It's funny-By John Bear
John used to tout Greenwich as state licensed, Hawaii, and that, apparently, by his wisdom of the times was enough. But just as soon as he left Greenwich he started saying bad things about other schools that did the same thing. In fact Bear actually started kicking Greenwich and the owner (Bear's partner) he talked into investing in the school, but this was a few years down the road. I have a copy of an e-mail in which John tries to explain, to his former partner, why he went on tv and put down Greenwich. I need to refresh my memory of the exact words, but it went something like this. "I really didn't tell them anything bad, BUT, I certainly knew many things that would have been worse. Like the new six story buiding and the large campus." Of course no such building existed nor did the campus. Just John letting his former partner know that he, John, knew where the bodies were burried. He should have known, he helped dig the holes. Like most such schools Greenwich was run from various small buildings during its existence. Greenwich did exist in its own building, but, so did other businesses. Greenwich was 1250 square feet in half of the up stairs space. I suppose they rented the rest of the offices to other businesses. John thought this was good. He once told me that since it was in its own building (Bear and his friend owned it) with a nice sign out front that made it better, or so he said. To me it was all paint and trim. It was small, had a small staff, and required very little of its students. It was not a degree mill but was just good enough to be minimum level legit. Many other schools were of the same quality, and John called each of them mills. So much for integrity and honesty.

John was a used salesman who would take your money and sell you out when it was to his advantage.

By the way, I believe, but don't know, that Bear put up no money and his partner paid all up front cash. Bear received 25% of the stock to use his guides and skills to make the scheme work. I believe he screwed his partner when he bailed out and left the paying partner holding the bag.

Of course John screwed all of his former partners at some point. Hint- If you ever have the urge to partner with John Bear. You had better get an iron clad contract and get money up front or he'll make a run for it just as soon as something better shows up. Forget loyalty, trust, integrity. He never let any of them stand in the way of a buck. And this is the man we put our trust in. We might just as well have burned our money.
Thanks always have a way of putting Bear and his duplicitous presentation into proper perspective...I have no doubt he hacked on Greenwich...he used to love Pacific Western...than PWU became his personal whipping boy, after he fell out of favor with the owner and his just went on for years...I wonder if Bear believes all of those foolish things he says in those "distance learning rags", that he publishes?

James...if you want a real laugh, check out the fools that post on All of them are Bear's little sycophants, who love to massage his bloated ego at every opportunity. ROTFLMAO! What's even funnier is they love to call CA State Approved schools, "diploma mills"...all save one! Guess which one?...You guessed it!...COLUMBIA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY! They will shred every school that is legit and bona fide, under the BPPE and "paradoxically" extol the "great wonderful school" called CPU!...They wouldn't think of impugning Bears's old "diploma mill", that was shut down for selling worthless paper, to a gullible and utterly clueless handful of students, who still proclaim that CPU is valid, post 1997, after it was closed by COURT ORDER!...LMAO! yet again
Bear's piece of $hit, latest edition "distance learning rag", is due to hit the market soon! I doubt he sells a dozen copies of this anachronistic publication...rotflmao! The book probably will only be distributed over the internet...I doubt any mainstream bookstore will carry this worthless compendium... I heard his last edition was a miserable flop...and I'm being charitable.

Bear's fawning parasites will probably buy up every copy...just to make Klempner look respectable...that's like putting silk on a barnyard oinker..."ain't never gonna look respectable"!...LMAO!
John left Misinfo when the gay porn thing was revealed but as we see John went right back. I guess his outrage didn't go very deep. Bear couldn't give up his chance to be seen and heard and misinfo is the venue that best lets him be BEAR.

Bear needs the protection they give and they need the recognition he brings to a dull subject. He, I suppose, wonders why we won't let him just walk away from his silly comments. As for me it's because he has done great harm to his many customers who believed what he told them. State Licensed and Approved had value or it didn't. He said it had meaning-value-integrity, and would work for many/most people. Now he denies having said it. And that my friends is a big fat lie!!! He did indeed say it, sell it, and recommend it. To deny the obvious is beyond one's ability to understand. He surely can't believe people are unable to re-read his old guides and know exactly what he said and did.

The more he tries to rework his past history the more interesting he becomes to me. Why would an old man be so interested in protecting business deals he made so long ago? He was a fake and fraud. We all know it (including DI) so what is the point.

There are two types of people interested in Bear's life and history.
1-The people who wish to use him and his name to support an agenda that is unprovable and untrue. Not to mention unsupported by any history, research, polls, or expert evidence.

2-The people who wish to make Bear either own up to his words and deeds, or, to prove that he did do and say such things. First, he will never reverse his present course. So that leaves us with trying to prove his real actions. I believe we have done that to a standard that would meet almost any person's (of common sense and fairness) level of proof.
Ca State Approved colleges and post-secondary institutions are legal and valid... In fact, of all the states in the nation, California far, the most rigorous process for state approval. California's "state approval process" was unlike Alabama and Wyoming's, where the school basically had a business license to operate, with little or no actual oversight. California though, provided rigorous oversight, when reviewing these institutions, and protects the students from being exploited by potentially "less than wonderful operators, that have a history of selling worthless paper, much like what Bear did for many years, until he "flipped" and became a "stoolie", for the accreditation mafia. He has unsuccessfully tried to railroad many "approved" schools, with excellent track records... along with his sock-puppet, Contrerass! I believe the BPPE could receive nationally recognized accreditation all by themselves, as New York has done. The BPPE schools allow students who graduate from these outstanding colleges/universities, to stand for licensure as nursing home administrators as well licensed clinical psychotherapists. The state grants reciprocity to it's student graduates as well, (including myself), who have worked for years with the state, all due to MY STATE APPROVED DEGREES! as well as my experiential background and skill set. I also have a regionally accredited degree as well, and a certificate and high school diploma, to add to the educational mix. "State Approved Schools" are every bit as rigorous in coursework, and as legal as "ANY" regionally or nationally accredited school. "That's the fact Jack"!..a la Bill Murray

