Marathon Bomb Suspect Saudi Student
Was anyone getting a betting pool together on which third world cesspool the latest bombing maniac would hail from? Sorry to spoil your fun, but you can still guess which Regionally Accredited Gold Standard university this piece of camel crap was attending. RA = bombs away!

Quote:CBS News senior correspondent John Miller said there is “an individual in custody,” a Saudi national who was near the scene of the blast.

Quote:There is no suspect in custody, authorities say, but some people are being questioned, including some with injuries who were taken to Boston hospitals. One of those, a person in whom there is some interest, is a young person who was here on a student visa," NBC reports.

Quote:Authorities ID suspect as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital
Last Updated: 6:35 PM, April 15, 2013
Posted: 4:28 PM, April 15, 2013

Investigators have a suspect — a Saudi Arabian national — in the horrific Boston Marathon bombings, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement sources said the 20-year-old suspect was under guard at an undisclosed Boston hospital.

Fox News reported that the suspect suffered severe burns.

It was not immediately clear why the man was hospitalized and whether he was injured in the attack or in his apprehension.

The man was caught less than two hours after the 2:50 p.m. bombing on the finish line of the race, in the heart of Boston.

In addition, Boston police have surveillance video of someone bringing multiple backpacks to the blast site, according to CBS News.

Police also confirmed that there was a third explosion, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. It was not immediately clear how much damage was done or whether it was related to the bombings at the marathon finish line.

The library bombing occurred about 4:30 p.m. and more than a mile from the marathon.

A law enforcement source confirmed to The Post that 12 people were killed and nearly 50 were injured in today's blast.
(04-16-2013, 09:25 AM)Winston Smith Wrote: ...guess which Regionally Accredited Gold Standard university this piece of camel crap was attending.

I'd suspect someplace in the Boston area with low standards and a history of graduating anti-social, malingering union goons, such as Quincy College, Curry College, University of Massachusetts-Lowell or Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

Oh, now there's a coincidence; those are the very same places where Toelicker Info moderator Bruce Tait obtained his degrees. Big Grin
Al Qaeda has the pressure cooker recipe. Note the date: 2010

Quote:New issue of magazine offers jihadists terror tips
From the CNN Wire Staff
October 12, 2010 1:25 p.m. EDT

[Image: t1larg.inspire.2.jpg]
The second issue of "Inspire" magazine includes an article on using pickup trucks to "mow down the enemies of Allah."

(CNN) -- The second edition of an online al Qaeda magazine has surfaced with frank essays, creatively designed imagery and ominous terror tips such as using a pickup truck as a weapon and shooting up a crowded restaurant in Washington.

The magazine is called "Inspire" and intelligence officials believe that an American citizen named Samir Khan, now living in Yemen, is the driving force behind the publication.

The latest edition was emerged on the 10th anniversary of the suicide attack on the guided missile destroyer USS Cole -- struck as it refueled in Aden, Yemen. The first edition came out in July.

Christopher Boucek, a Yemen expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the timing is no coincidence.

"It also comes on the heels of a busy week for al Qaeda in Yemen. They released an hourlong video last week. There was also an attack on a British Convoy in Sanaa [Yemen's capital] last week. And an audiotape was released two days ago. Al Qaeda in Yemen is good at amplifying its message and that shows the organization is still active, that they're still able to function," he said.

An article titled "The Ultimate Mowing Machine" calls for using a pickup truck as a "mowing machine, not to mow grass but mow down the enemies of Allah."

The article says that such a plan could be implemented in countries where people back the "Israeli occupation of Palestine, the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq or countries that had a prominent role in the defamation of Muhammad."

It said a four-wheel-drive pickup truck is needed -- "the stronger the better."

"To achieve maximum carnage, you need to pick up as much speed as you can while still retaining good control of your vehicle in order to maximize your inertia and be able to strike as many people as possible in your first run," the article says.

Another tip in the magazine includes the use of firearms.

"For this choose the best location. A random hit at a crowded restaurant in Washington DC at lunch hour, for example, might end up knocking out a few government employees.

"Targeting such employees is paramount and the location would also give the operation additional media attention."

An idea in the first edition, "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom," is touched on again.

"The pressurized cooker should be placed in crowded areas and left to blow up. More than one of these could be planted to explode at the same time. However, keep in mind that the range of the shrapnel in this operation is short range so the pressurized cooker or pipe should be placed close to the intended targets and should not be concealed from them by barriers such as walls."

Adam Raisman, senior analyst at SITE Intelligence Group, said the "very well-presented magazine" covers a variety of topics, is meant to reach a wider audience, and tries to be tongue-in-cheek in its presentation.

