It's funny-By John Bear
(07-31-2012, 10:50 AM)Albert?Hidel Wrote: Then there is John Bear's prot?g?, the gay boy pornographer Thomas "Chip" White, who has no degrees at all but claims he is a distance learning "expert."? Bear wants him to give the world an enema, so he can publish the outcome.

Not publish himself.? Bear would give it to Shoeless Rich Douglas to submit for a second doctorate so he doesn't have to hear another 20 years of whining.? Bear thanks his lucking stars he won't live long enough to have to get Douglas a 3rd doctorate.? A warning - be careful whom you show pity to.? It could be another Douglas.
Isn't it remarkable that Bear ranted and raved about how good CPU was and how it was so well received by RA schools? In fact it was, basically, a life-experience school. Bear honestly, strange for him, mentioned that fact in several of the guides. But this is what I can't understand. How can he then say all the terrible stuff he does about others schools doing the same. In fact Greenwich was just about the same. You were expected to have almost all of the work done before enrolling. The rest Bear would work out so that you did little new work. To the best of my knowledge all of the schools Bear owned stock in were based on the idea of heavy life experience.

For a man who spends so much time laughing at the idea of life experience degrees he certainly chose a hell of a way to issue his own degrees.

He once called me his unofficial biographer. I suppose that was caused by me going back and revisiting the old guides and past statements by him on the internet. As I once responded when he growled at me for going back and checking his past statements.

"John, if you don't like what I'm doing, why don't you try telling a story twice the same way." Needless to say he didn't answer. He had that habit. If you caught him in a lie he would drop out and let Douglas and crew scream for awhile. But it didn't really matter to me. Once he was shown to have lied about something the point was made.

John Bear would and will tell what best suits his situation at the time.
Bear is "human lice"...his sordid presentation is made all the more repugnant due to his own inability to recognize his "shocking" duplicity...he's the kind of guy who would send his mother a package through the mail for her birthday...C.O.D.
Bear used to enjoy disclosing to the readers of his "useless' distance learning rags", how "many" state approved degrees are "illegal" to use in various states...the very mention of "said" (un)accredited, yet legal degree, was grounds for committing a crime and would lead to incarceration! When these absurd laws have been challenged... they have been "crushed", time and time again...why, even Florida repealed it's unaccredited degree law, on grounds of being unconstitutional! Texas has been challenged and soundly defeated as has Oregon, and I'm sure a few others as well. It was men like Bear (and I use that term loosely,LOL!)...and his cronie Contrerass, that helped to poison the mind of many state legislators, who decided to pass these unconstitutional laws, based upon the absurd rubbish these two were espousing, a decade and more ago. Clearer and cooler heads went back and analyzed the rubbish these two clods were printing and realized that what they "determined" was a degree mill, was grossly inaccurate and libelous! Texas had fallen so far off the cart, that they went so far as to declare the use of a DETC diploma in the state of Texas was a crime! Thankfully, this foolishness was challenged and stricken. Bear went on his crusade to hurt people many years ago because he was bitter that he was outside the money loop and wasn't able to get rich, like so many other, principled men were, who ran legal, valid schools, with integrity. Many of these schools were quite lucrative, and I think Bear was bitter because he wasn't making the "lettuce" so many other's... I had heard that PWU fired him years ago, when he was a consultant for the school...after his termination, he went out on a ledge to smear Pacific Western University...and believe me, I got this information from a very reliable source. Be that as it may...Bear has become a pathetic anachronism, that nobody pays attention to anymore...much to his considerable dismay.
Bear has a PhD in, that must have been challenging...LOL!... about as difficult as getting a doctorate in under-water basket weaving. Bear has stated, (on more than one occasion)...that, "people often say and compare the two, "who's better Michigan or Michigan State academically"?, words to that they don't ! Anybody who understands and values higher education realizes that Michigan is a MUCH better academic institution than MSU, which is a very solid school, but is far behind Michigan in prestige and academic standards and quality. Michigan is a Public Ivy...MSU is not, and will never be...sorry, Bear...again, epic failure.
I think it's funny...I'm sure Bear and Contrerass are on this blog everyday...reading these posts and realizing that they have been smoked out of there holes, like the vermin they are... I just want society at large, to realize what pathetic miscreants they truly are... Bear and his looney sidekicks have enjoyed their little "games", they have played over the years...calling up men's wives at work, slandering good people with legitimate academic credentials, destroying people's livelihoods without cause, and calling up peoples places of employment, in order to place them under an unwarranted "cloud of suspicion"... chickens come home to roost...
I hope all of the chickens come home to peck and scratch at Bear's nest. The man has double crossed business partners, students, and, of course, the many readers of his guides. How could a man say what he did and sell what he did and then go about telling everyone how bad these poor souls are for doing exactly what he advised them to do?

If state licensed and state approved schools were good enough to own and to sell degrees from, and if they were good enough to recommend in the guides then they were good enough to obtain degrees from.

Bear was and is all about himself. SELF-LOVE!!!!! Rolleyes
Bear's primary involvement with "state approved" school's, was short lived...Columbia Pacific, which he championed in his early guides was shut down by court order. The state attorney from Sacramento called the school a "flagrant diploma mill"...needless to say, his indictment of this joke of a school was scathing...and I'm being charitable. Bear never had any real interest in developing a "state approved" school into a sound, reputable, university, that would provide excellent education for students who were not attending a brick-and-mortar program. He was in it for a quick buck, that he could lend his name too, prior to moving on to some new esoteric endeavor. He calls himself an authority on distance education...I think he's a fraud and a charlatan, who hawks his worthless "distance learning" guides, to impress his sycophants at LOL! Most reputable people saw through his masquerade years ago...he's been outed so many times it's laughable. Actual "state approved" post secondary institutions, you can't "buy" a degree you could at Columbia Pacific. I don't believe Bear has ever liked the "real" state approved schools, because they are bona fide...not to mention legal, and valid.
(08-14-2012, 11:36 AM)bigfoot Wrote: The state attorney from Sacramento called the school a "flagrant diploma mill"...needless to say, his indictment of this joke of a school was scathing...and I'm being charitable.

The state attorney from Sacramento was an asshole. Columbia Pacific was shut down simply because it was too successful and because California officials couldn't wrap their heads around 2 senior administrators being blacks with PhDs.
Columbia Pacific was shut down because they were basically selling USELESS DIPLOMAS! Funny, a score of other SOUND CA state Approved schools were not shut down by the DA out of Sacramento. One person did a dissertation in Spanish and got his PHD...problem was the people reading his dissertation "DID NOT" speak Spanish! How many graduates of this school ever became licensed to practice psychology? My, maybe two...maybe NONE!

funny...Bear spent YEARS hacking on Pacific Western University as a DIPLOMA MILL! PWU became nationally accredited and they never lost their state approval in California...even the Hawaii school was licensed and legal and valid!...The Hawaiian school was closed, not because of substandard education, as is the case with Columbia Pacific...rather, because they did not have 25 resident Hawaiian students attending the school...kinda stupid law, considering PWU was distance education only!

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