ODA's Alan Contreras Exposed as Pervert
ODA's Alan Contreras Exposed as Pervert


Quote:Is your college degree pervert approved? This is the Oregon deviant who wants to decide whether YOU are a criminal!!!

ODA's Alan Contreras is gay, and used to be in charge of harnessing the gay vote for the former Governor. When he did not win the last election, AC was without a job. Having peddled his questionable abilities to every state agency available and not being thrown any bones, the ODA position came up for grabs, because the predecessor was removed (he had put in for thousands of overtime hours, something not very popular, so was removed).

So Anal Contreras is a politician, as are all political aides and inside supporters. And a self-serving one at that. Now we know why he hates Bob Jones University so much, given their fundie teaching on gay issues.

Now look here - "Gay Birders of North America"
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gaybirding - Contreras posts here as "tringaal" - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gaybirding/message/1709

Posted on April 9th:

"I am getting kicked around in the legislature (what does one say to a roomful of flat-earthers?) and am sampling the job ads elsewhere. Speaking of flat earth, there is a great job open in Pierre, South Dakota, and another one in Kansas City....
Alan Contreras

Ahhh...There, there...

"And I think Narcissus Flycatcher MUST be gay (at least the immature males).

And gay men always like a Redpole - oops, wrong spelling. Maybe a Watercock.

I surmise that our lesbian members would prefer a Booby of one kind or another."

"...if you like bearded men in uniform, thin upon the ground these days, a great place to look...."

And much else similar.

He also posts here: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/obol

More -


Alan Contreras, a Salem gay who is a lobbyist for Oregon's community colleges, recently made the switch from Democrat to Republican, despite the fact that 10 years ago he was an aide to a liberal Democratic state senator.

Citing ideological affinity with the GOP as the reason for the switch, he says that despite the alliance, "there's still a significant number of the party leadership who are not weirdos."

*Contreras in nude calendar sensation*


Now we know his motivation is perhaps more than fundraising. By the way, it's amusing that his best friend and "buffer zone" is called Richard Hoyer (no, not that one...), who is also a "gay birder".

Quote:Author: Alan Contreras
Date: 03-15-05 22:42
OK, folks, here's how we raise money for the reprint of Oregon Birds. We produce a calendar like the "Men of the Long Tom Grange" did to make money for the Junction City Schools.

We get the state's more decorative birders to pose for a not-quite-nude calendar. We'll have strategically placed binoculars, bird books, tripods etc. hanging about our, uh, persons to make it all legal.

Mary Anne Sohlstrom, Diane Pettey and I are up for it. Marianne wants to pose lying on a verdant pasture surrounded by Cattle Egrets. Not enough of them in Oregon in recent years to get the job done. Diane wants to pose with me but I need a buffer zone. Rich Hoyer, call Oregon soon!

Any other takers? Tim Janzen - hey, come back here, are you shy? Vjera Arnold, where are youuuuuu? Marilyn Miller, you can pose with a goose. Well, a few geese. Owen Schmidt can stand behind a stack of his video equipment.

Dave and Georgia Marshall will be on the front cover, holding hands and peering out from behind the Finley monument at Malheur HQ.

Hey Baccus, you want to do the photo shoots? Got to do it before mosquito season. Don? Hello?

Alan Contreras

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