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Moralizing At Degreeinfo - Puke - Fort Bragg - 09-04-2008


Moralizing about Palin?

What makes people think that a parent has any control over their teenage daughter? Didn't work for Gollin. Didn't work for Palin. In my life the people who moralized about other people's kids were soon called grampa and gramma.

It is such a totally sexist attitude to consider that it's a mom's failure if a daughter gets pregnant. The family is principled. Palin had a retard and kept it and her daughter is having a bastard that will be saved with the use of a shotgun and a preacher. They're a wonderful and very normal American family.

I don't seem to remember any moralizing about the Kennedy crew jumping every skirt that came along. Wasn't Robert zeroing in on a dozen kids when when he was chasing Jack's seconds like Marilyn Monroe. Now there's the iconic American family.