Gay Activist George Gollin Trounced In Primary
"Big Debbie" had a terrific expose on Gollin's outright lies and corruption. She's a Democrat, but Gollin's act was too much even for her.

Notice the usual descriptions of Gollin's conduct: lies, sleaze, dirty, no shame, desperate, sold out, load of bull, liar, etc. It seems like everywhere he goes and everything he does garners the same reaction.

Here are some of the highlights:

Quote:UPDATED x4: "I'm George Gollin, and I approve this lie."
Posted on March 7, 2014
A little known quirk in federal election law requires television stations to run any advertisement by a candidate, and provides immunity to the television station for defamation contained in any advertisement, as long as the candidate says "I approve this message."

George Gollin is hoping to pull off an upset win by utilizing that law by self-funding a completely false negative attack ad against Ann Callis.

Gollin knows she opposes cuts to benefits, because he selectively lifted that audio from this very interview. Also, I personally watched Gollin sit next to Callis when she said she opposed cuts to social security at the 2/20 debate. ...

Her position on social security is clear, and Gollin's attempt to lie about that position to voters is just as clear. And even going so far as to equate Ann with the Tea Party? Despicable. I take back anything nice I have ever said about him.

I'm not the only liberal blogger outraged by Gollin's lies. Here is what the Daily Kos blog had to say about George's false attack ad:

It's a very dirty move...Gollin cut off the entire first half of Callis' remarks, a move usually described as "taking something out of context."

Also, here is what Michael Carrigan, President of the IL AFL-CIO had to say:

Ann Callis has the support of thousands of working men and women in Illinois because she is a true fighter for the middle-class and will protect Social Security and Medicare. Gollin's ad is clearly misleading and uses a quote out of context, and this desperate attack from George Gollin is totally unwarranted.

George, we've seen you act desperately before, with your yard-sign gimmick. And, this isn't the first false attack you've leveled at Ann. But this is just another level of sleaze and politics-as-usual that we don't want in the 13th.

You really think that anyone is going to buy that Ann Callis is secretly a tea party sleeper agent? It's even more laughable coming from you, someone who has not been involved in the democratic party before you thought, "hey, why don't I start as a congressman?" Ann has been supporting democrats for two decades. Which you have also somehow turned into another attack on her, because you think supporting democrats is a bad thing and makes you a "political insider."

George, you've already sold out a decade's worth of your life's work on diploma mills for some minor political advantage. Now you are going to go out as a liar, too.

UPDATE 3/8: It gets even worst. Here is a mailer that Gollin just sent out in conjunction with this false attack ad:

[Image: screen-shot-2014-03-08-at-9-33-59-am.png]

He's "trained to find the facts and act on them"? How brazen is it to send a mailer like that the day you start airing a completely false attack ad stating your opponent has a position you know she doesn't have? Definition of chutzpah.

This man has no shame, does he?

H/T to commenter for pointing this out to me.

And I agree with their assessment, that Gollin somehow cares about facts might be the biggest load of bull ever trying to be sold to voters here in Champaign. Let's make sure they don't fall for his lies.

UPDATE 2 3/9: Tom Kacich addresses the false ad in today's News-Gazette:

But Callis continues to pile up endorsements from local Democrats and money from national PACs and Democratic leaders, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Gollin apparently had enough and last week began running a commercial hitting Callis for "folding to the tea party agenda" on cutting Social Security. The commercial features a five-second, incomplete sentence by Callis, in which she says, "We're going to have to see what's there and what we remove ..."

Callis said Gollin's commercials "are the mark of a desperate campaign."

"As someone who grew up knowing my grandmother depended on her Social Security and Medicare, I'm offended that Professor Gollin would lie and distort my record," she said. "I have made it clear from the very start of my campaign that I will protect Social Security and Medicare for seniors and not accept any deals that include cuts to benefits."

Update 3 3/9: We do not want voters believing George Gollin's lies. Please download, retweet, share, and spread the word:

[Image: georgegollinmudslinging.jpg]

UPDATE 4 3/9: Link to News-Gazette photograph of George Gollin, literally sitting right next to Judge Callis as she explains her opposition to any cuts to social security. He knows her stance on the issue, and is lying about it. Maybe congress doesn't need another lawyer, but congress absolutely can't handle another liar.
Callis Disses Gollin

After gay activist George Gollin stalked her at her headquarters, lied about her willingness to debate, and even lied about her political positions in TV ads--positions she had stated while he was sitting right next to her--it's no surprise that Ann Callis dissed Gollin when he tried to make a post-election concession phone call.

