Biggest Mill Scam in World History
All this time I thought it was that butt-scratching bald guy who got 15 pals to write his dissertation for him, then proclaimed himself an accreditation expert.

Turns out it's some clown in Pakistan named Salem Kureshi who is clearing $70 million/year selling fake degrees. The Googasian law firm (perhaps best known for class action suits against Belford and CCNH) appears to have him in their sights.

Quote:Biggest Diploma Mill Scam in World History

The massive Karachi-based Organization for Global Learning Education has perpetrated a scam on the American public that continues to contravene domestic and international laws. They have lied to and ignored our government investigators -- and it appears they are going to get away with it. They get your money through a number of fake universities and launder the money through an organization known as Education Services Provider (in California) that in turn deposits your money to a bank in Pakistan.

These fake college websites are just a few of the known schools to be part of the scam known as The Organization for Global Learning Education
  • Ashbery University
  • Ashwood University
  • Belford University
  • Belford High School
  • Cambell University
  • Campile university
  • Corllins University
  • Grendal University
  • Headway University

  • Hill University
  • Lorenz University
  • Lydon State University
  • McFord University
  • McGraw University
  • Must University
  • Northern Port University
  • Panworld University
  • Rochville University

  • Rise University
  • Rochville High School
  • Walford University
  • Western Advanced Central University
  • Western Valley Central University
  • Wilson State University
  • Woodfield University
  • Woodfield High School

If you've been scammed by any of these within the last six months, read this page. If it's been more than six months, or if you've been unsuccessful with your charge-back, please contact The Googasian Firm, P.C., by calling 1-877-540-8333, or send an email to the Googasian Firm.

Quote:By the end of 2003 Kureshi began making more money than he had ever imagined possible. Orders for college degrees and high school degrees were coming in by the thousands. Soon Kureshi hired his friend from the United Arab Emirates to print and ship the diplomas to unsuspecting students in the United States.

With more money coming in then [sic] ability to handle alumni, Belford/Rochville completely stopped providing any follow up service beyond issuing the fake diploma. Once a student received his or her diploma, they were ignored by Belford/Rochville.

By 2005, the Better Business Bureau had recorded over 200 complaints about these two fake universities.

Complaints to the Better Business Bureau went unanswered. Most of the complaints were about lack of service after the sale and refusing to offer refunds even though their website clearly stated that refunds were available.

It is currently estimated that Kureshi and his group of co-conspirators from Pakistan earn approximately $55 million per year from Americans and another $15 million per year from Europeans, Australians, and residents of all other countries combined. In 2004 – 2007 when the USA economy was at its strongest, it is estimated that Kureshi and his Pakistani co-conspirators earned between $150 million and $200 million each of those years.
Quote:Biggest Diploma Mill Scam in World History

That kind of hyperbole can mean only one thing....the notorious John Klempner is involved. Sure enough, check the gay boy porn front, aka ToelickerInfo. Klempner is sitting in Peet's, guzzling coffee and reporting on the results of his latest stalking expedition. Will he be crank calling Kureshi's wife next? Stay tuned.

