It's funny-By John Bear
L.A.: " personal favorite was Computer Wimp..."

John: Thanks. I reread it a couple of years ago, wondering about an update, and decided to let that sleeping dog lie. It'll probably be best remembered for its solemn pronouncement that one megabyte of memory was all one would ever need. (I typed that line on an Apple II with 64K of RAM.) My personal favorite is "The #1 New York Times Bestseller." I love publishing and statistics and trivia, and this combines them all. An update to that is high on my list of future projects.
(01-09-2015, 04:40 AM)JohnBear Wrote:
(01-05-2015, 05:29 AM)Geoff Vankirk Wrote: What is the latest with Bear? Is this old fart still around, or has he called it a career and packed it it?

How kind of you to care, Mr. Vankirk. Yeah, the old fart is still around -- happy, healthy, and busier than ever. The success of the "Degree Mills" book has led to more expert witness gigs than I can handle. This very afternoon, a deposition in an industrial injury case, where the expert witness for the other side has totally fake medical degree from the non-existent "Metropolitan Collegiate" in London. The acquisition of my publisher, Ten Speed Press by Random House, largest publisher in the US, put my 14 Ten Speed books in limbo. Three are being republished, two have been dumped, and the other nine are awaiting decisions.

I'm sure you still retain your knowledge of the unaccredited schools and their utility and value. Perhaps some day you might explain your own dips into the unaccredited schools, and your liking for life experience as at Fairfax-Greenwich-CPU.? Hmmm, you sold it but don't like it, strange.

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