Doogle Arse Quits DD
Oh, the humanity! What will the two guys who still post there do without the insightful comments of Air Marshal Gravitas?

Rich Douglas Wrote:I Appreciated This Alternative Board

by Rich Douglas » Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:12 pm

When we needed to take a step back for a bit from DegreeInfo, I appreciated that Gus set this board up. But as with all things, my participation on it must end. More than 2,000 posts is plenty.

Thanks, Gus. Smile
Yawn. He'll be back in six weeks with some more self-aggrandizing nonsense. Who cares?
I must admit that Doogie has hung around. All the other guys that fought meaningless stupid internet wars personally attacking people found out that there are consequences for being a prick and eventually quit except for the ass pirate trucker. I even quit haunting Gus because he quit abusing people. Mind you he appears to have remove the ammo by getting his financial shite together. Doogie likes spending his time with the gay pornographer - good for him. Birds of a feather!

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