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5 Degrees of the Future - 4Knee Kate - 01-12-2014

Sustainability is bullshit, but the rest of these might put some money in your pocket in the future.

Quote:The 5 Degrees Of The Future
By Jeff Dunn on January 2, 2014

The world of education is in a state of flux. The typical college or university degree is undergoing a slow but steady shift towards being a bit more useful to the next generation of workers.

While I don’t think a degree in math or science is going to ever be unimportant, it’s important to know about the up and coming degrees that many of us don’t yet know about. For example, would you pursue a degree in computer science or perhaps something more targeted to cybersecurity? That’s the idea behind this visual guide to the degrees of the future you see below.

The below degrees are fabulous but there’s a particular listing that intrigues me. The degree in game design seems something truly interesting to modern students of just about any age. If you are a high school student looking for an interesting degree that will get you into a creative and technologically advanced field of learning, game design seems like a great option. I only wish this degree was offered when I was considering which degree to pursue!

[Image: degrees-620x2003.png]