O'Block Sues Bear
Is this:

John Bear Wrote:Gus, your response to my latest email...

Postby John Bear on Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:16 am
...will help us decide which approach to take in our response to the O'Block lawsuit, so it will be very helpful to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you. John on Sunday at 5 pm.

John Bear
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Relating to this:


With Sainz and Bear in charge, what can go wrong?

Is DD is being sued too? Wouldn't that be unfortunate?

Crap - The back door must have been left open. It's closed now. Something is going on that Bear and Sainz are concerned about.

If Sainz isn't being sued he should be for this.


(02-21-2012, 01:43 PM)Ben Johnson Wrote: If Sainz isn't being sued he should be for this.


Clearly something has been deleted from the thread. Jimmy's post is first but he obviously is replying to someone else.

But thanks to Google cache we can see what Sainz and Bear want to hide:

John Bear Wrote:Tick, tick, tick . . .
by John Bear on Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:44 pm

Robert L. O'Block, M.Div., Ph.D., Psy.D., D.Min.

ABA Journal, Feb. 2000, p. 44 (start of a long article)
"Robert O'Block has come a long way since 1994, when he made $40,000 a year as a professor at the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Mo.
Now he's making a six-figure income as the executive director of the American College of Forensic Examiners, a Springfield, Mo.based nonprofit organization that credentials forensic experts.
O'Block started in 1992 with $500 of his own money and in the beginning ran a credentialing service single-handedly out of a spare room in his home. It has since grown into a 13,000-member organization with more than $2.2 million in annual revenue.
He was paid nearly $190,000 for his efforts in 1997, according to the most recent federal tax return available for the organization.
But O'Block, 48, apparently has made few friends and admirers along the way. One former associate calls him a con artist. And more than one describes his organization's credentialing process as a complete scam.
"He basically takes people's money and gives them a worthless piece of paper," says Robert Phillips, an Audubon, N.J., document examiner. "He's just in it for the money." Phillips claims he has reason to know. He says he resigned as chair of the organization's certification committee in 1993 after discovering that O'Block was issuing credentials to unqualified candidates behind the committee's back.
Many of the nation's leading forensic scientists don't seem to have much use for O'Block or his organization either.

James Starrs, a professor of law and forensic sciences at George Washington University, says the organization's certification process lacks objectivity. "It's driven by the felt needs of the people in charge," he says. "If they want you in, you're in, even if they have to break all of the rules to do it."
Andre Moenssens, a law school professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and an expert on scientific evidence, goes even further. He says O'Block's organization is basically a certification mill. "For the right amount of money, he will certify just about anybody as an expert in anything," Moenssens says."
O'Block is on faculty of HOLY TRINITY COLLEGE AND SEMINARY of the Southern Episcopal Church http://www.angelfire.com/biz/Southern/Catalog.html
Unaccredited and not affiliated with Episcopal church.

William Sloane VP is on corp. annual report as an officer to sign corp. papers. He is also this:
The Rt. Rev. Wm. M. Sloane, Christ Catholic Church, which also sells a book written by Bishop Robert O'Block CURE OF SOULS
August 3, 2006: The selection of Dr. O’Block as coadjutor is affirmed by the Church’s board of directors and Holy Synod. Bishop O’Block is re-consecrated sub conditione by Presiding Bishop Huron Clay Manning, Jr., assisted by several other bishops of the Southern Episcopal Church of the United States of America (founded in 1962 and incorporated in Tennessee in 1968).

August 7, 2008: Father William Martin Sloane is consecrated to the episcopate by Bishops Manning, O’Block, William Harold Corley, Charles George Fry, Robert William Hotes and Richard M. Johnson. Archbishop O’Block then names Dr. Sloane as his coadjutor and retires to Archbishop Emeritus status. The Church’s board of directors and Holy Synod vote (a) for Bishop Sloane to be affirmed as Archbishop and (b) for the CCC/DoB to function as a diocese of the SEC/USA

I suspect we will be hearing something in the days to come. Looks like Bear and Sainz might be defecating masonry.
(02-21-2012, 06:39 AM)Ben Johnson Wrote: Relating to this:


Looks like on January 10, 2011, Dr. Emad Tadros filed an in pro per complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court against the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.


Tadros' original beef seems to be with Dr. Stephen Doyne, who provided Tadros a court-ordered custody evaluation in 2005. Tadros takes issue with a number of aspects of Doyne's credentials, among them that Doyne is certified by ACFEI, which Tadros describes as a "diploma mill."

ACFEI is operated by Robert O'Block. On December 27, 2010, O'Block's attorneys were threatening Tadros with action regarding "defamatory material" allegedly published by Tadros.


On November 10, 2011, Tadros also filed an in pro per complaint in US District Court in San Diego against both ACFEI and Robert O'Block.


Although Tadros writes passionately about these events, it is obvious that English is not his native language and as a result his accounts are not altogether clear. My guess is that if O'Block got sued he filed a counterclaim against Tadros and anyone else he considered responsible for trade libel.

Might be interesting to take a look at the dockets and see whether Goose and Klempner are actually defendants or perhaps just responding to discovery requests. That Klempner wants to discuss "our response to the lawsuit" and not, for example, "your response to the subpena" suggests it may be the former.