"The magazine has suggestions, ideology it attempts to instill in the reader, and it includes tips for technology," Raisman said.

Boucek said the "big takeaway" is that the magazine is focusing on what the individual can do.

"The message to the lone actor is to be patient -- that you can do it -- you can participate in this," he said.

There are writings in the magazine by Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who U.S. authorities have linked to the failed attempt to blow up a U.S.-bound jetliner in December. Samir Khan wrote an article titled "I Am Proud to be a Traitor to America."

There is also recycled material. The latest issue includes recent commentary from Adam Yahiye Gadahn, who is an American, about President Barack Obama.
..and the winner is.....

ACCET-accredited New England School of English in Cambridge, MA, across the street from Harvard.

The noose media are now saying this guy is as pure as the driven snow, which no doubt is why the feds just grabbed a truck load of stuff out of his apartment.

[Image: abdul.jpg]
The Douche with the Golden Gun
"No Longer A Suspect" ???
Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi
(04-18-2013, 02:05 AM)Winston Smith Wrote: The noose media are now saying this guy is as pure as the driven snow...

Don't feel bad. I'm sure if it wasn't him it was someone just like him.

"The pressurized cooker should be placed in crowded areas and left to blow up. ...

Which brings us to the REAL issue. In the WRONG HANDS these things can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and we as a society simply cannot afford to have pressure cookers out there that are completely uncontrolled. We are talking about some common sense laws. First, most people do not need high capacity pressure cookers. Limiting pressure cookers to a quart will make society safer. In addition, with all the documented instances of pressure cookers being used to construct explosive devices, and in light of the numbers of killed and injured, two things are clear: pressure cookers are lethal and we are in the midst of a pressure cooker violence epidemic. There is no need for pressure cooker nuts to run around with their pressure cookers without any regulation and oversight. Mandatory mental health evaluations and federal background checks will help to ensure that a pressure cooker doesn't fall in the wrong hands. Should people convicted of felonies and domestic violence misdemeanors be banned from owning pressure cookers? ABSOLUTELY! Even if it saves just one life, it's worth it. RolleyesRolleyesRolleyes
O-bomb-a is shielding accomplices in the Boston bombings for political reasons. The raghead with the student visa (wearing a grey hoody and white baseball cap when apprehended) is getting a free pass back to Sodomy Arabia (while the feds still search for a guy wearing a grey hoody and white baseball cap). These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Quote:Obama Covering Up Saudi Link to Boston Bombing?
“Person of interest” to be deported after Obama had unscheduled meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister

Paul Joseph Watson
April 18, 2013

The Saudi “person of interest” suspected of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombings is being deported from the United States next week on “national security grounds,” according to a terrorism expert, who notes that the move is “very unusual,” especially given an unscheduled meeting yesterday between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal.

The attempt to cover up a possible Saudi connection to the Boston attack could explain why authorities are scrambling to get their official narrative straight after photos emerged yesterday on the Internet showing numerous suspects carrying large backpacks, some of them middle eastern in appearance and two of the individuals having been almost certainly identified as employees of private military/security firm Craft International.

. . .

According to terrorism expert Steve Emerson, 20-year-old Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national first suspected of being involved in Monday’s twin bomb attack, is being hastily deported. Alharbi was put under armed guard in hospital after the bombing, was visited by Saudi diplomat Azzam bin Abdel Karim, and later had his apartment raided by federal and state law enforcement agents.

“I just learned from my own sources that he is now going to be deported on national security grounds next Tuesday, which is very unusual,” Emerson told Fox News last night.

The news follows an unscheduled meeting between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House yesterday afternoon. “The meeting was not on Obama’s public schedule,” reports Reuters.

“That’s very interesting because this is the way things are done with Saudi Arabia. You don’t arrest their citizens. You deport them, because they don’t want them to be embarrassed and that’s the way we appease them,” Emerson told host Sean Hannity.

A scheduled 10 a.m. photo op between John Kerry and the Saudi Foreign Minister was also abruptly cancelled on Tuesday morning because Kerry was tired from his busy schedule, an explanation that journalists refused to swallow, with the Associated Press’ Matt Lee telling spokesman Patrick Ventrell, “I find it hard to believe that you expect us to believe that that’s the real reason for this.”

As World Net Daily’s Joe Kovacs documents, “Saudi student Alharbi shares the same last name as a major Saudi clan that includes scores of al-Qaida operatives.”

