Gay Al's New um "Job," sort of
Oregon's former ODA head, the adjudicated civil rights violator and anti-Christian bigot Alan Contreras, has moved to Medford and started up some sort consultancy?? expert opinion service??? general bullshit vendor????

Here's a copy of his letter to NACIQI, where he advocates nationalizing accreditation, which shows his new address and contact info:

.pdf   contreras-hea.pdf (Size: 82.53 KB / Downloads: 4)

Alan L. Contreras
College Evaluations • Higher Education Policy
818 Grant Avenue, Medford Oregon 97501 • (541) 510-6161 •

November 6, 2011

Melissa Lewis, Director, NACIQI
U.S. Department of Education
Room 8060
1990 K Street NW
Washington DC 20006

Dear Ms. Lewis:
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the NACIQI discussion draft, Higher Education Accreditation Reauthorization Policy Considerations. This is an excellent, well-written and very useful document.

I recently retired after fifteen years working for state agencies that were responsible for postsecondary oversight and college approvals. Most of this time was as administrator of the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization. I am also serving as a member of the drafting team for the efforts currently underway through the Council of State Governments to produce a viable interstate compact for the authorization of colleges that would have the effect of making it easier for colleges to operate in multiple states. Thus I have worked with many of the issues discussed in the draft.

Linkages between academic quality and consumer protection

One of the difficulties that you have addressed in the draft is that there are good reasons for the three "triad" functions to overlap. One of these that is perhaps not well understood is that consumer protection covers more than obvious fraud and fakery. It also covers academic quality and many technical issues subsumed within the idea of quality.

For example, it is fairly common for colleges that expand into multiple states to be lax in their determination of how their programs are classified under the laws of that state. This is expecially true in licensed professions. A college may decide to offer a program in a state without realizing that graduates of the program do not meet the requirements to practice a profession in that state. I am not sure that this situation can be classified solely as consumer protection or as academic quality--it has elements of both.

Oversight of program content in this situation seems to me primarily a state function, as the state is best situated to most easily deal with interagency issues such as licensure. Consumer protection includes the need for state action to ensure that colleges do not offer programs that are decoupled from state licensing requirements.

For this reason I suggest that any final version of the NACIQI document expressly recognize that the issue of program content as it relates to legal requirements for professional practice be considered primarily a state function under the triad theory.

The nature of responsibility for colleges

At a basic level, the entity that is responsible for the quality of what a college does is the entity that authorizes the college to operate as a degree-granter. In most cases this is a state. For example, Harvard is allowed to issue degrees because it has a charter from Massachusetts that says that it can do so. The rather elaborate methods used to convert its Royal charter to a state charter at the time of U.S. independence make for humorous reading, but the principle is absolutely clear. In a few cases, the legal responsibility for a college's degree authority arises from the federal government or from a sovereign Indian tribe.

Because this is true, the triad is not always exactly the same configuration. The federal government has a much greater responsibility for its own institutions (e.g., the service academies) and those it may charter, e.g. Gallaudet, which holds a Congressional charter as a degree granter. Likewise, the ultimate responsibility for qualitative oversight of a tribally chartered college such as Sinte Gleska or Salish Kootenai rests with tribal authorities.

The triad must therefore be viewed as having slightly adjustable legs. The functions that we customarily think of as belonging to "states" in fact belong to the chartering or "home" licensing entity. This is usually a state, but can be another source of governmental authority.

Funding for oversight

One of the issues that we face in looking at these issues is that although federal needs may add to what an accreditor (or even a state) is expected to do, these expectations do not come with a check enclosed. If accreditors or states are to perform functions because the federal government needs them to, then the federal government needs to cover the cost of doing that. This is done today at least in part in at least two somewhat similar situations, Veteran's approving offices (in which the state-based staff doing the screening is subsidized with federal funds) and IPEDS data gathering (in which costs of necessary national meetings are paid for from federal sources). It is not appropriate for the federal government to simply dump a function onto the states when the function is federal in nature.

Other issues

I concur that there is no particular reason for institutional accreditors to be regional in nature, with one exception that relates to other goals mentioned in the document. If closer working ties between states and accreditors are desirable, which I think they are, then having accreditation done nationally based on institution type in effect makes closer working ties somewhat more difficult.

I think a review of the cost of accreditation is appropriate, but it must necessarily be done as part of a consideration of the cost of existing and potential alternative processes. Information about the cost of accreditation is not very useful viewed in isolation.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this draft.


