ESB Killer Is Gay Birder
Adjudicated anti-Christian bigot and civil rights violator Alan Contreras would like us to believe he is just a harmless "gay birder."? Now the Empire State Building killer has shown the world just what sort of depraved acts "gay birders" are capable of committing.? The ODA made the smart move putting Gay Al out to pasture before he could add a deadly massacre to his lengthy list of anti-social behavior.

Quote:NY Gunman Quiet Loner, Victim Outgoing Family Man

...Johnson also was part of a community of bird watchers and photographers who document hawks and other wildlife living in Central Park, a few blocks from his home.

In one email to another bird watcher who works at The Associated Press, Johnson wrote tenderly about spending a winter night watching ducks in the park.

"Near midnight by the Harlem Meer I watched a little `flotilla' of Mallards swimming and softly honking ... fifteen degree temp and they were carrying on unfazed. Just remarkable," he wrote.

His photographs of Central Park's hawk population appeared regularly on blogs tracking the birds.

A neighbor who often saw Johnson, 58, said he was always alone.

"I always felt bad," said Gisela Casella, who lived a few floors above Johnson in a modest apartment building on the Upper East Side. "I said, `Doesn't he have a girlfriend?' I never saw him with anybody."

Quote:Empire State Building Attack Is Second Attempted Massacre By Gay Man In Just Weeks

... [W]hen we heard that the man who walked up and killed his ex-boss in cold blood this morning worked in fashion--and the papers didn't mention a wife--our mind went to a whole different place: What if the gunman was gay?

There hasn't been any concrete evidence Jeffrey Johnson, 58, was a homosexual--no lover, friends or bartender have stepped forward. But when you grew up, like we did, seeing gay people reduced to short-hand stereotypes--fiftysomething, unmarried, designed women's accessories--your thoughts just drift in a certain direction.

And, well, he owned a cat. (We told you this wasn't going to be politically correct.)

Chatting with our best girlfriend, who lives a stone's throw from the ESB on 30th and Park, we found he had the same thought: "People will think it's the start of a gay shooting-spree epidemic!"
ESB killer attended RA college:

Quote:Born in 1953 to a Japanese mother and an American father, Johnson attended [regionally accredited] Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida from 1978 to 1980.

Quote:[Image: article-2193065-14AFD6FA000005DC-240_634x537.jpg]
Birdwatcher: In this June 30, 2012 photo provided by Jean Shum, Jeffrey Johnson uses binoculars to search New York's Central Park for the young offspring of a popular red-tailed Hawk that local birdwatchers know as Pale Male

The young male offspring of what? Yeah, right, birds...uh huh. Rolleyes He won't be "collaborating" with any physics profs any time soon.
Quote:"I always felt bad," said Gisela Casella, who lived a few floors above Johnson in a modest apartment building on the Upper East Side. "I said, `Doesn't he have a girlfriend?' I never saw him with anybody."

Pervert dating tips from Gay Al himself:

Quote:Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Library Dating

In March, 2009, when I was working on an essay on online dating, I encountered the following posting:

Quote:"Sex in the library is overblown. Don't you want a little more? Here is what I want:

You e-mail me a call number of any book you like. We meet there tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. There, you tell me why you chose it. We hang out for awhile (maybe get a coffee downstairs). Afterwards, we go back to week ten and looming finals.

I have no expectations for looks, sex appeal or performance, endowment, race, religion, ethnicity. I just want a good ol' fashioned library date.

The deal is that I can only choose one person, and my choice will be based on the call number you choose.

Up for the challenge?"

I have always regretted that I did not respond.

Posted by Alan Contreras at 3:24 PM No comments:

Now you know why the pages of all the books in the Medford library are stuck together.
Bow-tie factor!? Once a douchebag always a douchebag.

[Image: jeffrey-johnson(high_school_pic)_medium.jpg]
Murdering maniac Jeffrey T. Johnson high school yearbook photo

[Image: ContrerasBusinessCard03.jpg]
Civil rights violating maniac Alan Contreras business card photo
[Image: jeffrey-johnson(high_school_pic)_medium.jpg]

[Image: Chinese_disguise.jpg]
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
ham Wrote:[Image: Chinese_disguise.jpg]

I'm imagining how the cops might have been thoroughly confounded by the Chop Suey Specs. "The suspect is Asian!? No, he's only pretending to be Asian!? He's really...Asian!? No, he's only half-Asian!? Oh fuck it, just shoot his faggotty bird-watching ass and we'll let the coroner figure it out."

This guy's "art" work is comical too.? One website described it as "creepy, kitschy" while another called it "fucked up and totally strange."

Quote:"St. Jolly's Art," as the site is titled, holds work more easily assigned to a 13-year-old boy than a murderer.

The only thing stranger than his "art" is the captions.? He should have tried writing love poems to frat boys, the way Gay Al does.

Quote:[Image: jeffreyjohnson_1_variant_jet.jpg?w=460]
Buzzing a Pirate Hidden In a Secret Cove
Wading along a submerged ledge of the cliffs encompassing this secret cove, led her to find this 90 Gun Pirate ship quietly hiding at anchor under the moon, on this summer night. Looking at the expanse of lighted windows on the ship's stern, she noticed figures in flight suits out on the balcony like galleries. Entranced by the incongruity of this scene, she flinched in shock as the night's idyll was split by the scream of a fighter plane slicing overhead.
chop suey specks....LMAO!!!

I dated an asian student many years ago...she was from the bay area, and graduated from SC...she had the most killer pair of legs I ever this day, her "gams" have burned an indelible impression in my head...we would go to farmers market, and I would watch guys walk into walls and trip over themselves checking out her tanned, athletic legs...she was a hot banana!
I saw a muscle car gleaming orange and white on six mile road, with "center lines" was built with a big block 460...Gran Torino "puro"...straight out of the motor city...had a plate on it that said "no ricer"...460 cubic inches of motor city muscle. His statement was clear...George Thorogood couldn't have said it better
I had a Chinese lady remark on my Trans Am many years ago "Only Philippinos drive them" It was me and the Chinese. Never saw a pimp or a cab driver drive one.
I had a 71' Monte Carlo SS...with a 454 and 425 factory horsepower, with a turbo 400 transmission on the floor...hood pins made it complete...I blew the doors off a 70' Cougar eliminator with a 351 Cleveland, up in Los Banos..."man's got to know his limitations"...

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