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  NV Dem Senate Candidate's Fake Business, Fake Degree
Posted by: Howie Felterbush - 07-10-2018, 09:56 AM - Forum: General Education Discussions - Replies (1)

Remember, dims, when touting your fake degree, try to avoid saying things like, “I gotta degree in computers.”  This tends to be a giveaway that you are lying.  Although the “D” next to your name on the ballot pretty much tells the same tale.  As well as the fact that you are a Chicago carpetbagger.

Quote:[Image: Jacky-Rosen-e1531146840682.jpg]

EXCLUSIVE: There’s No Evidence Nevada Democratic Senate Candidate’s Touted Business Ever Existed
3:48 PM 07/09/2018
Joe Simonson | Media Reporter

Nevada has no records Rep. Jacky Rosen ever ran a small business in Nevada, despite her repeated claims that she started a consulting firm, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Rosen, a Democrat, is challenging Republican Sen. Dean Heller for his seat in the upcoming November election and is considered former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s handpicked successor.

In April, a public records request was filed with the Nevada secretary of state seeking a copy of any “Sole Proprietor Exemption” or “Sole Proprietor Registration” under Rosen or her maiden name between 1995 and 2005.

Less than a week later, a public information officer from the Nevada secretary of state responded in an email that no such records existed. Those registrations are necessary for any business owners in Nevada.

Rosen has routinely flaunted her business credentials, claiming her one-woman shop consulted with her former employer, Southwest Gas, and Radiology Specialists, where her husband was once a partner.

Rosen told a radio station in November that she “raised my family, I built a business – a woman in technology.”

When the Reno Gazette Journal asked her campaign about this discrepancy, a representative said Rosen “did not keep these kinds of forms from roughly two decades ago.”

“Jacky built a career as a computer programmer and software developer for major companies in Southern Nevada, and she used those tech skills to keep working as an independent consultant,” campaign spokesman Stewart Boss said. “Like many moms, she wanted to continue her career in business while also having more flexible hours so she could also focus on raising her daughter.”

Rosen’s campaign did not immediately respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

A Chicago native, many in her state know little about Rosen. A July 2016 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal said she struggles with “name recognition” and “remains a political unknown to most Southern Nevadans.”

The Reno Gazette reiterated that point, noting that Rosen is somewhat unknown to political pundits and voters.

Yet other questions about her past demonstrates a woman comfortable with massaging the facts surrounding her credentials — if not outright lying.
In a 2017 interview with C-SPAN, Rosen claimed she received a degree in psychology and “computers.”

“When I was in college in Minnesota, I actually got a degree in psychology and computers. I’m a computer programmer and systems analyst by trade,” Rosen said.

Subsequent articles, like one in The Atlantic from January 2017, cited her supposed computer science degree, as well as her actual degree in psychology, as an example of how she is one of the few congressional representatives with a scientific background.

Yet no such degree yet existed when Rosen was enrolled at the University of Minnesota. The Atlantic had to eventually run a correction.

Polls show that Rosen is considered the narrow favorite in her upcoming Senate bid against incumbent Heller.

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  Unethical George Gollin Sued in IL!
Posted by: Henry Greenberg - 07-08-2018, 06:40 PM - Forum: George Gollin - Replies (8)

Convicted ethics violator George Gollin
[Image: GeorgeGollinBitesTheBigOne.jpg]

Unethical crackpot George Gollin has been sued yet again, this time in Champaign County Illinois circuit court.  Not content with squandering the resources of the University of Illinois on his infantile “diploma mill hunter” fantasies, racist George Gollin has again forced Illinois taxpayers to foot massive legal bills to defend his profligate self-indulgence.

This time the plaintiff is Dervanna H. A. Troy-McKoy, a native of Jamaica now residing in Florida.  A student and graduate of St. Luke School of Medicine, Troy-McKoy alleges that back in 2009 unethical George Gollin wrote a 91-page letter to the Ghana National Accrediting Board containing some 160 false and offensive statements concerning plaintiff.  Further, he asserts that unethical George Gollin enlisted Brad Schwartz and civil rights violating pervert Anal Contreras to also write letters containing false and offensive statements about plaintiff.

Troy-McKoy asserts he has been damaged by unethical George Gollin to the tune of $14,300,000.

Of course, this is the same 91-page rant that earned the idiot George Gollin multiple lawsuits from SLSOM and Dr. Jerroll Dolphin.

