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Posted by: Randall Flagg - 05-21-2007, 04:45 AM - Forum: Distance Learning Discussion - Replies (1)

I know it is very annoying and discouraging to lose as many posts and  as much information as DLTruth has but we must move on.  When you are dealing with the gang these things will happen.  They do call employers and they do call schools and most of all they will lie and distort the truth.  But that is the very reason we must continue presenting the other side.  Just showing the unseemly side of DI was very useful to the world of DL. Showing that John Bear's past is NOT as he claims. Showing they do not all work at positions paying 350K as they would have the world believe, is of value.  

We are the other side of the story.  If we don't tell it who will?  We must all post as often as possible and rebuild DL Truth.  We must make the effort to post even when we are too busy.  If we do not, they WIN, and then all people will hear from the DL discussion sites will be the past they wish to talk about, the $150 bottles of wine they drink, and that Excelsior will get you that great job at Harvard or that Union will be accepted by Yale every day. They will say a 110 day degree from TESC is just as acceptable as a 4 year program at the University of Texas. Someone has to tell it like it really is, and that is us.

They are the overinflated balloons, we are the pins.

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  Feds Largest Mill Revenue Source
Posted by: Brian Crawford - 05-18-2007, 02:58 AM - Forum: Distance Learning Discussion - No Replies

Author Message
Sean Neptune
Junior Member

Posts: 30
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Post: #1Ezell: Feds Largest Mill Revenue Source

Here's a link to a video presentation by Allen Ezell:
(RealPlayer required.)

In it he states that the US federal government is the largest single revenue source for degree mills! So the solution seems simple, just shut down the government!

BTW, anyone have any idea who that bald, pot-bellied douchebag is that introduces Ezell? He spends most of his time scratching his ass, picking his nose, playing pocket pool, posing with his hand on his hip, what a poofter.

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  University of Phoenix
Posted by: Randall Flagg - 05-17-2007, 04:47 AM - Forum: Unaccredited vs. State-Approved vs. Accredited - Replies (6)


"Students have complained about instructional shortcuts, unqualified professors, and recruiting abuses."

"The graduation rates for the University of Phoenix is 16%."

"Graduation rates at the Southern California campus is 6%, 4% among online students."
---NY Times

Unqualified instructors, well, they hired Douglas and Bruce Tait/ nuff said.

Graduation rates are horrible, about at the level of Herriot Watt. It's not enough to just throw this stuff out there and say get it or don't. It is up to the school to get this stuff right and to help students get through the material and reach graduation. Schools like UOP are no more than profit makers for the owners. Do us a favor guys, go sell used cars and leave DL to the experts like California Coast University. CCU does give a damn if you graduate and have success in life. It may not be Harvard but you can go much farther with a degree from CCU than with an empty bank account thanks to UOP, and no degrees.

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  The truth about John Bear and Degreeinfo
Posted by: Trevor Nigel - 05-15-2007, 05:52 AM - Forum: John Bear - Replies (18)

Quote:The truth about John B. Bear and degreeinfo
By Mr. Degree

It's time more people learned the truth about John B. Bear and his followers.

For many years, John B. Bear has published an opinionated guidebook on distance education. He's also been a voluminous poster to Usenet and to distance education discussion forums. He was an administrator at one, Degreeinfo.com, until recently.

The media treat John Bear, whose real name is John Andrew Klempner, as an expert on distance education. He certainly knows a lot about the subject. But what they don't tell you is Bear's shady past and the fact that he has only one motivation - to knock the competitors of whoever is paying him at that particular time. Lately, he's hitched his wagon to the cause of mainstream accredited schools who want to eliminate legitimate schools that choose not to become accredited - and so can afford to charge lower tuition and offer better value for the consumer.

Bear claims that he's fighting "diploma mills" - "schools" that sell diplomas for payment. This is a smokescreen. Real diploma mills - the "degree in 30 days, no questions asked" places - get an easy ride from Bear and his pals, because, for all that they are a bad thing, they are actually no competition for mainstream schools. No, their attention is directed towards schools that compete with the accredited sector but don't have the crippling costs of maintaining accreditation to worry about.

