Chip's Latest Jerry Sandusky Video
(07-14-2012, 02:57 PM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: [Image: 11294493-large.jpg]
"... Don't worry, I'll cover it up for ya, pal."

Just like Klempner did for Chip.
Joe Pa was patting him on the back...Ol' Jerry was just voted "NAMBLA Deviant of the Year"...hope he enjoys the joint...he'll be able to get very cozy with some real savages in the can..."CAN"..gee I made a funny!
I had no idea PSU was ranked as high as it was...I have seen it ranked as high as 15th academically and as low as 45th best university nationally. I can't even remotely imagine this is a top 20 national university...good school... but it ain't Stanford or Michigan or Chicago...uh-uh..
SMU was given the death penalty by the ncaa for buying it's football players muscle cars and paying a few of them "under the table"... while PSU had the worst serial pedophile/rapist (Sandusky) in the history of american sports,pro or college..."preying" on young men like some "sexually perverse vampire", on the grounds of the campus... while administration turned a blind eye, for fear of bringing "bad publicity" to the stellar Nittany Lion football program! I hope Joe Pa is forced to watch re-runs of "Deliverance" for eternity...while he enjoys the cozy surroundings of Tartarus...couldn't happen to a nicer slimeball...

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