I remember when the BPPE was become law again back in Oct. 09. I remember, how Bear was on many blogs, posting like crazy..."wringing his hands"...hoping the Governor would not sign into law the new BPPE and it's new set of state regulations, that oversee the valid, legal, non-ra schools in the state. He was sounding like he was supportive of it's return, but I believe just the opposite, I think he was hoping that the bill would not pass in Sacramento, that re-established state approval for unaccredited post secondary institutions of higher learning. In psychology, we call this phenomenon "reaction-formation"'s one of those eight, heavy duty defense mechanisms. Contrerass and Bear don't like California's State Approved Colleges. It really chaps their hides...LOL!
CA. State Approval is strong! Even the DOE recognizes the strength and quality of oversight provided by this governmental agency. Imagine needing a drivers license from "each state" you drove through, lest you be committing a crime! That's the absurdity of Contrerass and Bear...logic and reason seem to evade the illogical arguments they raise concerning legal, valid non RA schools. Ever wonder why a person from say Angola or Sierra Leonne... can come to this country with an engineering degree or some such vocational diploma, and get hired based upon the academic credential from these nations? I certainly do! Can anyone explain why these non accredited degree holders get a free pass when applying for a job? After all, these nations have no such thing as regional or national accreditation, like we in the states do. Are these diplomas demonstrably stronger or better than our own homegrown "state approved" degree programs? I would certainly think not. Yet the loons that analyze "DL" degree programs such as Gollin and Bear and Alan the "bird watcher", would have society believe otherwise.
John is certainly a mystery. I can't see how he benefits from this dislike for the state approved/licensed schools. He spent the better part of a quarter century preaching alternative education and how the little one room schools may be good, or not, according to their works. Did he mean it? Who the hell knows. Does he even know.

It's a fact that he has too big of an ego but that hardly shows why he seems to flip flop on issue after issue. I have to believe that money has been involved with the over-inflated ego thing but there still seems to be something else missing from the puzzle. Maybe he is really the nut case job some have claimed. At times I've seen a hint of the old Bear. But maybe that was just a sliver of light into the corners of his mind.

It would be nice to know who and what he really believes in--besides himself that is.

Maybe he's just pissed that we won't let him say what he wants without questioning his motives and past history and then he acts out like a small child. The old ( They won't let me say this, ok, I'll show them. I'll be a bratty little bastard).
I believe Bear "flipped" years ago because he is proud and spiteful. I realize I'm speculating, but I personally have spoken to two owners, and academic advisers from "two state approved schools", that know "ALL" about Mr. Bear and his duplicity. One of them told me over the phone that if "your nice to Mr. Bear and say nice things about him, he'll give your school "glowing praise" in his compendium of distance learning"...words to that effect. When you fall out of favor with Bear...he will look to savage you and your school...PERIOD! Once Bear wound up on the outside and realized that these schools were quite lucrative and didn't need his asinine endorsement, he became resentful and decided to "hack" on a number of good, state approved schools, that didn't need his seal of approval to make money and provide an excellent alternative education to the students in attendance. Bear was not motivated by money to smear these schools and the owners, he was just bitter because they were making bank and he was on the outside looking in. I know a little bit about the book publishing industry and I doubt that Bear has become rich off of those "distance learning comic books" he continues to republish, with no demonstrable difference than the last edition. I had one copy from some years ago...same tripe as earlier editions as well as later editions...he preys on the gullible and uninformed.
My friends daughter graduated from high school, this past summer. Well, not quite...she received a certificate of attendance instead of the actual diploma, that comes in a sweet leather case with calligraphy writing, on heavy card stock. Rick told me his daughter received the "spindly' certificate, because she could not pass basic high school algebra, despite repeated attempts. The credential itself is so rinky-dink, it looks like some junior high school computer wizard burned these pseudo credentials, off his laser printer over the weekend! She was also unable to pass the CASHE state exit exam as well, which is mandatory for all California high school graduates. When I was graduating high school, back in the "Devonian" time period, no exit exam was necessary and many graduates took bone-head math, as they too were incapable of doing basic high school algebra. These California RA high schools need to do a better job of mentoring these students and not passing them year after year when they are incapable of doing basic math! The California Community College system has been forced to offer remedial math and English to many of it's incoming student body, and this has put enormous pressure on an already financially stressed system. Look...if your kid could not do math and English in high school, why burden the state community college system with your kids ignorance? Clearly school is/was not "their" thing, the proof is in the pudding and they should seek a vocational livelihood, that doesn't require writing reports and crunching numbers.
Went over for a visit last night with my amigo Rick. As usual his house was in disarray and he was glued to his sofa watching the ball game. Just on a whim I asked to see his daughters high school certificate (LOL!)...and he showed it to me. He said, "check it out, but be careful not to bend it"...the "mickey mouse" credential wasn't even given to her in a case or cover of any kind. He said they gave it to his daughter Stephanie with an attitude like..."please just get out of our hair"...LMAO! When I looked at it again I started to chuckle, at which point Rick started to laugh his ass off as well. We composed ourselves and I than inquired if Steph was gonna get a GED and throw this piece of $hit document in the waste basket...he said she was already given her taste date...hooorah!

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