Quinn's New Fan Club
Not sure what this is all about.  Looks like Quinn has developed a "following" on another discussion board that is now spilling over onto AED:


Quote:...Quinn, I'm laughing at the "superior intellect"!

...Check my other NUMEROUS postings in sci.math and on the Internet and in the Math Forum!


...Fuck you Quinn!!!  And James Harris and his gay admirer Jesse
Hughes!!!  And Tommy1729 and his gay lover Quasi!!!

Fuck you all, you bastards!!! ...
Oh puh-leez, spare us any more drivel about that self-important nut job.  He's dangerously close to dropping down into the next section as it is.  Some people get what they deserve.  He seems to cultivate it and enjoy it, so let him wallow in it without our scrutiny.
It looks like he may be DL Truth's newest member, "jackson."

DL Truth - "jackson"

If so, I bet that things will be heating up soon.
... or maybe "jackson" isn't Quinn? Too bad, I looked forward to QTJ's return. I know that not everyone agrees but I always thought that Quinn was a gentleman, an intelligent poster and a real character. The DL fora are poorer for his absence.
jackson Wrote:"jackson" is Quinn. Since leaving the DL fora, I've noted a few slaps upside my head, yadda yadda.

Quinn you are such a douchebag.  He sends me stuff all the time and it's not so I can attack anyone, but because it's usually funny as hell.  Gollum's dyke daughter's PUBLIC postings about her sick family were public record and nobody got "pointed" by anyone other than her.  Don't try to blame your mental problems on others.  We all know what a sniveling little rat you are, so go back to the math forum and let them abuse you properly.
[Image: quinnpuppet.jpg]
Quote:For those who didn't do the math: I tore up my unaccredited degrees within a week of Redlyne Racer admitting to me that he was the one who found Gollin's daughter's blog and pointed others to it so they could start attacking Gollin through her.

as if saying Thomas Chip White's legion of gay teen porn sites, gay teen loves, graphical peddling of gay teen porn on queer sites and the 30 gay teen porn DVDs he produces are to be blamed on me for posting some links and not on White for actually living the lifestyle and doing that as a job...
Or if I cite John Bear 's "alternative education" exploits from sources such as himself or Time Magazine, then I am the black sheep in the bunch...
and nobody sent coded messages to me with that info, either.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
Quinn used to be a nice guy.
Ben Johnson Wrote:Quinn used to be a nice guy.

I think he's in love with the Blue Dahlia.
Armando Ramos Wrote:I think he's in love with the Blue Dahlia.

Puke! Talk about being "aesthetically challenged."

Thanks Quinn for reminding us of those great posts at the old military forum.  And thank goodness for Google, because you can still find some of the classics.  Like these...

Carp Master daughter Carpet Muncher

Rifle sight gag backfires on UIUC prof

George Gollin Lies about Public Service

Are you qualified to be a Gollin?

UIUC Administrator slurs Catholics Options

Pope Smudge to replace Chief Illiniwek

Gollin's daughter's vagina smells like week old gefilte fish

Keep posting Quinn!  Clearly the math dorks haven't been doing enough to expose you as a waste of space.  Give the distance learning crew another chance to show them how it's done.
BTW Quinn, do five minutes of research and find out who really "pointed" people to Gollum's brat.......it was Gollum himself!

He posted the name of her grade school on his website.

He posted her picture on his high school website.

He called her "very, very messy" on his high school website.

Now he's hidden or censored the links, but the original links are referred to here.

Quote:___| reply |__________________________________________________________
What an idiot to post her school name on his web site!


Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!


"She's...very very messy..."

Would rhinoplasty help?

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