Bear says it's all about quality. But accreditation doesn't guarantee quality - it doesn't even examine it. In their paper for the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, "Can College Accreditation live up to its Promise?", George Leef and Roxana Burris concluded, "Putting the matter in a nutshell, we conclude that accreditation has not served to ensure quality, has not protected the curriculum from serious degradation, and gives students, parents, and public decision-makers almost no useful information about institutions of higher education."

So what we've got on our hands here is a turf war. On the one hand, there's the mainstream schools who are held back from experimenting by the conservative accreditors, and who run their show for the benefit of their tenured faculty, not their students. On the other, you've got the small independent schools, who deliver an education tailored to student needs and market demand. No wonder the mainstream schools want to play dirty so they can create a monopoly. And it's their money that's directly and indirectly backing Bear and his gang.

And playing dirty is exactly what these guys want to do. They're the guys who call up your employer and local newspaper and start telling them your education's not "legitimate" in their eyes. They tell them that your right to free educational choice among legally-operating schools is just a cover for you to commit fraud. They run smear campaigns on the net, on television and in print that do everything possible to put the words "unaccredited" and "diploma mill" in the same sentence.

Who are these guys? Well, a lot of them want to stay in the shadows and carry on with their morally degenerate, illegal activities of harassment and bullying. We'll tell you more about them later. Some of them, however, are happy to step into the spotlight. John Bear is one of these. But he's been a little selective in what he's prepared to tell you about his past when he's quoted in the media and on his online resume. It's time to set the record straight.

DID YOU KNOW.that John B. Bear has owned and run not one but TWO DIPLOMA MILLS - yes, that's DEGREE-SELLING DIPLOMA MILLS? They were called the "London Institute of Applied Research" and the "Millard Fillmore Institute" and operated in the 1960s and 1970s. Bear sold honorary doctorates, no questions asked, from both entities. Doing that now in the USA or UK would land him a hefty jail term. In August 1974, "Education and Training" commented thus in a section on honorary PhDs, "It has resulted in some persons exploiting this situation by establishing their own degree mills. For example two Americans, John Bear and James H. Campbell, operating from the Isle of Wight, have been selling honorary doctorates of their so-called LONDON INSTITUTE of APPLIED RESEARCH. In nine months their turnover from the sale of phoney doctorates exceeded US $50,000."

DID YOU KNOW.that John B. Bear has part-owned and run TWO UNACCREDITED SCHOOLS now described by his cronies as DIPLOMA MILLS? Those schools are the International Institute for Advanced Studies, MO, later to become Greenwich University, HI, and Fairfax University, LA. Whilst he ran them, he was consulting on diploma mills for the FBI. Why did he do that? Simple - to knock the competition and build himself up in the media as an expert.

DID YOU KNOW.that John B. Bear has part-owned another UNACCREDITED SCHOOL - Columbia Pacific University - that he once described in glowing terms in his guidebook, giving it his highest ranking? Yet now, when he comments in the media about the school and its graduates, he doesn't mention his involvement and criticizes the school as if he had never supported it? That's hypocrisy in our book.

DID YOU KNOW.that John B. Bear, in the book "Degree Mills" which he co-authored with Allen Ezell, makes a great show of entities not having specific authority to confer degrees from the government being bogus? Yet the International Institute for Advanced Studies, which he owned and ran, had no such approval, nor was such approval needed to confer degrees from its state. Nor is it needed in a number of other jurisdictions. They're trying to sell you the line that unless the government owns or controls it, it's bogus. Bull.

