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CAUTION: The education cartel has fostered a cadre of dangerous stalkers who harass people with education or credentials obtained from non-regionally accredited colleges and universities, or who provide or publicly express support for non-traditional education. For this reason new posters are advised to register under pen names and should not provide identifying information about themselves or other posters.

Welcome to DL Truth

"Quality" in higher education is a nebulous and subjective term. Many people have been misled into believing that the only source of "quality" college and university education in the US is through "regionally accredited" schools.

Although many regionally accredited (RA) schools are among the most prestigious and provide the highest quality education in the world, RA as it is presently constituted is not in itself a measure or guarantee of a quality education. In fact, some RA schools are little better than "diploma mills," offering degrees for little or no real study.

The RA schools in fact operate as an education cartel, a combination of wealthy, entrenched government and private interests that excludes competition and drives up prices.

Until recently many people of limited financial means, or who worked full time or whose circumstances otherwise prevented them from attending classes at distant campuses found themselves excluded from the regionally accredited degree process.

Today the technological revolution of the computer age is making quality college or university education accessible to millions of people the world over. But the education cartel has been slow to embrace the new technology. Worse, when they do they often incorporate the stultifying boredom of the traditional "lecture hall." And they do so at prices equal to or higher than their old fashioned "brick and mortar" classrooms, despite their enormous savings in facilities, materials and labor.

Fortunately there is a surge of education pioneers working to meet the demand of the market, rather than attempting to make the market conform to an obsolete product and outdated thinking. Throughout history, when innovators are not bridled by government and reactionary special interests, they have responded to market forces by devising new technologies and better, more affordable products to meet demand.

Today this burgeoning "new wave" of higher education providers is offering accessible, quality education at affordable prices. Many of these innovators exist outside the established higher education cartel, operating as nationally accredited, state-approved or outside the US. Although offering quality education comparable to RA schools, they often are inaccurately termed "degree mills" by the uninformed, and unfairly and erroneously criticized by the benighted shills of the outmoded education cartel.

Hence this website is intended to foster public awareness about the new avenues of legitimate but non-regionally accredited higher education, as well as expose the fallacies being foisted off by the passe education cartel's misinformation campaign.

DL Truth

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