John Bear Wrote:So here I am sitting in a Peet's coffee shop on Market Street, San Francisco across the street from 548 Market Street, which according to the Better Business Bureau is the US headquarters for Must University, the self-described "world's largest university." I am with a reporter and cameraman from CCTV, Central China TV, the largest network in China (over a billion viewers), because Must (and others in Kureshi's "Organization for Global Learning" group) have been signing up students there. The only thing at this address is a very small mailing service bureau called Earth Class Mail, which receives their mail, scans it, and emails it to their clients in 129 countries. Of course they could not confirm whether Must is a client, but the manager did claim that they check out all their clients, who must have a real address in the US. (I think not.) Time, perhaps, to send a certified letter to that address.
We laugh at Bear/Klempner...the guy is unquestionably a joke...imagine spending your so-called retirement, stalking alleged diploma mills and staking out vacant business offices and P.O. boxes...and believing you are some kind of secret agent, involved in some earth shattering, clandestine spy work, that will serve the betterment of mankind...Only in Bear's pathetic little world, does he make a difference... in anything!...How many people really care about this tragic wanker?....Yes, we laugh him to scorn, because of his continued efforts to hurt innocent people, and stalk men's wives on the telephone, all the while chortling euphorically, "how fun it all is". We just want society at large to realize Bear is a fraud, and hypocrite...but beyond the obvious, Bear has done a pretty good job of exposing himself for the pathetic figure he has been reduced too...
You remember when the gay porn stuff came out concerning Chip and DI. Bear left making it known it was not his cup of tea. Well, the tea must have improved because he went back saying no one would make him leave. Hell, no one made him leave. He left claiming moral problems with the porn. As usual his morals didn't last long. He couldn't stand the idea of people not seeing his biased statements. The guy loves the sound of his own voice above everything--EXCEPT-- MONEY.

Bear stuck his business partners in the back over and over. He lied to customers in his guides and did it for profit. Any person who would believe this phoney is a damn fool. He tells the truth--sometimes--lies, sometimes---and many times hasn't a clue what he is talking about. But just how in the hell can one tell which one he is doing??? I mean this guy can tell the same story a different way--over and over and over.
Never believe a Bear evaluation of anything. He can't see beyond his own needs.
I recently requested documentation from the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education/Department of Consumer Affairs in California, which oversees "all" private post-secondary education in the state. They sent me a signed letter, complete with the departments watermark, attesting to the "legality" and "state approval" of Pacific Western University. It gives the dates of "state approval"...and the date of it's name change to California Miramar University, which is also DETC accredited as well as "state approved"... California's state approval status is recognized oversight, that is far more comprehensive, than a "business license" as Bear/Klempner and his merry band of parasites would have many believe. True, in some states, a "business license", was needed to open up some post-secondary schools, but in the state of California, a rigorous approval process was necessary, as well as many procedural steps, that allowed a school to provide education and award academic degrees to the citizens of the state, and to "ALL" citizens of this great nation. Bear has proven time and time again to be a master of prevarication and duplicity...he was schooled well in the art of chicanery...
Breyer State made a valiant run at becoming "state approved" in California through the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education...they failed, miserably and are now operating in Panama....sweeeeeet!

If the California "state approval" process is sooooo easy, and it's nothing more then a business license as Bear and his sycophants crow...why were they turned down...rejected?

(12-13-2012, 11:47 AM)bigfoot Wrote: Breyer State made a valiant run at becoming "state approved" in California...and are now operating in Panama....sweeeeeet!

Panama is one of those countries that doesn't tax offshore income. No income tax on interest either. So Breyer probably is stashing that Chinese tuition money tax free in Panama instead of supporting the parasitic California taxocracy that is trying to drive them out of business.
Truth be told Armando...I don't think California was "trying" to drive them out of business...they just found that the caliber of education that they were providing was substandard and chose not to "approve" them, as they have done with better qualified academic institutions...I never said they were a mill...just lacked state approval...which they were seeking, for quite some time. They were of course run out of Alabama and Idaho, prior to arriving in the "land of milk and honey"....
(12-14-2012, 01:18 AM)bigfoot Wrote: ...they just found that the caliber of education that they were providing was substandard...

Hard to be substandard when there are no measurable, quantifiable standards. Accreditation is bureaucratic whimsy at its most sublime.
LOL!'re right about that Winston... accreditation is a "load of rubbish"....why do you suppose Breyer got the shaft?..I heard from a little birdie, that the quality of education was poor and they had developed a rather unsavory reputation in other states...I do agree though, accreditation, as it is presented as an "oversight mechanism", is "terribly flawed"....theoretically, I think the idea is sound, in point of fact...yet it has proven dismally ineffective...

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