DID YOU KNOW.that John B. Bear's cronies at Degreeinfo and elsewhere include the following, some of whom have NO EXPERIENCE OF OR INVOLVEMENT WITH DISTANCE EDUCATION AT ALL? - not as students, faculty or administrators on distance learning programs. Nor do most have any involvement with schools outside the accredited mainstream - for those who do, they're sure keeping quiet about it lest their buddies turn on them. The only real interest of these guys is in brutal "consumer activist" campaigns against schools they don't like and their grads. They will stoop to any depths to achieve their aims - lying and vicious character assassination is their stock-in-trade. And if you challenge them at degreeinfo, expect to be banned without warning and placed on their list of targets for attack.

Let's take a satirical look at them one-by-one:

- "Mr Coffee Enema" - an alternative therapist who advocates COFFEE ENEMAS as a CURE FOR CANCER? This is Chip White, co-owner of the site, and a man with no apparent degree, or involvement in distance education.

- "The Snake Oil Salesman" - another alternative therapist, who offers "distance healing sessions" where he thinks he can heal you without even meeting you? This is Nathan Whiteside, co-owner of the site. Again, he has no apparent involvement in distance education.

- "Mr $40,000 Hooker" - a rabid left-winger who spent $40,000 trying to "save" an Asian prostitute? This is Gregg DesElms, moderator. Again, he has no apparent involvement in distance education. Recently, he posted not-so-veiled death threats against someone he disagrees with at degreeinfo. How did degreeinfo respond? They made him a moderator!

- "The Natural Born Killer" - a woman whose campaign against an unaccredited school owner led to the press branding her department "natural born killers"? This is Marcia Langsjoen of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Again, she has no apparent involvement in distance education.

- "The Fat Homo" - yes, that's how he describes himself - a former gay activist who works for the state of Oregon and uses his position there to pursue personal vendettas, including against a conservative Christian school that maintains traditional teaching on homosexuality? This is Alan Contreras, administrator of the Oregon Office for Degree Authorization and author of the ODA list of unaccredited schools - a list riddled with inaccuracy and bias, based on degreeinfo gossip. He's been sued by schools twice, and each time has lost the case and had to have the statutes amended. Last time, he was ordered to undergo remedial instruction in defamation law. Need we say - he has no apparent involvement in distance education?

- "Where "C" stands for Contradiction" - a man who condemns unaccredited schools, yet has worked at three of them - Greenwich, MIGS and Virginia International University? This is Rich C. Douglas, who has published one (count it!) article in his whole life, yet holds himself out as an expert on distance education. After two years of trying to convince John B. Bear that MIGS was legit, he dropped that idea and Bear got his his Union Ph.D. in 8 months.

- "The Cyberstalker" - this is Bill Huffman, who has no apparent involvement in distance education. He created an entire website dedicated to defaming and cyberstalking someone who had challenged him on Usenet - and after all that couldn't even find out where his unaccredited doctorate was from. Note the "humor" of Huffman putting a graphic of his target's head exploding on his stalker page.

- "Professor Goody-Goody" - this is George D. Gollin, a professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, whose interest in this whole issue is confined to promoting the mainstream sector that keeps him in tenure and eliminating its competitors.

- "Death Threat Jeff" - this is Jeff Hampton, who threatened to shoot someone who disagreed with him at degreeinfo by private message - the board owners' response was to ban the guy he threatened and to do nothing to censure Hampton. No distance education experience as far as can be ascertained.

- "Uncle Fester" - this is John Weaver-Hudson, who posts under the alias "uncle janko" - a bitter, hate-filled LUTHERAN PRIEST from Michigan. Has he ever taught or studied via distance education? You guessed it...

- "The Miami Motor Mouth" - Gus Sainz, who owns a medical sales corp and reveals nothing about his education whilst mercilessly attacking that of others. Not enough? Hey, he'll take cheap shots at innocent members of your family and your moral standards too, whilst remaining the mystery man himself.

- "The Bear Clone" - meet George Brown, Aussie owner of his own one-man "academic verification service" designed to attack private education that doesn't submit to the shackles of state control - and the consumer's interests can go to hell. Brown's all sweetness and light on the surface, but behind the scenes, he's backing the others to the hilt. Watch him at work here. Degreeinfo moderator from fall 2005 onwards.