Alan Contreras

My guess is the geniuses at NACIQI didn't realize Gay Al had quit his ODA job back in April of 2011 and sent him something by mistake.

Since NACIQI is supposed to be seeking "quality" and "integrity" it's difficult to see why they would need the opinion of an adjudicated civil rights violator and anti-Christian bigot. As well as a pervert, a defamer so vile he was required to undergo remedial education, and an all-around socialist douchebag.

Although this might explain why NACIQI never does anything more than rubberstamp approval of the regional accreditation agencies. Tough to recommend action if you don't understand the underlying concepts.

Public records show that the perv paid $133,000 in July 2011 for his little 1541 sf, 2BR 2BA love nest built in 1950. I'm guessing he liked that there was a lot of room in the crawl space for burying bodies. Big Grin

The guy he bought it from paid BofA $80,000 for it in an April 2011 foreclosure sale. The previous owner paid $269,000 in October 2006.

.pdf   ContrerasDeed.PDF (Size: 73.61 KB / Downloads: 3)
Anal Contreras Wrote:The triad must therefore be viewed as having slightly adjustable legs. ...

Anal sure seems hung up on that "three-legged stool" analogy. Probably because it has both his favorite things, "third legs" and "stool."
Contreras and job?

Rim job?

Blow job?
(03-29-2012, 10:14 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Contreras and job?

Rim job?

Blow job?

And then the real fun begins....

[Image: tumblr_l9xz8nNBlX1qdesr0o1_400.jpg][Image: AnalContrerasFacebook.jpg]
(03-29-2012, 12:44 PM)Don Dresden Wrote:
(03-29-2012, 10:14 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Contreras and job?

Rim job?

Blow job?

And then the real fun begins....

[Image: tumblr_l9xz8nNBlX1qdesr0o1_400.jpg][Image: AnalContrerasFacebook.jpg]

Do tell.
I would love to be on the other side of an interview when Al is the candidate.

I would be like.
"So Mr Contreras what makes you feel that you are qualified for this job?"

"Well I did considerable research for the State of Oregon and public service alerting the public on subject of Diploma Mills" (raising index finger in self congratulatory rightousness.)

"You don't say. Well I did a little checking on you background. Lets see.. hmmm... something about a civil rights violation. Care to explain that?"

"Well a man in my position needs attracts enemies. The Diploma Mill operators, well they are a powerful force."

"You don't say. Well you did make it difficult for a lot of innocent people who, shall we say got the short end of the stick in some of your efforts."

"But they deserved it and I regret nothing!"

"Really? Well I had a chance to talk to some of these people!"

"What? Don't you believe me? Is this the face of a liar? Look, I got references from some distinguished people, why here is a letter from Dr John Bear. Know him?"

"Oh yes, that Diploma Mill founder who now is making a living targetting the very people he advised? Yes I know him."

"Well there is Dr Gollin. Now HE is a great man!"

(Laughing) "Yes I know this Dr Gollin. This expert on distance learning who never took or taught an online course."

"I do not like the tone of your voice sir! I am an expert! See my creds?"

"Sure I do. And since you mentioned the position you are in, well here are some pictures in found online. Speaking of awkward positions.. well I had to hide my eyes from these ones..."

Contraras is now speechless....

"Well Mr Contraras thank you for a rather amusing time. Now please see yourself to the door. I have work to do."

"But... but... don't you want to ask me more about..."

"Oh I have heard enough. Now please see yourself out unless you want our security staff to show you. And please do not touch anything here. Our cleaning crew works very hard to keep things sanitary." Big Grin
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(03-29-2012, 05:52 PM)Virtual Bison Wrote: And please do not touch anything here. Our cleaning crew works very hard to keep things sanitary." Big Grin

Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

[Image: ContrerasWarning03.jpg]

Gay Al's old ODA office gets the once over from the local hazmat team...

[Image: hazmat_team_banner.jpg][Image: Hazmat-096-300x225.jpg]
funniest thing i've seen or read in WEEKS! ROTFLMAO!
went back to reread this thread......Funniest sh&% I have ever read!.....Armando's statement about the "stool"...etc. etc....had me almost crapping my pants, it was so funny! The hazmat, clown (gacy stuff, is equally noteworthy.....funny, funny guys give me a major league barrels worth of side-splitting entertainment...can't stop laughing
Just went back to re-read the gacy, stool-third leg action as well as the hysterical haz-mat number

to this day the funniest sh#@! I have ever read

my sides ache...

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