Gus SCAMs Himself
Gus has returned from wherever Gus goes and makes a post of earth-shattering Rolleyes importance....about a cooking class at Harvard.?

Except he forgot that he has set up his auto-censor to thwart his ubiquitous kitchen remodeling spammers by substituting the word "SCAM" for "kitchen."? So his exciting Rolleyes new post reads like this:

Gus?Sainz Wrote:...There are no prerequisites, exams are optional, and you get to do all the tasty lab experiments right in your own SCAM.

..."The hope is that by combining these two different perspectives [science and cooking], you will gain a unique insight into how recipes work. Not just the fancy recipes --? but the recipes you make in your own SCAM," says Michael Brenner, course founder and applied mathematician at Harvard University, in a promotional video (see above.)

...Class "meets" twice a week for an hour. Students watch the chefs create some of their signature dishes, interspersed with clips of instructors "digging into the science" behind the SCAM magic, Sorensen says. "Almost all chefs talk a little about the science, but some more than others," she says. Look for a particularly impressive lesson on entropy and latent heat from New York City chef Dave Arnold, from the bar Booker and Dax.

Students will be able to ask questions and interact with one another online, then go into their SCAM and conduct experiments, like making molten lava cake or ice cream to understand key science concepts....

What a dumbass.? Now that Gollin has been exiled in disgrace it looks like the DD Village Idiot post is up for grabs.? Johann and Nosebutt seemed to be auditioning for the part, but it looks like Gus is doing his best to keep the title in house (or in SCAM).
It wouldn't be so funny if they, especially Gus, didn't pretend to be so much smarter and wiser due to their graduation from the GOLD STANDARD, RA schools. Maybe they should have been born a bit smarter and really used first rate colleges. Excelsior and such are fine but don't tell me they and Harvard-MIT are just the same, just ain't so.

It always amazed me that the screw-ups would brag on their bottom end schools and then have old John come on and say if it's RA that's all that matters, and yet, old man didn't use such bottom feeders. He chose the better RA colleges. I guess from Bear's statements a man might think to use Butt Scratch University because it's RA instead of one like Yale/Brown. No one knows the difference do they?? Yeah right.

Here is what I believe. Don't piss down my back and tell me it's rain, especially if your name happens to be John Lucifer Bear. Big Grin

Gus deserves an award--The "I can't tell my ass from a hole in the ground award."
(10-11-2013, 06:57 AM)jamesc1 Wrote: Gus deserves an award--The "I can't tell my ass from a hole in the ground award."

On his board that would be the "I can't tell my SCAM from a SCAM in the SCAM award." Rolleyes

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