Once again a pro se plaintiff runs afoul of a complex legal system designed by and for the wealthy and powerful.  Unlike SLSOM’s first attorney, Troy-McKoy apparently did understand that he had to comply with the Illinois claims statute before he could sue the State of Illinois, its sub-entities like the University of Illinois, or its employees acting within the scope of their employment like the turd George Gollin and his buddy BS Schwartz.  However, he apparently didn’t realize that the Champaign County circuit court is not the same as the Illinois Court of Claims.  

Quote:Filing a Claim Court of Claims

The Court of Claims is the court of exclusive jurisdiction for all claims filed against the State of Illinois.

1. Please complete the relevant complaint form in its entirety; include your Social Security number or your Federal Employee Identification Number.

2. If you are represented by an attorney, also complete the appropriate section of the complaint form so that all correspondence may be directed to the attorney's office.

3. Please sign the Complaint form.

4. Please send the completed Complaint form along with check for the filing fee made payable to the order of Illinois Court of Claims:

Illinois Court Of Claims
630 S. College St.
Springfield, IL 62756

As the documents attached below detail, the University easily had the complaint dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.  Although it wasn’t raised, probably a major statute of limitations issue as well.  Notwithstanding that, Troy-McKoy sought further redress in the state court of appeal, the state supreme court, and even the US Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, once again, unethical miscreants get a pass on technical grounds.  Hats off to Troy-McKoy for putting up a vigorous and honorable fight against the tyrannical bullies who waste taxpayer resources to further their self-aggrandizing vendettas.

.pdf   TroyMcKoyComplaint.pdf (Size: 15.88 MB / Downloads: 104)

.pdf   TroyMcKoyDefendantMotionDismiss.pdf (Size: 4.16 MB / Downloads: 94)

.pdf   TroyMcKoyPlaintiffOppositionToMotionDismiss.pdf (Size: 12.39 MB / Downloads: 107)

.pdf   TroyMcKoyDefendantReplyToPlaintiffOpposition.pdf (Size: 1.23 MB / Downloads: 104)

Court docket shows:

"Cause is dismissed with prejudice pursuant to 2-619(a)(1)" by Judge Michael Q. Jones on January 31, 2017.  Notice of Appeal filed March 2, 2017.  Appellee's motion to dismiss appeal is allowed, appeal dismissed dated June 3, 2017.

Troy-McKoy's petition to the Illinois Supreme Court for leave to appeal was denied on November 22, 2017.

Troy-McKoy's petition to the US Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari was denied on May 21, 2018.

Dervanna H A Troy-McKoy                        
[Image: DervannaTroyMcKoyFacebook.jpg]

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  Taft's Boyd 'Creepy, Neanderthal' Hiding in Shrubbery
Posted by: Don Dresden - 06-01-2018, 08:17 AM - Forum: Unaccredited vs. State-Approved vs. Accredited - Replies (9)

Which member of Gus' stalker crew has a Taft "law degree"?  Seems altogether appropriate now that we see how the owner/chancellor of that "law school" behaves.  The perfect role model for swarming assholes everywhere!

Quote:How an Orange County School Official Ended Up In the Shrubs Outside His Opponent’s Home
Will Swaim
May 31, 2018

On April 5, Mari Barke’s morning routine was interrupted when a neighbor called to report “a very creepy guy” in a BMW had been parked outside Barke’s Los Alamitos home. When Barke looked, the car was gone. The next morning, Barke’s husband, Jeff, went out to retrieve his newspaper. There, he says, he encountered a man with “comb-over dark hair” waving a package. “I am serving your wife,” the man said. Jeff Barke responded with what seems linguistically/existentially/physiologically obvious: “You’re doing nothing of the sort.” The man dropped the package on the driveway and fled.

The arboreal letter-carrier was David L. Boyd, incumbent county school trustee from District 2, and therefore one of Orange County’s most powerful elected officials. Mari Barke is his opponent in the June 5 election.

How that man—arbiter of issues affecting half a million Orange County students—ended up in the shrubbery outside a political opponent’s home is just a piece of the weirdness surrounding Boyd.

Boyd also owns Taft Law School, a for-profit online business that brings in millions of dollars in federal loans from students who rarely graduate nor pass the state bar exam. State regulators have not only questioned Taft’s poor student performance, but also raised the possibility the school retroactively boosted grades to help students qualify for federal loans. Taft was never sanctioned.

