It's funny-By John Bear
Quote:A dingo ate my baby!

Crikey! Those dingoes really pack a wallop! I think they ate his diploma mills too!!
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!...funny $hit Steve....!
It's true that Bear has praised John Gray but he has also gone on a national tv program and trashed the hell out of Gray. You know, his degree comes from an unaccredited school-may carry less weight-of unknown quality. Hell, Bear was still active and part owner of CPU at the time Gray was there as a student. He lays claim to having developed many of the course plans for CPU. If Gray's work is substandard then Bear should have designed a better one.

What this shows is that no person is safe from Bear attacks. He will praise or trash as the situation suits him at the time.

You can never trust his words or educational efforts. He is a used car salesman. He will sell you crap and then call the police and tell them you are driving an unsafe car. And the SOB will laugh his head off.

Many people believed that Bear was sincere when he said that the small state colleges were the wave of the future. We just didn't know that he was referring to the size of his bank account rather than the schools themselves.

I don't give a damn what size a school is nor if it is accredited or not. If it's legal-if it's sincere-if it has reasonable requirements-it's good enough for many people, me included. If people need or want more, fine, do more, pay more, and get more.
Sadly James...sometimes when you pay more, you don't get more. I have a friend who got an MBA from an RA accredited institution (distance education)...cost him around 30K and change...he told me that he learned basically nothing...they "rubber-stamped" all of his papers with an automatic "A"...and he said plagiarism was the norm...paying more doesn't always mean you get more...unless you mean getting "screwed" in the keester, by a for-profit RA school that is looking for someone to devour.
RA schools are all over the place. From bad to great. The fact that a few very strange and troubled people wanted the easiest RA degrees they could find and then spent their lives defending them as being level with the better colleges is really strange. Most people know the difference between usable and good, THEY DON'T.....

Some of the biggest fools-crooks in the world have degrees. It is our misfortune to have met some on the WEB---DegreeInfo Rolleyes
(07-31-2012, 06:21 AM)jamesc1 Wrote: Some of the biggest fools-crooks in the world have degrees. It is our misfortune to have met some on the WEB---DegreeInfo? Rolleyes

Then there is John Bear's prot?g?, the gay boy pornographer Thomas "Chip" White, who has no degrees at all but claims he is a distance learning "expert."? Bear wants him to give the world an enema, so he can publish the outcome.
I've seen Bear interviewed... pretty creepy
Bear should "sell" Chip White some of his useless diploma mill/toilet paper, that he used to peddle. I'm sure he can sell him a bogus doctorate from Millard Fillmore or Greenwich U. or Columbia Pacific for a few hundred bucks...than he can be laughed at when he claims he has legal, valid credentials... John Gray still calls himself a psychologist, despite the fact his credentials are a "flipping" joke...Bear saw to that! ROTFLMAO!...John Bear is synonymous with diploma mills and quackery...that is all...
Believe it or not, I.I.A.S had the best indoor tennis court ever, and MILLARD FILLMORE the best indoor cafeteria... L.I.A.R had the best indoor library bar none...the best education money could buy...
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore

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