Check that homeowners insurance policy, Goose! You might be surprised at what kind of lawsuits you can get them to defend.

[Image: GusYourResponse01.jpg]
If O'Block can sniff out the Unabomber he shouldn't have any trouble identifying what sort of sociopaths and mental defectives are running loose at DD:

Quote:A year before the Unabomber was caught, Dr. O'Block submitted a profile to the FBI, correctly identifying the UNABOMBER as a professional at the Ph.D. level who would be associat­ed with the Univer­sity of California at Berkeley. This was documented in the book, UNABOMBER, by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, page 122.

. . .


Over the years, while building his career and his organizations, Dr. O'Block has encountered and overcome many obstacles to his success. One of these obstacles has been in the form of negative press attacks and misinformed, inaccurate, or misrepresented information distributed over the Internet. As he has encountered these issues, Dr. O'Block has consistently sought to share his side of the story in a complete, open, and fair and balanced dialogue. He is proud of his accomplishments and his professional history, and is eager to share his story with the world. However, he wants that story to be told in an honest, complete, and unbiased manner. Unfortunately, even though he has fought hard to share his real story with those reporters who have placed him in the media limelight, Dr. O'Block has on more than one occasion been the subject of false, misleading, and defamatory news and Internet articles.

Dr. O'Block suspects that the few reporters who have written these stories have been led to write about him and his associations due to the underhanded work of his competitors. As ACFEI grows and expands, it also places increasing pressure on competing associations across the nation. In an effort to harm the reputation of Dr. O'Block and the associations he created, these competitors have sought, unsuccessfully, to discredit the rigorous standards, integrity, and mission of ACFEI. Planting misguided stories in the media and online has been one method these competitors have used in an attempt to tear down Dr. O'Block and ACFEI. Today, Dr. O'Block and ACFEI members all across the nation continue to support the exciting progressive growth and improvement of the association despite negative, misleading attacks by competitors and members of the press.
(02-21-2012, 03:35 PM)Ben Johnson Wrote: I suspect we will be hearing something in the days to come. Looks like Bear and Sainz might be defecating masonry.

At least one of them should be.

Notorious JOHN BEAR has been named as a defendant in a civil action brought by ACFEI, the American Psychotherapy Association and Dr. O'Block in Circuit 31, Greene County, Missouri, as case number 1131-CV12347.

Court records show that notorious JOHN BEAR was personally served with the complaint on February 1, 2012, which might account for his "indigestion." Bear's address is shown as 1337 Henry Street, Apt E. Berkeley, CA 94709.

It appears O'Block has grown tired of having his business destroyed by lamers like Klempner offering ill-informed opinions as fact and has launched a slew of civil actions against his tormentors. Also filed in the same court are:

ACFEI, APA and O'Block v. STEVE K D EICHEL (1131-CV09465)

ACFEI, APA and O'Block v. EMAD TADROS (1131-CV11792)

ACFEI, APA and O'Block v. AMY DRIVER (1231-CV01610)

APA v. STEPHEN BARRETT (1131-CV15898 )

You can keep score at home with this link:

Tadros is the guy discussed above. Eichel is the guy who fraudulently obtained ACFEI certification for his cat. Amy Driver operates the BulletPath Experts Channel blog, where the cat incident and others are discussed in detail. Barrett operates the discredited Quackwatch website.

No record of Goose or DD being named as defendants in Missouri (yet). So when Klempner asks Goose what "we" are going to do about the lawsuit Goose can do his best Tonto imitation and say, "Whadaya mean 'we,' white boy?"

Tadros had the case against him removed to the federal district court in Missouri, where it was dismissed without prejudice for venue and jurisidiction issues. Assuming he can't talk his way out of it, Bear (or his cadre of high-priced defense counsel) likely will employ similar strategy.
(02-26-2012, 03:48 PM)Don Dresden Wrote: Notorious JOHN BEAR has been named as a defendant in a civil action...

Looks like Bear and his klones made a big mistake taking on O'Block. Unlike the small-timers and religious groups they usually pick on, O'Block obviously has the money for lawyers and the inclination to spend it to defend himself. Good for him!

(02-26-2012, 03:48 PM)Don Dresden Wrote: Eichel is the guy who fraudulently obtained ACFEI certification for his cat.

Isn't lying to obtain something of value pretty much the definition of fraud? How does that make the victim the bad guy? These stalking crackpots like Gollin go around lying to obtain another useless degree (in addition to the one his 15 pals got him) and act like they have done something heroic.

Here's an exercise in cleverness. Make a fake W2 form and file for a tax refund. When the refund check comes post a picture of it on the internet. Then count the minutes until federal marshals stop by for a visit.

Except for the victim being a small private business instead of the omnipotent government, how is this cat diploma thing any different? This Eichel guy is an admitted liar and scammer, and I'm glad to see O'Block going after him too.

I know it's a little early in the game (recalling Jerroll Dolphin), but I'm nominating Robert O'Block as DL Man of the Year.

Klempner has gone from teflon to velcro overnight. Who wants to be next? Not the typical keyboard sociopath who emulates the "delightful" Klempner union goon tactics.

The Klempner Klones are going to think two and three times before they launch another asshole swarm against a righteous business. "Tick tick tick" indeed.
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