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So-called Degree Mill owner and his books - Bingo - 09-19-2017

Good morning from Germany. Me, Muhammad Schmidt, is posting here again.
I have some news for the uneducated trolls at degreediscussion.com:

Your "degree mill owner" has now this list of publications to his credit, and there is reasonable doubt whether pretend scholars like Bill Grober coul,d ever claim to have a similar list of publicatioins to his credit:


IFTS, the school you had chosen for your slandering, is no longer in operation in its traditional shape but has achieved national accreditation in those countries where it still operates. These former school branches of IFTS are now in dependent schools operated by good people after all responsibility was handed over by Dr Schmidt into the native hands of his successors who had been trained for this job over the years.

Dr. Schmidt is enjoying retirement now and continues to publish his books.

Good luck in continuing your rants and your idiotic "judgment" of people you have never met in person. You are the salt of the earth when it comes to incompetency and pretend education like Bill Grover who got an online doctorate from Zululand University without any disputation (defence) following the official submission of a thesis. ....LOOOL

What a bloody joke you are!