She probably thought he was going to ask her what she was wearing and then breathe heavily into the phone like a pervert. Her public statement was that she was speaking to her active duty military son on a secure line. Or in other words, she had something better to do than talk to a stupid loser asshole like Gollin.

Okay, no big deal, sometimes these things happen. Probably not the first time a degenerate running for office pissed off a more or less normal person with vile, underhanded campaign tactics.

What was Gollin going to say if he could have talked to her? Here's where the Gollin clown car starts unloading again. Oh, just an amusing little anecdote about torture and crucifixion. If she didn't already think he was a dangerous nutcase before the call she certainly would have after.

And how about this Thomas "Chip" White reference by Callis: "Oh, we'll have coffee someday." Remember, Chip's coffee is "specifically optimized" for cleansing regimens. Just the thing to chase away those post-election blues. Come on Georgie, you know you want it!

Quote:Tom Kacich: Dem rivals in 13th tilt finish on sour note
Wed, 03/26/2014 - 7:00am | Tom Kacich

The somewhat testy relationship between Democrats Ann Callis and George Gollin, who were opponents in last week's 13th Congressional District primary election, continued well after the election campaign and even into election night, according to Gollin and his chief campaign strategist, Walter Ludwig, of Indigo Strategies of Washington, D.C.

"It started when George called to concede and to wish (Callis) well (on election night), and she refused to take the call," said Ludwig, managing partner of the firm that was the general consultant for the Gollin campaign. "In my many years of working politics, I've never heard that before, never happened before. It was pretty dumbfounding on election night, that's for sure. That's just not how it's done."

Gollin said Callis finally called him back Saturday morning, four days after the election, and they spoke for about "a minute and a half."

"It was quite civil," he said. He said Callis told him she had been busy talking to supporters and later was committed to talking to her son, who is overseas in the military, and they had to reserve a secure line.

Gollin said he didn't have expectations for a thorough review of the campaign in the phone call, which is a formality of election night politics.

"I had thought, what do I want the conversation to be like? Just have a little bit of closure and have a friendly conversation and just be done with it," Gollin said.

He decided he would tell Callis about a call he made to a potential donor who said that not only did he support capital punishment but also torture and even crucifixion for some crimes, including financial fraud.

"I thought we could talk about some little thing and then we'd be done," he said. "But she didn't really engage. She listened but didn't have her own friendly little thing to talk about."

Gollin, a physics professor at the University of Illinois, said he offered Callis his help "on matters of higher ed or science policy."

She said, "'Oh, we'll have coffee someday,' and that was it."

Gollin said he wondered what he would have done "if things had gone the other way" and he had won the Democratic primary (he ended up with 31.3 percent in the three-way race).

"I would have spoken to her Tuesday night as soon as she had called, and I would have tried to offer some consolation and tell her, this is politics and though things got a little combative at some point, I would have tried to smooth things out and not do things that would have been personally injurious to her," he said. "But that's not just something she chose to do."

On the other hand, Gollin said, two days after the election he met Rodney Davis, the incumbent congressman and victor in the three-way Republican primary in the 13th District.

"I disagree with many of his policies, but he came in to offer his consolation and sympathy and to wish me well," Gollin said. "It felt very sincere, and I thought it was very gracious of him."

Asked for comment on Gollin's and Ludwig's remarks, Callis campaign manager Marshall Cohen issued the following statement:

"I want to thank Dr. Gollin for his support. We connected by phone over the weekend, and I valued our conversation and his offer to help. It is important we come together as Democrats, and I appreciate he mentioned that in his remarks last week. There are serious differences between our vision and Rodney Davis' vision. This election is about how Congressman Davis has spent his first term siding with the special interests and how I bring a new approach to Washington that focuses on results for middle-class families in Illinois."

Gollin, in the wake of his defeat in his first-ever political campaign, said he was generally pleased with the eight-month-long effort and was grateful for the work done by his campaign staff and volunteers.

"I liked very much that I learned lots about some of the fine points of policy and that I understand many things better than what I did before," he said. "What I would have liked to do differently, I thought we needed to work really hard to get students on the campuses registered to vote and then turned out to vote."

