McNamee Taught at RA St. John's
Brian McNamee, the "trainer" for Roger Clemens being grilled at today's congressional hearing regarding the use of steroids and HGH, taught at regionally accredited St. John's University:

Quote:In interviews, McNamee has tried to paint himself as a victim. Last year, he told that Clemens and Pettitte paid him average "working wage and expenses," but that he had to juggle several other jobs to support his wife and three children, one of whom has diabetes.

"Now some of those jobs are disappearing," he told the Web site.

One of those jobs was teaching at St. John's, his alma mater. He blamed the L.A. Times story.

"His professorship at St. John's University has been suspended," according to

St. John's said that was not true. Dominic Scianna, the university's spokesman, told ESPN The Magazine last year that McNamee had a "one-year, full-time appointment" to teach in the sport management program from September 2005 to June 2006. "There was no suspension, no reprimand, none of those things," Scianna said, adding that the contract was up "well before the L.A. Times story. This hadn't even come to light."
The guy's a real scumbag. And people eat it up.
That guy has got to be the sleaziest, slimiest stinking little weasel I've ever seen!

I wanted to reach through the TV, grab his scrawny neck and strangle him!

I've never seen anyone with less credibility, or a bigger scumbag!

No, I'm not talking about McNamee or Clemens, I mean that socialist pig Henry Waxman!

[Image: Henry-Waxman-Pig.jpg]
Nice likeness!

It's baseball folks - a kids game. There guys have smaller peckers than Janko.

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