- "The Traitor" - Peter French, Aussie mate of Brown, whose role is to infiltrate any opposition to degreeinfo, gain their confidence and then rat them out to his degreeinfo masters. Holds a doctorate from Sussex College of Technology, a degree mill. Oh, and he spent three years trying to prove his American Coastline University Ph.D., which he now doesn't talk about, is valid.

- "Jack the Ripper" - this is Jack Tracey, who mercilessly attacks the educational choices of others. Has a degree from Harvard Extension earned through night school but no known experience of distance education. Degreeinfo moderator from fall 2005.

And the granddaddy of them all, who started this ball rolling:

- "The Truck Driver" - Steve Levicoff - another gay activist who holds three "quickie" degrees and mouths off aggressively and profanely at anyone who disagrees with him - he'll call you a pedophile on Usenet just for the hell of it. It's Levicoff, helped by his private eye brother Warren, who started the whole business of "outting" people with degrees from schools he didn't like. He's been lying low since a school sued him for calling it a mill, but we know he's still there behind the scenes. No academic job for him - he drives a truck for a living.

These, and others, are the enemies of freedom in education. Under the guise of "consumer protection", they're working to ensure that your choice in education is restricted to high-priced mainstream schools who share their liberal socialist agenda.

We say it is time they realized that they have a fight on their hands.

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  “Amber Alerts” Inspire New “NAMBLA Alert! Monitoring System”
Posted by: Malcolm Reed - 05-15-2007, 05:16 AM - Forum: Chip White - No Replies

“Amber Alerts” Inspire New “NAMBLA Alert! Monitoring System”

Quote:[Image: nambla-alert.JPG]

Longtime allies the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) announced a bold technological joint venture today that will enhance the ability of NAMBLA members to reach out to needy young boys on a local market basis.

The new NAMBLA Alert! wireless monitoring system uses cutting edge technology to beam users real-time data on local gatherings of young boys where “the presence of NAMBLA representatives might prove beneficial,” according to NAMBLA spokesman Peter Carter.

“As the enlightened among us recognize, young boys thoroughly enjoy– some might argue, require– the company of older, sweatier, hairier males,” continued Carter. “Even if they often need assistance recognizing this fact. The NAMBLA Alert system empowers the old to find the young in a timely, convenient manner. Now, I don’t want to get caught up in vague value judgments like ‘is it legal to have sex with an 8-year-old boy?’. That’s for our good friends in the 9th Circuit Court to decide. We are simply providing a public service.”

NAMBLA Alerts are available to members for a monthly fee, and use the latest in satellite technology to beam critical information to PDAs, cell phones, and other mobile devices. Carter does not shy away from the fact that his system is based on the wildly successful ‘Amber Alert’ program.

“Why try to reinvent the wheel?” he asked rhetorically. “‘Amber Alerts’ are extremely effective at helping to locate and recover missing children by beaming messages to large numbers of people. We plan on doing the exact same thing. Except after we locate them, we are going to have sex with them.”

One dues-paying NAMBLA member is already a believer.

“My job requires quite a bit of travel,” said Chester Hunsacker. “And it can be so hard to find unsupervised boys when you’re in a strange town. You can only cruise the local parks and ice cream stands so many times before people start looking at you like your some kind of creep. The new NAMBLA Alert system enables me to drastically reduce my “trolling” time without being made to feel like a lecher by ‘concerned parents.’”

