Defend Yourself, Get Expelled at RA Gonzaga
Campus security is "all over campus." Except these guys were in "off-campus" housing. From the picture it looks like they were staying at Hogwarts. If Dear Leader had a son, would he look like Johnny Taylor?

Quote:Students face expulsion from school for pulling gun on home intruder
•Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh, both seniors, were forced to defend themselves from an ex-con trying to break into their apartment
•Mr McIntosh scared him off with a gun, but drew the ire of school administrators
•The duo will find out their fate as early as this week

By Ryan Gorman
PUBLISHED: 16:32 EST, 9 November 2013 | UPDATED: 06:31 EST, 10 November 2013

Two [regionally accredited] Gonzaga University seniors are on the verge of being expelled after using a gun to defend themselves from a career criminal trying to break into their apartment.

Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh, who both live in an off-campus near the school’s Spokane, OR. [sic, WA], campus, were accosted last month by a man demanding money while standing in the door of their apartment.

Mr Fagan offered food and a blanket, but declined to give ex-con John Taylor any money, he told KHQ. Mr Taylor then tried to fight his way into the apartment but was scared off by Mr McIntosh’s hand gun.

[Image: article-2496113-1950338B00000578-970_306x423.jpg][Image: article-2496113-1950339200000578-241_306x423.jpg]
Troubled duo: Erik Fagan (left) and Dan McIntosh (right) face expulsion for using a gun to ward off an intruder

Explaining that he only opened the door because he thought it was a friend who had left only a few minutes prior, Mr Fagan told the station ‘[Mr Taylor] just asked me for money.’

‘He just said I’m homeless, I’m looking for some money, can you help me out,’ Mr Fagan recalled.

Angered by not getting any money, Mr Taylor then tried pushing his way inside while telling the roommates he was just out of prison, but Mr McIntosh had other plans.

[Image: article-2496113-1950337400000578-124_634x331.jpg]
Scene of the crime: This is the Spokane apartment building Mr Taylor broke into

‘He didn’t stick around to see if I was serious or not,’ said Mr McIntosh, ‘I was completely serious with that man.

‘I drew on Mr Taylor and Mr Taylor fled immediately,’ he further recalled to the station.

[Image: article-2496113-1950338000000578-924_306x423.jpg]
Career criminal: John Taylor has a long rap sheet with seven prior convictions

Though the gun may have saved both men’s lives, it may have ended their academic careers at [regionally accredited] Gonzaga.

‘The university’s weapons policy forbids the possession of weapons… in both on-campus and off-campus housing,’ a spokesperson told the station.

Mr Taylor had six prior convictions on his criminal record, and was arrested later that night on an unrelated charge, according to the station.

But that did not stop [regionally accredited] Gonzaga’s board from going forward Friday with the process necessary to expel the two students from the school.

Despite a likely expulsion being handed down as soon as this week, Mr McIntosh told the station he would do it again without hesitation.

‘My roommate’s life, my life, anybody’s life is worth an expulsion in my book,’ he said.

When asked by the station how students are expected to defend themselves in the face of such a restriction, the school claimed campus security ‘is all over campus.’
Maybe you guys should amend your constitution giving yourself the right to possess guns to defend yourselves. Damn, I'm dreaming again, it'll never happen.
One minute of silence to commemorate honest Abe for abolishing that vile institution.
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Quote:Knockout players are rabid animals that need to be put down

Posted by bulletsfirst on Nov 21, 2013

[Image: mean-dog-260x170.jpg]

The title clearly states my feelings toward the matter. In case you aren’t aware of the “game” knockout, it basically consists of striking an unsuspecting person on the street and trying to quite literally knock them out in one punch. Man, woman or child, it does not matter to the reprobates and vile scumbags who engage in the activity.

Not only is the act itself reprehensible and cowardly, the punch along with the immediate aftermath can be deadly.

Below are a few incidents of the act captured on camera. Be warned, it can be disturbing if you still consider the people who are doing this as people instead of animals. I think about it in the same sense as watching “When Animals Attack” type shows, it makes it a little easier to digest.

The last one was filmed in Pittsburgh. I remember that day, I was only a few blocks away and I have taken the Tito Way alley as a shortcut a number of times. The teacher who these kids attacked suffered severe injuries, not just on the punch but also the force with which he hit the ground. If he was a few inches further away from the curb the fall would have probably killed him as his head would have struck the corner of the curb full on.

He was lucky. Others are not. In Hoboken New Jersey, Chicago Illinois and Syracuse New York people have been KILLED being victims of the knockout “game”.

This is not a game. This is not indiscretion of youth. This is not a good time being taken too far.

If the mainstream media won’t call it what it is I sure as hell will; this is a case where rabid animals are running loose in the streets and need to be put down.

I actively hope that eventually one of these thugs tosses a limp wristed punch to a gun carrier who has the situational awareness to avoid getting knocked out and responds by filling the offender with lead.

What? You thought a site called “Bullets First” was going to be all touchy feely and say these animals deserve hugs?

They are KILLING people. And the nature of their crime, the randomness of it all makes it nigh impossible to stop unless there is actual photographic evidence of the crime, even then.

These are the situations where an armed society is needed because the police are not going to walk every citizen around a city every moment of every day. With the wild animals running loose on the streets a person is responsible for their own protection.

If a rabid dog was charging at me in the street I would put a bullet in him rather than face the risk of getting mauled to death. I would do the same to a rabid animal who walks on 2 feet who was trying to do the same thing.

The only difference is I would feel bad about shooting the dog.

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