DesElms Touts Millhouse (Not Whorehouse)
Apparently tired of promoting Asian brothels, world famous massage parlor expert Gregg DesElms is now touting a pointless 1,450 mile walk by some guy named Stephen Millhouse.

Billed as a "One Man March," the allegedly "formerly-homeless vet" walked from Montana to a soup kitchen in Los Angeles, for the stated purpose of raising awareness of the homeless.

Something tells me that anyone in the vicinity of downtown Los Angeles is already well aware of the homeless and wishes Millhouse would walk a few dozen of the stinking winos back to Montana with him.

Quote:[Image: millhouse.png]
Stephen Millhouse
top: Stephen, left, chats with Gregg DesElms, an advocate for homeless veterans in the Vallejo, Calif., area.

Here's a lame press release which, according to the PDF document "properties" info, was authored by the genius Elmer himself. Apparently the spell-checker on his computer wasn't working that day, because he spelled "became" as "bacame"--in the very first sentence. Also, "penney" in paragraph three. Nothing like illiteracy to win libtard sympathy.

.pdf   millhouse_golden_gate_bridge_press_release.pdf (Size: 115.71 KB / Downloads: 14)
Rotflmao!....that was funny
Gee, I wonder whether there is a solution to homelessness? Like maybe quit spending all your money on drugs and booze and get a fucking job. That might do it. If the asshole stumbled a few miles east into the oilfields of North Dakota, he could have his choice of 100 jobs and even more in the afternoon. The guy is an unemployed actor - you don't hear that very often.

I keep wondering where I've seen this picture of DesElms before.

[Image: Zodiac_blog_2100x147.jpg]
Charlie Sheen dropped 37 K on a hooker/porn-star in New York a while back...than the "strumpet" attempted to steal his Rolex and some other sundries. He went ballistic and flew into a rage in the swanky hotel he was staying at. Sexaholics enjoy paying for sex...they order prostitutes like pizzas...I met Heidi Fleiss years ago in Santa Monica on the Promenade...Mike Douglas and Charlie "Winning" Sheen, were two of her best customers. Charlie has been addicted to porn-stars and hookers for years, as well as the "chemicals" he recreationally smokes and snorts. Allegedly he likes to get high with the hookers he entertains...I always thought he was an actor, who was a bit overrated, but he was makin' something like half a mill per episode on that show he was booted off of. All of that surplus "bread", allowed him to indulge in all kinds of injurious, self destructive activity..."the rich are different..."yeah", they have more money"...F. Scott Fitzgerald
I believe that most homeless people are there because they are mentally ill or have abuse problems. A growing number are perpetually unemployed.

A very high number of them are war vets. In fact, after every major war the number of street people increases.

I have worked with such people and found that most are genuinely decent people who if given a choice would not be there.

Still I wonder if DesElms is really helping these folks for their benefit or just to put a feather in his cap.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(09-14-2012, 03:15 AM)bigfoot Wrote: Charlie Sheen dropped 37 K on a hooker/porn-star in New York a while back...

The thing to remember about Carlos Estévez is that as the son of the libtard Ramón Estévez he was raised in an environment completely devoid of conventional morality or traditional values. That is the same environment that the libtards want to inflict on students in government schools and colleges. When you see, e.g., two PhD's raising a foul-mouthed lesbian HIV peer tester you see what the higher ed establishment has in mind for the rest of us and our kids. At least Carlos pays his own lawyers, rather than sticking taxpayers with the bill.
"rock and roll" Winston...beautifully stated!

love how you throw in "foul-mouthed" further illustrates the slime-ball family that kid is an outgrowth of...even the old lady was busy selling tainted, polluted "porcine" products to unsuspecting consumers...the Gollins are a bunch of real charmers...

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