When Mari Barke announced she would run for Boyd’s seat, it was his online law school that Boyd seemed most eager to defend. In a prickly Jan. 31 email to her, Boyd expressed his “hope you chose [sic] to run a clean campaign.”

Then came the hammer: “However, it’s only fair to warn you that if you, directly or indirectly, attack members of my family, my employer or its employees, you can expect that we will respond in kind. As a start, this could mean protesters/picketers at your [husband’s] place of business in Newport Beach.”

Strangely for a guy warning Mari Barke to steer clear of his law school, Boyd signed off with two honorifics: “Chancellor, The Taft University System” and “Trustee, Orange County Board of Education.”

Then Boyd went deeper into the figurative bushes. He cc’d that email to Denis Bilodeau, chief of staff to county Supervisor Shawn Nelson. Bilodeau replied:

I have no idea why you sent the email below to me.
You and I have never spoken, exchanged emails, nor met, and I condemn what you are suggesting in the strongest terms possible. Threatening your opponent, Mrs. Barke, is unethical. Threatening to disrupt the medical practice of her husband, Dr. Barke, is beyond despicable. You are obviously a bully, and I have no intention of allowing anyone who sees this email to think I am somehow involved in whatever it is you have planned.

When longtime Southern California reporter Tori Richards called Boyd for her story about grade-changing at Taft, Boyd threatened her, too. “This is to put you on notice that you may, knowingly or unknowingly, be a party to an extortion attempt,” Boyd wrote in an email.

It’s easy to understand why Boyd insists opponents ignore controversy at his law school. What’s less clear is why he impulsively involves that very law school in his threats. For example, when his early attempts to derail Barke’s campaign failed, Boyd turned to the courts—and once again involved his law school.

In his March 19 lawsuit seeking to deny Barke’s ballot designation as “ESL teacher,” two of Boyd’s Taft employees served as surrogates. Christine Baldwin, director of admissions at Taft, was listed as plaintiff. Taft’s dean, Robert Strouse, was listed as attorney of record.

But Strouse and Boyd made numerous mistakes, including inexplicably waiting until just a few days before the legal deadline to notify anyone that the suit had been filed. Deadline pressure drove Boyd into the Barkes’ bushes on April 5. But when Boyd dropped his notice in their driveway, a judge said, he had not served Mari Barke. The judge dismissed Boyd’s complaint.

Beneath Boyd’s fecklessness is a very real struggle. Maintaining the county school board title is likely helpful to his business. The halo of public service can only help a man being questioned about shortcomings at his for-profit school.

But there’s a deeper issue: the future of public education. Barke says she decided to run for Boyd’s seat after seeing him vote against multiple charter schools applying to serve in poor communities where huge majorities of students fail to read or perform math at grade level.

Attorney Tim Adams, a member of the Orange County Charter Advocates for Great Public Schools, said endorsing Barke was easy: “Education leaders in Orange County voted overwhelmingly against endorsing David Boyd because of his abysmal record on charter schools.”

The battle for the school board seat has even produced its own #MeToo moment.

“How incredibly sexist, in 2018, that [Boyd] tries to bully Mari Barke by threatening to go after her husband—as if she is simply an extension of her husband instead of an activist and a business person in her own right,” said Carolyn Ben, president of the conservative Lincoln Club’s Women’s Leadership Committee. “It’s creepy and Neanderthal.”

Creepy? Neanderthal? The native habitat of such a creature is almost certainly the well-watered shrubs of North Orange County.

Stalking a female political opponent outside her home?  I wonder where he could have gotten such an idea?

[Image: BewareStalkerGollinStalking02.jpg]

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  'Public Service' to Kill Pedo
Posted by: Martin Eisenstadt - 05-29-2018, 09:05 AM - Forum: Chip White - Replies (1)

Quote:[Image: Gary%20Dale%20Poole.jpg]
As prosecutor Nathan Lambert asks questions, Gary Dale Poole testifies from the witness stand, telling a Fresno Superior Court jury on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, that he didn't strangle his cellmate, 62-year-old Michael Stauff, inside the Fresno County Jail in April 2014. A jury on Thursday, March 29, 2018, found Poole guilty of first-degree murder.

Convicted killer shows no remorse, admits to murdering his Fresno jail cellmate
By Pablo Lopez
May 22, 2018 02:36 PM
Updated May 22, 2018 02:38 PM

Showing no remorse, a Fresno County jail inmate admitted in court Tuesday that four years ago he killed his cell mate, an accused child molester — claiming the slaying was a public service.