Other key features:
  • trench coat pocket compatible

  • plays a full range of children’s cartoons

  • LCD Display made from space-age polymers– easy to clean and extremely resistant to milkshake spills, Jolly Rancher smudge-marks, and three of four major body fluids

  • a variety of ring tones including: a whimpering puppy, the Nintendo Wii start-up music, and the very popular “Barry Bonds Ring Tone” which includes the baseball great uttering such catchphrases as, “Psst. Hey boys, it’s me, future Hall of Fame baseball player Barry Bonds. I’m stuck in the trunk of this rental car. Just hop in the front seat with this nice gentleman and we’ll all go out for ice cream.“(*Note: Barry Bonds ring tone only available with the “Executive” model)

  • one-touch access to the ACLU’s 24-hour free legal defense hot line

  • “risk level” monitoring which can correctly gauge the level of adult supervision at a children’s event to within one chaperon

  • Daily “Coaxing Tips” designed to thwart the Nazi-like protection efforts of local law enforcements

The NAMBLA Alert Monitoring System is available at the ACLU and NAMBLA websites, and also via a fleet of vans with blackout-tinted windows at a playground near you.

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  Degreeinfo.com Exposed as Front for Gay Pedophile Porn
Posted by: Irving Mehlmann - 05-15-2007, 05:06 AM - Forum: Chip White - Replies (1)


Quote:This has been reported to the FBI, state and local police, and national media:


Investigations have found that the Internet distance learning site http://www.degreeinfo.com is closely linked to gay pedophile pornography. The co-founder and registered owner of the site, El Cerrito, CA, resident Thomas "Chip" White, is at the center of a network of degenerate activity, including hard-core pornographic websites which are attractive to pedophiles both because of their focus on deliberately young-looking aadult men and the repeated use of the word "boy" - which is customarily used to describe a minor - in their titles.

Pornographer White set up Degreeinfo as a safe haven for his group of friends after they came under increasing challenge on an unmoderated Usenet forum dealing with distance education. The site purports to give consumer information on distance learning and via its forum to advise distance learners. It is now clear that this whole enterprise may well have been an elaborate attempt to conceal the true nature of the activities of White and his cronies, and to gain them public trust by deception so that they could go about their real business behind the scenes.

What is intriguing is that White's interest in distance learning is not a personal one. He holds no degree, nor has he ever studied or taught via distance learning. It appears increasingly as if Degreeinfo was simply a clever attempt by White to create a cover of legitimacy and spurious moral authority for his main business interests in pornography. The front  he put up at Degreeinfo has almost certainly snared innocent bystanders  with a legitimate interest in distance education as well as serving White's inner circle of degenerates. Well-known distance learning writer John Bear, who lives close to White in El Cerrito, CA, was an administrator at Degreeinfo until recently (http://groups.google.co.uk/group/alt.edu...8cf9e6292a), and the popular "Bear's Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning" continues to credit Degreeinfo as a contributor. Other senior members at the site include Alan Contreras, a former gay lobbyist and now administrator of the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization, George Brown, director of Higher Ed Consulting (Australia), who is a Degreeinfo moderator, Revd. John Weaver-Hudson, pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Hartford, Michigan, and Dr George Gollin, a physics professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

White's Mail Boxes Inc. address at 5245 College Ave #217, Oakland, CA 94618, is not only listed as the base for Degreeinfo.com, LLC.  (http://kepler.ss.ca.gov/corpdata/ShowLpl...0212710119), but also for Media Resource Communications, Inc. (http://kepler.ss.ca.gov/corpdata/ShowAll...r=C2439574).

White is listed as agent for service of process for both corporations by the State of California at the same address, with A.J. Braden of Dublin, CA, listed as president of MRC. Other mailboxes used by MRC are located at  1380 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 106, Roseville, CA 95661, and PO Box 7995, Berkeley, CA 94707.

MRC is described in an Internet press release as owning "a number of adult websites and adult video production companies." These websites include http://www.boyfunk.com, http://www.boysfeetclub.com, http://www.boysecrets.com, http://www.cuteboyvideos.com, http://www.ajscloset.com and http://www.gaybucks.com. The first four of these are registered to White's 5245 College Ave mailbox according to http://www.samspade.org, while gaybucks.com and ajscloset.com, are registered along with Degreeinfo.com to the PO Box 7995 address listed above. Degreeinfo was also registered to the College Ave mailbox until yesterday.

