What John Bear really said!!
Wow! They charged Leuchter with inventing something without being an engineer. Don't tell them about Edison or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Come to think of it, what innovation was ever invented by an engineer? Leuchter was convicted of being an asshole using the engineering thing as a proxy. Normally being an asshole is not illegal.
"For five years, I was the full-time president of Greenwich (and its predecessor, the International Institute) and of course I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it was a "GOOD" school and program."
--John Bear--College Degrees by Mail--100 Good Schools--1995--page 90
"Greenwich had fewer than 100 students during the 17 months I was involved, and perhaps 30 graduates. That degree "SURELY" met their needs."
--John Bear--AED--1998/01/21

'For those persons willing to spend a year or more to earn their(graduate) degree, California Coast University offers an "EXCELLENT" alternative."
--John Bear--Bear's Guide--10th Edition--Page 85

Now what would a reader of this guide have thought concerning CCU? What would someone who took this advice now think of Bear saying they are all either mills or dreadful? Bear helped talk people into using unaccredited schools and now trashes these same people and the schools they used.
"On the other side of the ledger, some "GOOD", "SINCERE", "LEGITIMATE", schools have issued typewritten and photocopied catalogs, either to save money or to go along with their low-key images, and a few "SINCERE", very low-budget schools have even operated without a telephone for awhile."
--John Bear--Bear's Guide--12th Edition--Page 32

Can you imagine how Bear and associates would howl with laughter at such words now. Funny about the truth. It can stand the test of time while lies are constantly shifting around. Did he ever say that unaccredited schools were good choices for many people?? Yes, he did. And now?? He denies, lies and whines, but makes no difference. He did it and we know it, and best of all, he knows it. And so do all his, shall we say, friends, you bet. Smile
(03-13-2012, 11:34 PM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Wow! They charged Leuchter with inventing something without being an engineer. Don't tell them about Edison or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Come to think of it, what innovation was ever invented by an engineer? Leuchter was convicted of being an asshole using the engineering thing as a proxy. Normally being an asshole is not illegal.

That is why I said having legitimate degrees is no insurance against ritual defamation or character assassination. Leuchter and his crew are lunatics but then people at UFO conventions and Zeitgeist truthers should also be politically destroyed, if believing stupid or strange things is a crime.
A.A Mole University
B.A London Institute of Applied Research
B.Sc Millard Fillmore
M.A International Institute for Advanced Studies
Ph.D London Institute of Applied Research
Ph.D Millard Fillmore
''While I have not visited Eastern University nor reviewed any student work, I am persuaded from my careful reading of their catalog, my discussion with Dr. Welker, and my understanding that they have withdrawn from the "Accrediting Commission International," that Eastern University is "worthy of Consideration" by the "Serious Student," willing to work, who can benefit from a well -earned, legitimate, respectable, if unaccredited university degree."
--John Bear--AED--1995

Well-Earned--Legitimate--Respectable/// Now I wonder what the odds are that Bear would ever admit that he had called Eastern University any of these?
"Greenwich has been pursuing accreditation with the Pacific Association of Schools and Colleges, a "Legitimate" but unrecognized accreditor.
--John Bear/Mariah Bear--College Degrees by Mail--1996--Page 171

Now this is presented as something positive and potential students would have seen it as such. But now we have the "It was horrible and I always knew it crap."

"What nonsense. PASC was an unrecognized one-man accrediting agency. As I understand it, Greenwich explored an involvement, and eventually came to the conclusion (my advice was asked for) that such accreditation would be meaningless and useless, so they terminated the relationship."
--John Bear--AED--2003

Yes it is, no it isn't. I never said that. But he did say these and many more things. He told the same story many different ways. Sometimes for cash, sometimes through ignorance, and sometimes because he was just too damned lazy to check things out thoroughly. And guess who he now blames for HIS mistakes? That's right, you and me.
Bear/Klempner used to go off on Pacific Western University. This was his "personal"-unaccredited, state approved/licensed school, that seemed to really press his hot button. LOL! He loved to run down the school, the owner, the academics at PWU...all the while his failed, crappy schools were getting shut down by court order, because they were flagrant "diploma mills", e.g. Columbia Pacific University, Millard Fillmore et al. Oh... and Pacific Western University....they are DETC accredited now and "state approved".....that must really make Bear/Klempner madder than hell... must really chap his hide...
One more thing concerning PWU...they were not only legal and valid..but were, according to a source at the governmental agency that approved them, stated......"The state makes no distinction between Pacific Western University and UCLA". In their eyes, (the state of California)..both are equally legal and valid"...Quite an admission that.....I'm not of the belief that PWU was/is better than UCLA...just saying that it was/is every bit as LEGAL and VALID as the UC. True dat. Many, many professors and teachers, managers, industrialists around the nation and world hold academic degrees from PWU...much to the annoyance of Bear/Klempner
Pacific Western University....it's graduates also have become administrators and many psycho-therapists hold graduate degrees from the former Pacific Western University. The rank and file of professionals the school has produced are staggering.
Interesting observation. Colleges from Europe are not regionally accredited...they have oversight from the government, which allows schools to provide education and diplomas to it's students upon graduation. Gee, is this any different from a California State Approved University, that confers degrees, upon it's graduates? If so, how? I would imagine a Ca State approved School is every bit as sound as a degree from Madagascar or Myanmar, in fact, I believe it would be better, with new text books, and information that is contemporary and every bit as rigorous. When foreigners arrive in the U.S., with their diplomas, nobody questions the diplomas they possess, or the screwy portfolio that is presented for employment purposes! Heaven forbid they arrive or present a legal, valid, state approved diploma, from a school that is "home grown"... that would be unthinkable or fraud! at least according to Bear and his sycophants who slavishly do his parasitic bidding
It is interesting that someone from some other country arrives here and if his government says his degrees are valid we say just fine and accept them, but if one of the fifty states gives approval to a school and it lacks accreditation, BOOM, the Bearasites, plus Papa Bear have a sh-- fit.

So, a third world toilet with little money and less standards grants degrees that are acceptable to Bear, but a state government can't, or so says Bear. The guy doesn't care about fairness or education. It's all about playing the game. A game he plays for money and to be noticed. Like Bart Simpson-look at me-look at me.
ROTFLMAO!....third world toilet!....funny stuff James...but oh so true. I worked with a state employee some years ago who was from Nigeria, her education stunk, she admitted that her BA degree was a freakin joke, they used text books from the sixties!...nobody ever questioned her credentials when she applied for a job with the state. She was a bright and productive civil servant, in spite of her "less than wonderful", third world toilet diploma!

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