"Mercy was mixed with justice. He met his maker," 67-year-old Gary Dale Poole told Superior Court Judge Jonathan Conklin in admitting that he had killed Michael Stauff in April 2014.

Before sentencing Poole to 75 years to life in prison, Conklin called Poole's admission "striking in its audacity." That's because during his trial, Poole testified that Stauff, 62, had strangled himself with a bedsheet to spare his family grief.

"In trial, you said you were innocent. Today, we know that was an absolute fabrication. You did it," Conklin said in sentencing Poole to the maximum term under the law.

A jury in March deliberated only one hour before finding Poole guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Stauff, who was awaiting trial on charges of lewd or lascivious acts with a child and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Correctional officers found Stauff's body on the floor, covered with a blanket, during the evening hours of April 10, 2014, after Poole called for help. Torn bedsheets twisted into a ligature were discovered around Stauff's neck.

Though Poole insisted on the witness stand that Stauff committed suicide, prosecutor Nathan Lambert told the jury that Coroner Dr. Venu Gopal testified it would be impossible for Stauff to kill himself with a ligature made of ripped bedsheets. A person would pass out before he was able to strangle himself, Lambert said.

Court records say Poole's criminal history includes convictions for unlawful consensual sex with an inmate, burglary, bank robbery and robbery. At the time of Stauff's killing, Poole was in jail on drug charges, court records say.

A correctional officer last saw Stauff alive in his cell around 7 p.m. He was found dead around 8 p.m.

At the time, detectives didn't have enough evidence to charge Poole with murder, so he was later released from jail. He was arrested on a murder charge in connection with Stauff's homicide in January 2016.

In his closing summation, Lambert told the jury that Poole was mad at Stauff. Lambert said Stauff's family would send him money to spend on food. Poole was broke and upset because Stauff wouldn't buy him coffee, Lambert said.

Poole also was upset because Stauff liked to watch cooking shows in jail over Poole's objections, Lambert said.

In addition, Lambert said, Poole wrote a note to himself that outlined the pros and cons of the homicide investigation. The pros, Poole wrote, were no witnesses to Stauff's death and no motive since he and Stauff were on friendly terms. The cons, he said, would be the forensic evidence.

After Stauff was killed, Lambert said, Poole moved the body and covered it with a blanket. He also washed his bloody hands.

Poole, however, told the jury that covering the body was the dignified thing to do.

In a letter to The Bee, Poole said he got a chuckle out of Lambert mentioning coffee as a possible motive for killing Stauff. In his letter, he made it clear that he hated child molesters: "I believe in the death penalty for anyone who preys on children in a sexual way."

Regarding Stauff, Poole said: "He had the opportunity to pray for forgiveness to God before he died. Hopefully, he received a pardon through Jesus."

Poole expressed similar words in court on Tuesday. Though he apologized to Stauff's family, he told Conklin he had "no feelings, no apology and no expectations" for killing Stauff.

Stauff's cousin, Lynda Qualls told the judge that she and her family had no ill-will toward Poole. She said she hoped that Poole would one day get mental health counseling in prison and have a positive impact on other inmates.

She said Poole's conviction was bittersweet: "It's been an extremely painful, roller coaster ride for us."

Qualls said she appreciated that her cousin's death was "valued by the court system and not swept under the rug." She praise Lambert, Conklin and homicide detective Mark Chapman for giving the family justice.

Stauff, Qualls said, was a lovable relative who took care of his 88-year-old mother. He was defenseless against Poole because he was chronically ill and had to use a wheelchair, Qualls said. "Our family does not seek revenge," Quall said. "But he left a scar in each of our hearts."

Poole listened attentively to Quall's remarks, but remained steadfast in his beliefs. Once Qualls completed her comments, Poole shouted out: "Ma'am, go talk to the children."

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  11 online education trends
Posted by: Winston Smith - 05-26-2018, 07:35 AM - Forum: Distance Learning Discussion - No Replies

Quote:11 online education trends institutions should track
By Laura Ascione, Managing Editor, Content Services, @eSN_Laura
April 19th, 2018
Career and employment goals are a top factor in students' decisions to enroll in online education programs

Career aspirations continue to drive students’ decisions to enroll in online education programs, according to a new survey tracking online learning trends.