But campaign strategists dissuaded him, telling him it's a "resource-intensive thing to do." "I would have liked us to work that aspect of the campaign hard, but that just wasn't executed," he said.

In fact, voter turnout in University of Illinois campus precincts was poor, as it usually is in nonpresidential elections. Some precincts turned out only 1 percent or 2 percent of the registered voters.

Some of the results were baffling, Golln said, such as in Macoupin County, where he finished third behind Callis and David Green, also of Champaign.

"That doesn't make any sense to me because I was really campaigning, and David wasn't," Gollin said. "I don't really have an explanation for that."

He said he expected Green to get 3 percent to 4 percent of the vote in the 13th District, but that he ended up with 14 percent. . . .

Gollin can't figure out why Green got 14% of the vote spending no money, even finishing second in Macoupin County. There's that giant physics genius intellect at work again. Gollin, you dumbass, the reason is that even wild-eyed radical nutjobs recognize Green as sincere and committed to his positions. You, on the other hand, they immediately recognized as a poseur committed to no one but himself, a Johnny-come-lately who thought he could buy their votes with outright lies and bullshit.
Quote:"It started when George called to concede and to wish (Callis) well (on election night), and she refused to take the call," said Ludwig...

Typical dick move by Gollin. It's not that she wouldn't take the call, it's that she wouldn't take the call when it was convenient for Gollin. Oh sure, I'll put my son on hold while I talk to this lying stalker. Gollin probably had to go take a dump and couldn't wait around. As always, the world is supposed to revolve around Gollin's infantile needs. You lost, douchebag, get used to it.
Just read Herbert's post about Gollin's pervert antics..."Ask her on the phone what she is wearing and than proceed to breathe heavily"...ROTFLMAO ROYAL!...Herbert you're killin' me!
Quote:"It started when George called to concede and to wish (Callis) well (on election night), and she refused to take the call," said Ludwig...

Actual video of Callis taking George Gollin's concession call:

(03-29-2014, 11:01 AM)Dickie Billericay Wrote:
Quote:"It started when George called to concede and to wish (Callis) well (on election night), and she refused to take the call," said Ludwig...

Actual video of Callis taking George Gollin's concession call:

Well Chlorise, have the mutant pigs stopped screaming?
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(04-06-2014, 06:18 PM)Virtual Bison Wrote: Well Chlorise, have the mutant pigs stopped screaming?

Good one, VB! Big Grin
(03-20-2014, 03:10 AM)Winston Smith Wrote: Gollin spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and got only 5500 more votes than he would have gotten for nothing.

George Gollin's local fish wrap, the News-Gayzette, has branded George Gollin a "least cost-efficient loser."

Quote:The two least cost-efficient losers -- a real double whammy -- were 13th District Democrat George Gollin of Champaign ($50.05 for each of his 9,908 votes) and Democratic Illinois House candidate Sam Rosenberg of Champaign ($51.55 for each of the 2,511 votes he received).

Yup, you did the math correctly. George Gollin pissed away almost half a million dollars on his futile quest for self-aggrandizement.

In fact, Gollin's most recent Federal Election Commission report confirms that he blew a total of $495,868. What a sickening waste of scarce resources. Can you imagine how many lives Dr. Dolphin could have saved with that kind of money?

Operating Expenditures  $495,868
Transfers To Authorized Committees  $0
Candidate Loan Repayments  $0
Other Loan Repayments  $0
Individual Refunds  $24,200
Political Party Refunds  $0
Other Committee Refunds  $0
Other Disbursements  $100

[Image: MoneyInTheToilet.png]
Herbert...don't know how you do it...or where you get your sources...but Woodward and Bernstein are blazin! couldn't get anything harder!...this is proof positive-this guy Gollum is as dumb as a bag of granite...the only thing more "stupid" are the buffoons who voted for this clown!...or even more hysterically THREW MONEY at his "crash-and burn" campaign!...this derelict had as much chance of winning this election as a snow-cone has in HELL!...enjoy George, you so deserve it...maybe you have a future selling radioactive pork to third world can call it "mighty meat", because it GLOWS!...ROTFLMAO!
(04-22-2014, 04:06 PM)Herbert Spencer Wrote: George Gollin's local fish wrap, the News-Gayzette, has branded George Gollin a "least cost-efficient loser."

Just as we always suspected. George Gollin has electile dysfunction.

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