Tar Heels

Is there a difference between a full ride and a free ride? As long as white liberals keep telling black people they are inferior and black people buy into it, society is doomed to failure. Liberal society might as well come with whips and chains. The way you make people succeed is by actually making them succeed. From then on it's contagious. You can send a couple of Obama's to Harvard law school but you can't keep their membership in the Illinois Bar. If not for the presidency, they'd be pumping gas somewhere. Did we really do them a favor?
Interesting article. It really shows how the billion-dollar college sports racket uses the race card to protect its interests. Anybody who dares to suggest that maybe college "student-athletes" might want to put just a smidgen more emphasis on the "student" part can immediately be branded as "racist" because so many of the suspects, er, I mean, students in question are black. Lining them up for phony subjects like "Afro-American Studies" taught by phony affirmative-action "profs" just reinforces the charade.

Quote: If Julius Nyang’oro had simply bothered to show up in a room on campus from time to time, say something–-anything–-to some “student” athletes, and hand out a bunch of A-minuses, he never would have been caught.

The irony is palpable. Too lazy to cut corners properly.

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