The report from BestColleges.com surveyed 295 online program administrators and 1,500 students, including prospective students, current students, and alumni, to gauge their experiences in online education programs.

In addition to career motivations, survey results show online students are getting younger, and schools report an increase in enrollment of traditional college students.

The survey delves into trends around online program marketing and recruitment, program design and development, and student demographics.

The trends can guide institutions as they tailor their online learning programs to best suit students’ needs:

1. Seventy-three percent of online students say career and employment goals were a major motivation for enrolling in their online learning program. Those goals include transitioning to a new career field (35 percent) and earning academic credentials in a current field of work (30 percent).

2. Online students are getting younger, and 34 percent of surveyed institutions reported an increase in traditional college students (ages 18-25).

3. Demand is increasing, as well. Ninety-nine percent of online education program administrators say demand has increased or stayed the same over the past few years, and nearly 40 percent of respondents say they plan to increase their online program budgets in the next year.

4. It appears online programs are carefully considering enrollment growth and hiring trends—73 percent of schools say they decided to offer online education programs based on the growth potential for overall student enrollment, while 68 percent also considered employment demand.

5. Prospective students use a variety of methods to research online education programs, including reading online reviews from students (23 percent), researching college websites (18 percent), contacting schools directly (17 percent), researching ranking websites (17 percent), visiting campuses (13 percent), and talking to students or graduates (10 percent).

6. The majority of students in online education programs (79 percent) and the majority of alumni (76 percent) think online education is better than or equal to on-campus education, and 57 percent of surveyed schools say employers feel the same way.

7. Cost remains students’ biggest obstacle as they choose as online education program. Estimating annual costs and applying for financial aid are identified as students’ two biggest challenges.

8. Students struggle to find the right online education program. In fact, this challenge was the third-most-identified challenge. This might be due to the increase in younger students who may not have identified goals or chosen a career path.

9. Surveyed schools predict business and related subjects such as logistics and accounting, healthcare and medical subjects, and computer science will experience the most enrollment growth over the next five years.

10. Schools say they are offering a new online education program as a growth opportunity to increase overall student enrollment (73 percent), because there is employment demand for the knowledge or skills (68 percent), and because there is a demand from students who are interested in the subject area or degree level (64 percent).

11. Schools’ biggest challenges when it comes to offering online education programs include marketing new online programs to prospective students and meeting recruitment goals (74 percent), and meeting cost and management demands required by new online programs (54 percent).

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  Anyone see the new GCU ads on TV?
Posted by: The Bison - 05-08-2018, 12:39 AM - Forum: Beware: Grand Canyon University - No Replies

Looks like GCU is trying a new ad campaign to attract students. Using the same strategy that University of Phoenix used in the past.

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  Coursera 1st Online Bachelor's
Posted by: Don Dresden - 03-27-2018, 06:05 AM - Forum: Distance Learning Discussion - No Replies

£9,600-£17,000 = $13,658-$24,187 USD at today's rate.  Not cheap but not bad for a bachelor's degree.  Link to description on Coursera website.  Program is apparently being offered through Goldsmiths, one of the 18 constituent colleges comprising the University of London.  Alumni (of the college, not this program) include Malcolm McLaren and John Cale.

Quote:Coursera Announces First Online Bachelor’s Degree
By Cait Etherington March 15, 2018

When Coursera first emerged as a MOOC provider back in 2012, its focus was on offering individual courses, but this modest agenda proved shortlived. As the company quickly grew in reputation and numbers, it started to offer degree programs, beginning with two master’s level programs (one in partnership with HEC Paris and another with the University of Illinois). Following a recent announcement about its first bachelor’s degree, there are now signs that Coursera is also looking to stake a claim in the undergraduate market.

Coursera Launches Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

As described on the Cousera website, their new online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree will be offered by the University of London. Students will “learn in-demand computing skills,” develop their “abilities to solve complex problems,” and nurture both their innovation and creativity. They will also develop “real-world computer science skills” by developing their own software projects. Subject areas owill include Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Virtual Reality, and Game Development. The degree is expected to launch in April 2019, pending approval by the University of London.

Target Audience for Coursera’s Degree

The University of London’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree is designed for highly motivated students with a passion for computing and will welcome students with high school qualifications, as well as those already working in the computer science field. Since the program is designed to be carried out in a flexible matter, there is hope that the prestigious program will be able to accommodate students with existing work and family commitments wherever they happen to be stationed in the world. The program is expected to take anywhere from 3 to 4 years to complete, and tuition will run anywhere from £9,600-£17,000, depending on one’s geographic location.