MRC's Cuteboy Videos uses the advertising tagline "Brand New Amateur Teen Videos." Cuteboy Videos and its fellow MRC studio "18 West" have produced video titles including "School's Out", "Elijah's Wood" (presumably named after the child actor Elijah Wood), "Cumdominium" and "Twink Tails".

On a gay chat forum (http://www.triplexgay.com/showthread.php?t=190&page=2) White introduces himself, "Chip here from Boyfunk/Gaybucks. My business partner AJ and I run Boyfunk.com, Boysecrets.com, Boysfeetclub.com and two video studios, 18West and Cuteboyvideos. The company has been around since 2001, but our real growth and visibility has happened within the past year or so." A similar message appeared at http://thegayboard.com/archive/index.php/t-59.html. In another posting, White used the disturbing signature line "We are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands."

Aside from his pornographic activities, White has previously come to attention as the promoter of Gerson therapy, an extreme alternative health practice which advocates coffee enemas as a cure for cancer (http://www.sawilsons.com/,

Ironically, the site http://www.quackwatch.com, which has consistently opposed alternative medicine, has allied itself with Degreeinfo in its attacks on holders of degrees in alternative medicine whilst granting Degreeinfo's owners immunity from its investigations. Nathan Whiteside, who describes himself as Degreeinfo's C.O.O. and who lives close to White in Oakland, CA, is another alternative therapist with no experience of distance education, though he does claim to be able to heal people without meeting them (http://www.healingforthesoul.com/disthealing.html).

White's pornography has adopted an approach that should raise major red flags among responsible citizens in both the gay and straight communities by focussing on the extreme youth of the actors featured on his sites. In an Internet press release, MRC describes http://www.boyfunk.com as featuring "youthfully attractive gay men" - stated to be between the ages of 18 and 20 on the site - and Braden goes on to say ".we are very, very picky about our models. We pick a very specific look, so our  customers know exactly what they're getting every time." This is coded language for material designed to appeal specifically to gay men who like to look at explicit pornography featuring actors who could easily be taken for minors - in other words pedophiles. The site content, which includes hard-core still images and video of gay sex, depicts activities which are illegal in over 50 countries in the world.

Even if the sites that White runs are technically legal in the USA because they feature adult participants, they are surely acting as a magnet for pedophiles to gather and indulge their depraved fantasies. Studies of pedophiles reveal that they use the Internet to gather in groups in order to share images of pedophilia and to plan and execute the abuse of children (euphemistically referred to by some of them as "boylove"), with an intricate network of coded sites and backchannels. White represents every parent's worst nightmare in encouraging this behavior through his site's focus on very young-looking men and his repeated use of the pedophile trigger word "boy" to brand his wares and make them appealing to child abusers.

It is clearly vital that those who might have been taken in by Degreeinfo's outward show of respectability are aware that it has been funded by and is in turn funding pornography of the most depraved kind. It is entirely possible that a number of members of Degreeinfo's "inner circle" have pedophile tendencies or are themselves pedophiles, using the site as a front for their criminal and immoral activities. We call upon concerned citizens to join us in our call to shut White's sites down and take appropriate action to ensure that he can no longer serve as a danger to the nation's young people.

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  Degreeinfo's Chip White Exposed as Academic Fraud
Posted by: Administrator - 05-15-2007, 05:03 AM - Forum: Chip White - Replies (18)

From ArmedForces.net:

Quote:Degreeinfo.com's Chip White has been exposed as an academic fraud by the Oberlin College registrar.

White, who leads a cadre of vicious busy bodies and civil rights violators who purport to expose "degree mills" and "degree fraud," has been discovered to be misrepresenting his own academic credentials, or lack thereof.

On his MySpace web page White describes his education like this:


Quote:Chip's Schools
Oberlin College 1988 to 1990
Oberlin, OHIO
Graduated: N/A
Student status: Alumni
Degree: Bachelor's Degree

But the Registrar's Office at Oberlin College tells a completely different story:

Academic record listed under T. Chip White
Admitted to Oberlin February 1987
Attended up to May 22, 1989
Did not attain a degree from Oberlin College

White lied about having a degree, and lied about his dates of attendance in his failed effort to obtain one.