Quote:The Alharbi clan has long been active in al-Qaida. Khaled bin Ouda bin Mohammed al-Harbi, for example, is a Saudi national who joined Osama bin Laden’s mujahadeen group in the 1980s. He reportedly became an al-Qaida member in the mid-1990s. He turned himself in to Saudi authorities in 2004 as part of an amnesty deal.

The BBC reported Khaled Alharbi was married to the daughter of al-Qaida’s number two, Ayman al-Zawahri. He reportedly appeared with bin Laden in a video praising the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Another top al-Qaida operative is Adel Radi Saqr al-Wahabi al-Harbi, a Saudi national identified by the State Department as “a key member of an al-Qaida network operating in Iran.”

Given the fact that the Obama administration has sent more than half a billion dollars and the CIA is shipping weapons to FSA rebels in Syria who pledged allegiance to and are led by Al-Qaeda militants, the notion that one of these militants would carry out an attack on U.S. soil would be extremely damaging to the White House.

Radio host Michael Savage floated the theory yesterday that the Boston police were told to cancel the press conference by the Obama administration and the FBI, because the Saudi Foreign Minister demanded that the suspect be allowed to leave the country.

As Infowars first highlighted yesterday and as Anthony Gucciardi subsequently confirmed, two of the suspicious individuals identified on the scene of the Boston bombings wearing identical clothing and large black backpacks (one white, one darker skinned) are likely to be employees of Craft International, a Blackwater-style private military/security firm.

Given that the bombs used in the attack were housed in black backpacks, remnants of which were found yards from the explosion, why are private security firm employees carrying black backpacks and talking on cellphones pictured within 30 feet of the blast just moments after it occurred?

The men are certainly not marathon runners and they are not involved in rescue efforts. Who are these men? Did their identities being revealed yesterday cause the FBI to cancel its planned press conference? Were the men involved in the bomb drills before the actual bombings that were reported by eyewitnesses?

Should it emerge that the Obama administration is shielding accomplices in the Boston bombings for political reasons, the scandal would dwarf the Benghazi attacks and inevitably lead to impeachment proceedings.
No question another Benghazi/Fast & Furious-style coverup is in full swing.


Quote:Three Saudi Students at the Boston Marathon?
By Shoebat Foundation on April 17, 2013

Yesterday, we posted this photo of three men who appeared to be Saudi. Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi is a Saudi national who was a ‘person of interest’ for less than twenty-four hours. Of the three men in the photo, Alharbi seems to most closely resemble the man on the far right, with the black cap and sunglasses.

We also know that Alharbi belongs to a clan with several ties to Al-Qaeda but for the purposes of this post, focus on the other two men for a moment.

These three men fit the profile of Saudi students. We already know that Alharbi is a 20 year-old Saudi national / student. Obviously, these other two individuals are quite possibly students as well and it shouldn’t be difficult for authorities to find that out.

That leads us to an extremely disturbing trend.

Consider this report from USA Today from earlier this year:

Quote:In just seven years, Saudi student enrollments have skyrocketed from 11,116 in 2006, to 71,026 last year, according to the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States, the Virginia-based agency that administers the scholarship. Nearly all recipients (95%) start with language training, which can take anywhere from a month to a year or more, officials say.

Some reports put the number at 90,000 and climbing. The law of averages is clear. As the number of Saudi students increase, the odds that Al-Qaeda operatives / sympathizers increase as well.

This much is clear. Since 2006 – five years after 9/11, where 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi – the U.S. was home to between 10,000 – 12,000 Saudi students. In 2013, we’re home to almost 100,000 Saudi students. Imagine if the U.S. had been tougher with the Saudis after 9/11.

As we learned courtesy of the Miami Herald today (h/t Andrew Bostom), the FBI was not forthcoming about Saudis who were connected to 9/11 hijackers and left the U.S. weeks before the attacks.

Note: Walid has done quite a bit of profiling in his career and is convinced all three men – possibly students – are Saudi (Alharbi is a student). That Alharbi’s clan has extensive links to Al-Qaeda should make these two individuals persons of interest as well.

[Image: 3_Saudis_Boston.png]

We have another photo, again, courtesy of Asian Week. Take a look and note that two of the men in the above photo are separated in this photo (maybe just a bathroom break), the male with the gray jacket and backpack is on the left; the man with the stripes on the sleeves of his jacket is on the right:

[Image: gray-jacket-away.jpg]
Quote:“Innocent” Saudi spotted with two other Saudis at Marathon?

By Shoebat Foundation on April 17, 2013

First, a few things that are undisputed. We know that federal, state, and local authorities took interest in a Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi after the Boston marathon bombings. We also know that he was injured and that those authorities searched his apartment and hauled away bags of stuff.