As reported on EdSurge on March 5, Coursera’s latest announcement appears to be part of a broader plan: “Coursera last year stated it has plans to expand to 20 online degrees by 2019, and it’s already chipping away at that goal, announcing today the addition of five more master’s degrees to its platform.” Still, as reported in the same article, “When the company shared its 2019 target, it gave few hints of offering bachelor’s degrees, which have been slow to catch on in the online space compared to masters-level programs.”

Can Coursera Penetrate the Bachelor’s Degree Market?

While online master’s degrees have existed for many years, in most fields, online bachelor’s degrees remain less common. This may simply reflect the strong desire among undergraduates to live and study on campus. However, change is in the air.  As demonstrated by the surging demand for coding bootcamps, many students, even those of traditional undergraduate age, are now looking for flexible educational alternatives, but if you want skills and a degree from a prestigious institution, bachelor-level options are limited.

As recently reported on eLearning Inside News, at least some established universities do offer online bachelor’s degrees.  The Harvard Extension School, for example, currently offers a bachelor of liberal arts, but unlike the new Cousera-University of London initiative, Harvard’s online bachelor’s degree does involve at least some on-campus time. In this respect, Coursera’s new partnership with the University of London will offer a rare opportunity for students to complete a bachelor’s degree entirely online from one of the world’s top-ranked universities.

As Nikhil Sinha, Chief Content Officer of Coursera recently told Business Today, “We need to design degrees that provide modular credentials to students at all stages of the learning process.” It appears as if “all stages” now includes the bachelor’s degree. If Coursera can successfully scale its bachelor’s degree offerings, of course, the potential market is substantial.

Note that although this is billed as a Coursera program, it is not an all-MOOC deal, and you don't even get credit for the MOOCs.  According to the website FAQs:

Quote:Can I receive credit for the MOOCs associated with this programme?

The University of London does not provide credit for the completion of the MOOCs associated with this programme. However, these MOOCs will provide a taste of the content taught on the degree programme, giving you a head start with some of the topics on the course.

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  Don't Go To College
Posted by: WilliamW - 03-26-2018, 06:24 AM - Forum: General Education Discussions - Replies (2)

Why stay in college? Why go to night school?

Gonna be different this time.

Quote:Don't Go To College
[Image: kurtschlichter.gif]
Kurt Schlichter

Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:01 AM

[Image: 15b5c7ff-8e1a-416a-abc8-5638a0392d00.jpg]

“Higher education” is terrible.

Please note the quotation marks, you doofy liberals who will no doubt fill the comments with high-pitched typing about how “Conservatives hate knowing stuff.” What passes for “education” today is nothing of the sort, and what calls itself “academia” is really just a venal trade guild packed with mediocrities desperately trying to keep fooling people into forking over $60,000 a year – usually obtained via ruinous borrowing that ties a financial anchor around the defrauded grads’ necks for the rest of their lives.

Today, academia’s product is largely garbage – gender studies, twisted history, and pointless sociology spin-offs like communications and political science. Yeah, we need more students studying politics when they don’t even know that the Constitution says they can’t shut people up because their feelz has got the hurtz.

Sure, the STEM fields produce a few grads who are going to be more than mere cogs in the corporate machine like their marketing major pals, and some STEM research is useful, but don’t think STEM is immune from academia’s endemic idiocy. Why, the latest thing is how science is racist because…well, probably because these hacks say everything is racist and the weak-willed gutless wonders of America’s faculty are too scared to stand up and say, “Uh no, that’s stupid and it’s not a thing and stop it.”

What’s worse is that most professors are not so dumb as to actually believe the nonsense we hear coming off our college campuses – well, some of them are, but most aren’t. They know it’s poisonous baloney. They’re just too scared to stand up to the sophomore bully boys, bully girls, and bully non-binaries who scour the countryside for witches to burn. Academics are the Ivy League version of that Broward County sheriff’s deputy, knowing they should put themselves in harm’s way to protect their students from this ideological assault, but being too cowardly to do it.


Contemporary college is a scam, and if you fork over your money blindly you’re the mark. A quarter million and what do you get? A piece of paper that memorializes your indoctrination plus cirrhosis of the liver.

