctors. Then came Ebola.

I wonder how proud George is, being personally responsible for shutting down a Liberian medical school. That's good George because the US Army is sending troops To Liberia to die for your mistakes. I will have to tell every Ebola widow the history.
Quote:Ebola Disgraced Dem Candidate George Gollin
Announces Unexpected Retirement


Champaign October 15, 2014 30 minutes ago...

George Gollin's sudden and unexpected announcement of retirement sends social media trending
wires into a frenzy with unanswered questions and speculation.

Spokespersons for George Gollin confirmed the announcement of retirement, but withheld further
comment and requested privacy and respect for the coward responsible for thousands of gruesome
ebola deaths until a press conference and upcoming public statement expected within the next 2 days.

The unexpected timing and vague details about the sudden retirement announcement is feeding
speculation about George Gollin's health and personal well-being.

Additional details and information will be updated as it becomes available. This story is still
(10-16-2014, 04:53 PM)WilliamW Wrote:
Quote:Ebola Disgraced Dem Candidate George Gollin
Announces Unexpected Retirement

Would that be so he could accept his new position as Grand Wizard of the KKK? After all, George Gollin is responsible for the deaths of more black people than Hugo Black, Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr. combined.
Ebola now at Yale. Is Penn next? Irony requires it!

Yale Student Who Traveled to Liberia Hospitalized with Ebola-Like Symptoms
Want some Ebola with that Cheese Steak?

It's here! Ebola is coming to Philly, where George Gollin's darling lesbian cheerleader daughter Chlamydia attends school.

Karma is a bitch, eh George? What's a little collateral damage in your war against black people? I'm sure a self-centered, self-serving, self-aggrandizing scumbag like George Gollin would agree that the life of your only alleged offspring is small sacrifice in return for the glory of destroying an African medical school that could have provided life-saving medical care for thousands of innocent Ebola victims.

Quote:3 Pennsylvanians Reportedly Among Those Being Monitored In Ebola Probe
October 17, 2014 11:19 AM

[Image: 456957436.jpg?w=620&h=349&crop=1]
(credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) -- Gov. Tom Corbett says three Pennsylvanians who were on a flight from Cleveland to Dallas with a nurse who tested positive for Ebola are being monitored in Texas and haven't been back home since the Monday trip.

Corbett said Friday that the three people aren't showing symptoms of Ebola and aren't being quarantined.
He says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention interviewed them and they are free to return to Pennsylvania. The state isn't disclosing personal information about them.

Corbett's health secretary, Michael Wolf, says state epidemiologists are in contact with the three residents and will know if they return to Pennsylvania. Wolf also says his agency is assembling an inventory of hospital equipment that could be marshaled to respond in case of a suspected Ebola case in Pennsylvania.
(10-17-2014, 05:30 AM)Harrison J Bounel Wrote: Would that be so he could accept his new position as Grand Wizard of the KKK? After all, George Gollin is responsible for the deaths of more black people than Hugo Black, Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr. combined.

I'm not sure that the KKK ever accepts Jews, even self-hating ones who also hate blacks.
(10-20-2014, 06:07 AM)Fort Bragger Wrote: I'm not sure that the KKK ever accepts Jews, even self-hating ones who also hate blacks.

Not intentionally perhaps, but it's been known to happen. E.g., Dan Burros and the father of Bernard Baruch, among others.

As for being a "self-hating Jew," I don't think Gollum fits the technical definition, i.e., "a Jewish person [who] holds antisemitic beliefs or engages in antisemitic actions." Gollum is a Jew who hates himself because he knows he is an unmitigated asshole. He might be able to fool a few gullible Illinois voters and the SS but he can't fool himself.

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