Fat Homo's Book Gets Rave Reviews---Not
Pervert Alan Contreras has a new book coming out, and the reviews on Amazon so far are about what you would expect. How you can review something that nobody bought or read is a mystery to me, but that should tell you something about Amazon reviews.

Concerto in Q? I wonder what the Q stands for? Quantum physics? The accreditation-means-Quality lie? Or Queer-ass peter-puffing faggotry?

John Steed Wrote:1.0 out of 5 stars
Anti-Christian Bigot, Adjudicated Civil Rights Violator,
December 10, 2013

By John Steed (Little Storping-in-the-Swuff, UK)

Alan Contreras is a well-known anti-Christian bigot and an adjudicated civil rights violator. As part of a legal settlement he was ordered to attend remedial courses in defamation law. He abused his public office to advance his homosexual vendetta against Christians. Why would anyone care what this degenerate writes about?

So the perv bird brain Anal Contreras can get his 202-page book of mental diarrhea published, but the physics genius Gollum can't seem to find a publisher? To a normal person that would be a not-so-subtle hint that finding an editor might be in order. Or is Gollum just waiting for a full decade to pass since he fell in love with Dixie so he can get another Crazy Guggenheim grant to write a book about ancient history?

He would have better luck converting it to a board game and selling it to Trivial Pursuit, although it might be a little too obscure even for them.
(12-11-2013, 07:46 AM)Herbert Spencer Wrote: Concerto in Q? I wonder what the Q stands for?

Quincy PD?

Or is that Quincy FU?

[Image: QuincyFU.jpg]
I tried to look for new internet dirt on Bruce Taint. Did he quit drinking or something? About 5 years ago he was a real asshole but now he's anonymous. Maybe the police chief grew some balls and fired him.

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