Add to that the fact that not long after Secretary of State John Kerry secretly met with the Saudi Foreign Minister after an open meeting with a photo spray was abruptly changed to a closed-door meeting. Not long after this meeting, Alharbi was no longer a person of interest.

Ok, so authorities are not denying that Alharbi was injured in the blast and they are not denying that he is a Saudi national (don’t look for them to even acknowledge that six members of the Alharbi clan are with Al-Qaeda and five were detained at Gitmo, to include one on the list of six). These authorities are, however, denying that Alharbi had anything to do with the bombings.

That leads to what appears to be three Saudis being spotted near the scene of the explosions. Note that one has what appears to be a backpack over his shoulder, via Asian Week:

[Image: 3_Saudis_Boston.png]

Do any of those three resemble Alharbi, who can be seen in this photo, via Al Aribya?

[Image: Alharbi.jpg]

According to Asian Week, the man in the middle (wearing jacket and who is also seen with a pen clipped to his shirt) was standing over a baby stroller.

Note / Update: We cannot confirm that there is a baby stroller in front of this man or that if there is, that it belongs to him.

[Image: Saudi_Stroller.jpg]

Ok, to recap…

A Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi – who has six relatives belonging to Al Qaeda and five that were detained at Gitmo – was injured at the scene of terrorist bombings at the Boston marathon. The bombings had certain characteristics that indicate they were the work of Al Qaeda.

Now we have a photo(s) of what very well could be three Saudis, to include at least one who resembles Alharbi at the scene of the bombings.

And Alharbi went from ‘person of interest’ to completely innocent in less than 24 hours?

Smell coverup yet?

Quote:PHOTOS OF SAUDI NATIONAL In Hospital After Boston Bombings
Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, April 18, 2013, 11:10 AM

. . .
This morning, FOX announced that Obama is DEPORTING this Saudi on “national security grounds.“

This is the same Saudi (in USA on student visa) who was allegedly tackled after the Boston Marathon bombing, and allegedly ended up in the hospital with serious injuries.

Al-Harbi allegedly has suspected ties to al-Qaeda.

Now we have photos of Ali Alharbi in the hospital.
Via Shoebat Foundation:
[Image: 225x168xsaudi-hospital.jpg]
The Saudi exchange student is smiling while standing next to what appears to be a Saudi diplomat.

And here’s Ali- Alharbi at a picnic with a buddy in an Anonymous mask from his Facebook page.

[Image: 588x383xsaudi-anonymous.jpg]
Quote:In just seven years, Saudi student enrollments have skyrocketed from 11,116 in 2006, to 71,026 last year. ...Some reports put the number at 90,000 and climbing. ...In 2013, we’re home to almost 100,000 Saudi students. Imagine if the U.S. had been tougher with the Saudis after 9/11.

Imagine if the US had conducted business this way on December 7, 1941. I think it might have gone something like this.....

US Secretary of State Cordell Hull: Mr. President, the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor!

FDR: Who or what is Pearl Harbor?

Hull: It's our main naval base in the Pacific, sir.

FDR: The Pacific Ocean?

Hull: Yes sir.

FDR: Did they get any of the pearls?

Hull: Sir?

FDR: The pearls in the harbor. Did they get them?

Hull: Um, I don't think so, sir. But they did sink several of our ships and killed quite a few men...

FDR: The bastards! The little piss-ant scoundrels! There's no time to lose. We need to show those goddam slant-eyed Buddha-worshipping Chinamen who's boss...

Hull: Japanese, sir.

FDR: Where?

Hull: The Chinamen are our friends, sir. The Japanese are our enemies.

FDR: Right. Whatever. Okay, here's the plan. Immediately issue 100,000 student visas to the stinking Japs.

And while you're at it, issue another 100,000 to the fucking Krauts.

Are we at war with the goddam Dagos yet? Well, fuck 'em, who cares, issue 100,000 student visas to them too.

So they wanna play rough, do they? Hah! In another four years they'll all have bachelor's degrees and then we'll see who's sorry!
May I remind you that Saudis are the good guys in the service of greater neocon causes? Never ever forget that. All this America-first reaganite tripe is up someone's I suppose.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
[Image: 130418-boston-suspects-front-and-rear.jpg]

Are the latest dumbasses different from the earlier lot of dumbasses? Or are they just the latest Richard Jewell fall guys?

Or were there like 30 Saudis wandering around with bombs in backpacks and these were the only two who managed not to screw it up?

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