ESB Killer Is Gay Birder
(09-02-2012, 02:51 PM)Ben Johnson Wrote: I had a Chinese lady remark on my Trans Am many years ago "Only Philippinos drive them" It was me and the Chinese. Never saw a pimp or a cab driver drive one.

When a local Marine base closed several years ago somebody remarked that the main effect would be "fewer Trans Ams wrapped around telephone poles on the weekend."

High CID + Low GVW = FUN!
Jeffrey?Johnson Wrote:[Image: zx12r1.jpg]
This illustration derives itself from an unforgettable exchange I had while filling my Brava with high test just after leaving work. ...Nimbly dismounting her solid red bike, a svelte young woman slipped her helmet off, then shook her blonde hair loose. ...

"Nice bike,"? I said.

Half turning my way with her helmet in hand she spoke two words in a soft, throaty voice, "Fast bike"?.

"Nice helmet"?, I added.

"Expensive helmet", was her second two word reply, this time with a hint of wariness. I had finished checking my tires and was returning the fuel nozzle to its pump hanger as she walked past to pay at the attendant's booth.

"Take me for a ride", was my flirtatious compliment toward her bike and admiration for her riding spirit. She couldn't have been more than twenty-two at most. Giving me a sidelong glance and the merest wisp of a friendly smile, she spoke her third two word reply, "Not insured".

I suspect the conversation probably went more like this:

Nice bike.

As if you would know.

Like my Brava? It's Italian, just like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

It's a Fiat, you dork.? Fix It Again Tony!? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha...
I am always wary of men over the age of 35 who have lisps...wear bow-ties...don't have a girlfriend,or are unmarried...and like to go "bird-watching"...and wear Birkenstock sandals...(LOL!)...these are serious red flags....

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