This is publicly available information that anyone can obtain with a simple email to Oberlin College. But why is it that the self-appointed "experts" like Gollum, Sainz, Doogle Arse, Janko and the rest of John Bear's vaunted "research" staff never revealed this information?

Did they know and decide not to reveal the truth, or are they just incompetent dolts? It's either one or the other.

This is just another in a series of embarrassing revelations about White, who was lauded on page 10 of John Bear's recent book for his contributions in exposing purported degree fraud.

It turns out that while Bear and his minions were sniffing through other people's personal business, they were supporting White's pedophile pandering pornography business.

White also ran a quack "cancer cure" clinic in Tijuana and claims to be an expert at administering useless coffee enemas to dying cancer victims.

White continues his work in the gay and pedophile pornography business from his new home in Granite Bay, California.

From ArmedForces.net:

Quote:"Once I thought about it," says Dr. Bear, "choosing DegreeInfo.com to help us do our research just made perfect sense. Not only do they have the experience and expertise required for this project, but they also have the manpower we needed to get everything done on a tight time line."

"It worked out really really well," says Chip White, the original founder of DegreeInfo.com. "We were already doing this research for ourselves, so the only difference was that we had to do it on the publisher's schedule, which wasn't a problem at all. Also, it was an incredible honor to work with the Bears, and on the book that launched John's reputation as the foremost authority on distance learning."

An honor indeed, yet Dr. Bear feels much the same way about Chip and his staff. "They made my life so much easier. They did the parts that I just don't have time for anymore, and only called on me to ask questions, and then at the end to review their work - which was excellent. Between their research and my daughter's help, it was a mostly painless process for me."


After all, who would know more about academic fraud and deviant conduct than an academic fraud and deviant???

From ArmedForces.net:

Quote:Nice work (again), guys.

You know, my first thought when I read this was that it might be getting a bit redundant. White already was a complete laughing stock after the revelations about his disgusting and fraudulent "enema" and "cancer cure" enterprises.

Then the pedo-pandering porn scandal pretty much wiped him out, errr, I mean, eliminated him, errr, I mean destroyed whatever credibility he might have had left in the distance learning area.

But you hit on the real reason why this is still important. Those are three very important and seriously credibility-destroying bits of information....yet none of them was revealed by the "Page Ten Experts."

I call them the "Page Ten Experts" because these are the usual suspects we saw at DI and continue to see now at DD, the people John Bear thanked at page 10 of his recent book as being ever so helpful to him with their "research" and contributions.

Sainz ("major research"), Gollum ("copious research"), Douglas, George Brown, Levicoff, Janko, Dayson, even The Fat Homo, Alan Contreras. Not one word from any of them about the fraud and perversion of the DegreeInfo king pin.

So you actually are exposing all of them as frauds and incompetents as well. Whatever minimal credibility they might have had bestowed on them by the "poacher turned game keeper" Bear has been shredded. Somehow with all their "copious research" they couldn't find any of this stuff.

As you say, either they knew and hushed it up, or they have no credibility whatsoever as "researchers." It has been made very clear again that they have an agenda and any "research" they might actually do (i.e., beyond just their usual lies and innuendo) is done with blinders on.

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  Interesting Article About the Gang
Posted by: Brian Crawford - 05-14-2007, 04:31 PM - Forum: Distance Learning Discussion - Replies (1)

By Frank Andrews:

George D. Gollin or galanga as he calls himself on degreeinfo, must truly believe we are all very stupid people. His vanity has clouded his judgment and his malignant narcissism is abundantly clear from his many appearances over the last year on TV and in newspapers coining himself as some “distance learning” expert.

