DegreeInfo Status: ClientHold
Wondering why Thomas Vernon "Chip" White's gay boy porn front website DegreeInfo has been down?  Checking the whois info shows the site's current status as "ClientHold."   This means the domain is suspended (often for legal or compliance reasons). The domain is removed from the zone files and has no authoritative name servers. Therefore it stops functioning.

This could be a byproduct of Charisma University's pending litigation against DegreeInfo and others.  As noted in that thread, LLC (the site's registered owner) is "FTB Suspended" and thus cannot transact business legally.  Charisma may have alerted the appropriate authorities.

This puts pedophile-pandering porn peddler Thomas Vernon "Chip" White in a bind.  To keep his website online he must resurrect his defunct LLC or otherwise provide a proper name and business address.  But in doing that he will provide Charisma with a name and address to easily serve their complaint.  Chalk up another win for Charisma, at least temporarily. 
(10-02-2014, 04:04 AM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: Charisma may have alerted the appropriate authorities.

Heh heh, makes a good story. [Image: cool.gif][Image: biggrin.gif]

I wonder how Chip will try to spin this when they finally get back online?  Diploma mill conspiracy?  Anti-kiddie porn conspiracy?  Anti-quack cancer cure conspiracy? 
How many Klempner Klones are experiencing withdrawal symptoms?  I see one of them is even asking questions at the now-deserted DD, as if anybody there would have anything but the usual wild guess.  Charisma has definitely done a public service by de-lousing and de-kloning at least a small portion of the internet. 
John Bear Wrote:It's unsettling. I know nothing, other than the fact that the site is being reported, on, as having been put 'on hold' by the site operator, presumably Chip.

Wrong again, Klempner.  Typical of the "a guess is as good as a fact" mentality fostered by Klempner and his klones.  As Martin explained in the first post, the domain was suspended for compliance reasons by the registrar, not Chip.  Get a clue, old man.

Quote:clientHold: The domain will not be published in a zone for DNS resolution. This status is placed on the domain by the registrar.
John Bear Wrote:It's unsettling. I know nothing...

You have to give him half credit for that part. [Image: smile.gif]

John Bear Wrote:...the fact that the site is being reported, on, as having been put 'on hold' by the site operator, presumably Chip.

Um, Klempner, it's not a "fact" if it's not true.  It's not being reported as "put 'on hold' by the site operator."  This is what most people might refer to as a "lie." 

Obviously this is Klempner trying to spin adverse events.  Oh, of course it's not because pedophile-pandering porn peddler Thomas Vernon "Chip" White Jr. is in some kind of trouble with the registrar.  Don't be silly.   He's just putting things on hold for awhile, well just because.  Sorry, Klempner, nobody with a brain is buying it. 

Like most perverts, Thomas Vernon "Chip" White Jr. seems to think the rules don't apply to him.  Prong a high school kid in the ass?  Oh sure, why not?  People do it all the time.  What are you, a homophobe, a religious fanatic, a tea party dinosaur? 

Pay your taxes, fill out your government paperwork correctly, tell the truth?  Ha ha, just some more of those pesky straight people's conventions that perverts don't think they have to follow.
DI's registry status now shows "ok."  Not surprisingly, the whois info now has been changed.  The latest whois info on pedophile-pandering porn peddler Thomas Vernon "Chip" White Jr.'s website:

Quote:Registrant Name: WHOIS AGENT
Registrant Street: PO BOX 639
Registrant Street: C/O DEGREEINFO.COM
Registrant City: KIRKLAND
Registrant State/Province: WA
Registrant Postal Code: 98083
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.4252740657
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +1.4259744730
Admin Fax Ext:

What ever happened to all that klone talk about how utterly suspicious it is when somebody uses a privacy protection service to insulate themselves from stalkers and perverts?  Once again, it's fine when one of the stalkers and perverts uses it, just don't let them catch a Christian school or startup trying it.  What hypocrites. 

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