Hillsdale College excepted, of course. And I wish I could except the service academies too, but when West Point is knowingly commissioning open commies it’s clear that it’s chosen not to meaningfully differentiate itself from the civilian four year resorts. Well, that’s not quite right. At least after you graduate from one of the academies you will get a job – hell, it doesn’t seem the Army can even summon up the cojones to can Comrade Lieutenant yet. But you can’t say that for the rest of academia. Here’s your Feminist Theater Theory degree; welcome to funemployment! I guess being a barista with a $150K student loan debt is a kind of a career. 

“But Kurt, what if I want to nurture my mind and explore my options in an environment of scholastic dedication and intellectual curiosity?” 

Then you should run away from most colleges. Open environments? If you want a sneak peek at the kind of nanny state regime the liberals dream of for all of America, check out your local college campus. An unaccountable ruling class of overpaid administrators controls every aspect of the proles’ lives – yeah, you students are the masses, and if you think they’re going to let you lose your chains you’ve been taking too many bong hits back in your dorm room. Justice? That comes pre-determined based on whatever ideological label they pin on you. Remember, evidence is a bourgeois conceit, while due process is racist and misogynist. Free speech? You’re free to say whatever the grim gargoyles of the Social Justice Stasi approve of, but remember – you can never be woke enough. You’ll always be wrong somehow, because it’s by declaring you a wrongthinker that they gain their power.

“But Kurt, I have a practical concern – I want to go to law school.”

Don’t go to law school. In fifteen years, robots will probably be doing most of what lawyers do today, and most of them will probably wear better suits. Getting a law degree in 2018 is like getting a phrenology degree in 1918.

So what do you do after high school? How about live? How about do something besides march into another soul-crushing conformity factory for four years? Get a job. Do something, anything besides rush to sit behind a desk for another half-decade. Join the Army – realistically, you have a pretty good chance that your platoon leader won’t be an America-hating Marxist or some virtue-signaling, girlfriendless geebo with a #VetsForGunReform bumpersticker on his Prius. Just do something real.

Then, once you’ve lived a little, and once you’ve learned enough about the world to resist the blithering nonsense you’ll be bombarded with on campus, maybe you can consider college. Maybe you’ve earned some dough, or earned the GI Bill, and you don’t have to wreck your financial future. Maybe you’ll have a little maturity, so your college days won’t just be a drunken haze, and you’ll be able to cut through the guff and use the opportunities that college offers to meet your needs instead of just stumbling through it. I came back from the Gulf War and went straight into law school, back when it wasn’t financial and intellectual hara kiri. I was ready, and I made it work for me. UC San Diego undergrad, not so much. Oh, I had some adventures, but I was four years older than most of my law school classmates and every single day I was prepared for class because that’s what I had learned to do leading soldiers. I was ready.

Luckily the college as booze cruise model is collapsing under the weight of its infinite expense and finite returns, as well as under pressure from technology that allows people who really want to learn to use the same machine you are reading this on to find pretty much any knowledge they seek. The academic monopoly is slowly breaking apart, and that’s good. So let’s hope this is the last generation that has to spend the rest of its life paying off a grift.

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  17 Dead Because 'Broward County Solution'
Posted by: WilliamW - 02-24-2018, 01:45 PM - Forum: General Education Discussions - Replies (9)

Why were four (at least, that we know of, so far) Broward County sheriffs sitting on their asses outside the high school while the shooter was busy busy busy inside killing 17 innocents?  After all, aren’t cops hired for their steely-eyed ability to stare down grave danger without blinking?  Well, guess what, that’s just one prerequisite.  Another is to do what you’re fucking told and then STFU.  

The libtards in Broward County hit on a plan to reduce school crime that only a libtard or dead student could fully appreciate.  They simply would "lower arrests by not making arrests."  Instead of continuing to lead the state of Florida in sending students to the state's juvenile justice system, Broward began to treat twelve different misdemeanor offenses as “school-related issues,” not criminal ones.  In four years the result was a drop in arrests from more than a thousand in 2011-2012 to less than four hundred.

The county sheriffs were sitting on their asses, waiting for the city cops to arrive, because they didn’t want to mess up the county stats.  They were “chust folloving ohdahs,” as any good drone must.  So who wants to give up their guns and let these fine public servants protect us?  

