Hypocrite George Gollin Endorses Diploma Mill Candidate
(03-22-2014, 07:11 PM)ham Wrote: ...I am surprised nobody brought forth the degreeinfo connection alongside Thomas Chip Boyfunk White. Why? Nobody knows, perchance? Perverted clergymen, massage parlor freaks, millists, gay teen pornographers running a fleet of twink sites alongside a fake therapy site to recruit sexually confused boys as new...stars: that's a nice neighborhood many stars rose from, eh? Why hasn't all this appeared? They are all in bed together...that's why.

Definitely a good question.

It didn't take the Democrats but a few months to discover that Gollin was a liar, a stalker, and a whore.

Remember, these are Democrats, so "liar, stalker and whore" is a term applicable to pretty much all their candidates.

Yet they never mentioned that he had questionable relationships with pedophile-pandering perverts like Thomas Chip White.

I think it's because Democrats don't really care if some kids get ass-raped by perverts. They are more concerned about whether the tax on twink ass-raping is sufficiently high to fund their buddies' eco fraud enterprises and the related legion of government paper-shufflers.

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