Why So Upset, HG?
Bill Dayson, aka Hungry Ghost at DD, is upset. Seems that the DEA aggressively raided his favorite pothead, dope addict enterprise, Oaksterdam University.

Quote:...with a small army of federal agents in full SWAT-style body-armor, helmets and burp-guns drag. It seems that they had some search warrants to serve, so they used the opportunity to completely trash the premises, breaking down doors and seizing and carting off anything that wasn't nailed down as 'evidence'.

Quote:...using the warrant as license to smash their way in and steal and/or destroy personal property.

Quote:It's not just an army of paramilitary police with body armor, helmets and automatic weapons smashing in doors (apparently the US Dept of Justice has never heard of doorknobs), reportedly the IRS is all over Oaksterdam's and its owner's finances as well, looking for any irregularities.

Thanks, Washington. Glad to know you're protecting all us little people.

Didn't see him getting all blustery and teary-eyed when the feds blitzed Dixie's home and business in the very same storm-trooper fashion.

Does he have some special affinity for pot heads and dope addicts? Would this be because he might maintain a supply of controlled substances himself??

Or is it just that he fears that his participation in what appears to be a conspiracy to stalk, threaten and harass innocent people could earn him the very same treatment???

Better polish up those door knobs, HG. Or unscrew the hinges. The battering ram of justice may be paying you a call any day now.

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Interestingly, the accreditation mafia is treating Oaksterdam with kid gloves. If you look at the Wikipedea page for this "school," you do not see all the bullshit warnings stating that using degrees is illegal and specifying the states that have laws against it. Go figure.
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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