World's Most Pitiable Woman
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Mary-Anne Cabel
"In a domestic partnership with Gregg L. DesElms"

Quote:Lives in Napa, California
In a domestic partnership with Gregg L. DesElms
From Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte
Knows English, Tagalog

I wonder how they met?
Quote:Pasuquin town is noted world wide for the Sunflower Festival, an annual drag (costume)pageantry. It was organized in 1975 by a group of gay men who call themselves the Sunflowers, and attracts a large audience from the surrounding countryside. The name Sunflower was conceptualized because of its bright and attractive yellow color. The petals of the sunflower always follows the direction of the sun and it relates to a gay life being multi talented and truly excels in fields of expertise.

As to the imperative need to preserve, develop and promote the Ilocano way of celebrating the Santacruzan, the Sunflower Organization of Pasuquin formally showcased the very first Gay Stacruzan Festival in May 1975. The association grew from year to year. More members evolved and the association became an instant toast. Part of the goal of the organization is to develop camaraderie among gay population of Pasuquin; more specifically to develop and discover young talents in the field of Performing Arts; to develop gays to be more responsible and useful citizens in their own field of endeavor.

An American film, Sunflowers (1996), directed by Shawn Hainsworth, an Independent U.S. Film Director, has made the Sunflower Festival internationally known. The film garnered critics recognition in the 1997 Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and other Film festivals in North America.

Members of the Sunflower are all professionals - doctors, nurses, musicians, teachers, engineers, accountants, lawyers, marines, naval officers, Federal employees, beauticians, morticians, couturiers, businessmen, interior designers and writers. Members who are residents in Pasuquin are mostly teachers, beauticians and businessmen.

Sunflower members are also active in participation of the annual town fiesta in December, the Mayflower festivities and religious celebrations like Holy Week. Indeed, they may be gay but they are truly and undoubtedly assets to the community.,_Ilocos_Norte

Um, Greggy, do you think it might have something to do with you being there?
Quote:Tonight, at Mary-Anne's family's annual Christmas get together, I promise you that every young person will have his/her nose buried in his/her smartphone, texting away. They don't want to be there, but their sense (be it imposed or otherwise) of Filipino family obligation demands their presence, and they WILL, bygod, accommodate. I can't help but notice, though, how not part of the moment they are; and I can't help but worry what will happen to such moments in the future, when the elders are gone and all that's left is their memory of not wanting to be there in the first place, and so their naturally wondering why even continue.

Ray Davies Wrote:Is she big, is she small?
Is she a she at all?
(04-05-2012, 02:42 PM)Armando Ramos Wrote:
Ray Davies Wrote:Is she big, is she small?
Is she a she at all?

The way the photo is cropped it's tough to tell what the adam's apple situation is. Knowing what we know about Elmer, my guess would be ex-male ex-prostitute or ex-male current-prostitute. But that's just a guess. If those are collagen-enhanced lips you have to figure that other places have been tinkered with as well.

What's up with that scar over her right eye? Looks like she walked into a left hand. I've seen pro boxers with fewer scars.
From public records:

Maryanne G Cabel


Date of Birth

Phone Number

Most Recent Address
125 Pilot Hill Ct, Vallejo, CA 94589-1431
(04-05-2012, 01:40 PM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: Mary-Anne Cabel
"In a domestic partnership with Gregg L. DesElms"


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