Quote:February 20, 2018
Did the Progressive 'Broward County Solution' Cost 17 Student Lives?
By Jack Cashill

"We're not compromising school safety.  We're really saving the lives of kids," boasted Michaelle Valbrun-Pope, executive director of Student Support Initiatives for Broward County Public Schools, in August 2017.

Valbrun-Pope was referring to what an article by Jeffrey Benzing in Public Source calls the "Broward County Solution."  As Benzing relates, Broward County used to lead the state of Florida in sending students to the state's juvenile justice system.  County leaders responded with a perfectly progressive solution: "lower arrests by not making arrests."

Authorities agreed to treat twelve different misdemeanor offenses as school-related issues, not criminal ones.  The results impressed the people who initiated the program.  Arrests dropped from more than a thousand in 2011-2012 to less than four hundred just four years later.

One particular motivation behind programs like Broward County's was the pressure from multiple sources to reduce the statistical disparity between black and Hispanic student arrests on one hand and white and Asian student arrests on the other.  Benzing writes, for instance, how a Denver organization called "Padres & Jóvenes Unidos" successfully advocated for a program like Broward's to help achieve "racial and education equity" in Denver schools.

By virtue of his name alone, Nikolas de Jesús Cruz, the adopted son of Lynda and Roger Cruz, became a statistical Hispanic.  As such, authorities at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland had every reason not to report his troubling and likely criminal behavior to the police.

According to a source who spoke to the Miami Herald, Cruz had been suspended from Stoneman Douglas High for fighting and also for being caught with bullets in his backpack.  This was apparently at least one of the reasons why administrators reportedly emailed a warning to teachers against allowing Cruz on the campus with a backpack.  He was later expelled for reasons that have not been disclosed, but he was apparently not arrested.

This is not the first time that this "solution" to school crime has produced lethal results.  An earlier case in the nearby Miami-Dade County public school system should have been a warning, but unfortunately, the media conspired to suppress the details of the case.  The victim in Miami-Dade was one Trayvon Martin.

Miami-Dade schools have their own police department.  The exposure of the department's practices began inadvertently with the Miami Herald story on Martin's multiple suspensions.  The article prompted M-DPD's police chief to launch a major internal affairs investigation into the possible leak of this information to the Herald.

As the investigation began, the officers realized immediately that they had a problem on their hands.  "Oh, God, oh, my God, oh, God," one major reportedly said when first looking at Martin's data.  He could see that Martin had been suspended twice already that school year for offenses that should have gotten him arrested.  In each case, however, the case file on Martin was fudged to make the crime seem less serious than it was.

As one detective told investigators, the arrest statistics coming out of Martin's school, Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, had been "quite high," and the detectives "needed to find some way to lower the stats."  This directive allegedly came from the police chief.  At least a few officers confirmed that the chief was particularly concerned with the arrest rates of minority males in the Miami-Dade system.

In July 2012, the Obama administration formalized the pressure on school districts with an executive order warning school districts to avoid "methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools."  The White House focused on black students in particular and headlined the press release announcing this dubious stroke of racism "President Obama Signs New Initiative to Improve Educational Outcomes for African Americans."

Like Cruz, Martin was frequently suspended, three times in his final school year.  In one case, Martin had been found with stolen jewelry and burglary tools in his backpack.  Had he been arrested and not merely suspended, his parents and his teachers would have known how desperately far he had gone astray.  Instead, Martin was "diverted" into nothing useful.  Just days after his last non-arrest, he was allowed to wander the Retreat at Twin Lakes high and alone, looking, in George Zimmerman's immortal words, "like he's up to no good or he's on drugs or something."

The media's larger motive in suppressing the facts of this story was to protect the narrative of innocent black youth killed by white cop wannabe George Zimmerman.  A secondary motive was to protect Obama's misbegotten quest to achieve racially statistical "equity" for youthful offenders by not arresting them for very real crimes.

Cruz had to have done something more troubling than carry bullets in his backpack.  Before even talking about gun control, Republican leaders should demand a complete audit of Cruz's school records and the rethinking of the "Broward County Solution" wherever it is applied.

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  Hello John
Posted by: Jamescrabb++ - 02-24-2018, 01:06 PM - Forum: John Bear - Replies (6)

It looks like DL truth is a bit ahhhh... quiet. But just in case dear old John still looks in, and, he's still over and not under the hill, he should know that his unofficial biographer is still kicking. Anyone here? By the way John--you still sold degrees that were no better than you condemned. Smile Ahhh, that felt good. It's been awhile...

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