Lets take a look at him for a moment. Until August of 2003 he knew nothing about distance learning and admits he began this journey of being a self-appointed crusader against diploma mills after being annoyed by pop-ups on his university computer saying get your degree in 10 days. We all must agree, an admirable cause, we cannot have enough John Bears out there, that’s another story of it’s own. With his primary investigative tool being searching ownerships of web sites and talking to his new friend John Bear as a “hobby.”

George D. Gollin [alias galanga, Sammy Spade or KR] began assembling his war room in 2003. Which includes a large poster that is reminiscent of the mob organizational posters seen in organized crime taskforce offices. This in his way of linking all “diploma mills” to one Gotti type of crime family, as he calls it, “connecting the dots.” It appears he views himself as some sort of Elliot Ness against diploma mills. His white unkempt shirt and open collar make him look more like a student who slept in his car, than a physics professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

I’ll have to admit, after seeing George Gollin writing all of his vast print about Hoyer and no less than six newspaper articles he was instrumental in, I was beginning to think this Richard Hoyer character was some kind of John Herbert Dillinger of diploma mills. Then I saw Hoyer’s “Stalking in the Guise of Academic Freedom” ditty and decided to check them both out.

The first things that came to mind was, how stupid is this guy [Hoyer] to attempt to open a college or university and call it homeland security if he is this international criminal Gollin seems to want to make all of us think. After all, you would have to be out of your mind to bring the eyes and ears of eight federal agencies upon you if you are not 100 percent above board.

Prior to making all of these accusations about Hoyer, one may speculate that George D. Gollin would have conducted a thorough investigation, but a review of his CV demonstrates no formal education in conducting investigations. Surely he is an academic and knows how to conduct research, however, conducting a criminal or civil investigation is another matter.

Because Gollin has complained about his academic freedom being hampered, and not an academic myself, I decided to look at the definition of academic freedom.  

Frank Andrews: A Mr. Alan L. Contreras had a very unprofessional comment to make on the degreeinfo web site:

“Owing to an active case, we are seeking information about the involvement of Richard J. Hoyer of New York in various fake schools.

We know that he is involved in the fake College of Homeland Security and is one of the rent-a-perps in the St. Regis - James Monroe - Robertstown University et al. frauds based in Washington State and using false Liberian documentation. Does anyone know of any other fake colleges with which Mr. Hoyer has a connection (besides his local pseudo-medical garbage emitter in Rochester) ?
Please contact me privately if needed at alan.L.contreras@state.or.us
Alan L. Contreras
Oregon Office of Degree Authorization
Oregon Student Assistance Commission”

Frank Andrews: After reviewing these articles and talking with my media contacts, I decided to do some more digging. They informed me that Gollin approached them with all kinds of documents about Hoyer. Gollin provided the Regis University lawsuit papers to the media before Hoyer or the others were served with them. Gollin also had the court papers on his web site before the people named had been served. Thinking the worst but hoping I was wrong, I contacted the lawyers who represented Regis University in the suit. Amazingly, they said that Gollin provided all of the documents against St. Regis University which included Hoyer as being their Provost. After examining these papers, it could be seen that Gollin searched the “way back machine” to find Hoyer listed on some archived SRU web page from 2002 and that is what he provided to the lawyers. After spending more than $100,000 to sue SRU, Regis University lawyers were not happy with the end result. The settlement consisted of all five people listed signing a paper agreeing not to use the name according to the Regis University attorneys. The Regis attorneys asked for their court costs to be covered by SRU and the judge declined their request. The Regis University attorneys don’t speak too kindly about George Gollin, something about being “a loose cannon.”

George Gollin has claimed on web postings that he received the court papers about the Regis University lawsuit through the freedom of information act. That is simply a lie. Gollin contacted Regis University and suggested they sue and include Hoyer in that suit http://insite.regis.edu/action/notices.asp?storyid=5809 Considering Hoyer parted with SRU a year prior to Gollin starting his little hobby, there is a timeline problem here. George Gollin has motives and an agenda that now comes into question.

Mr. George Gollin is beginning to remind me of Professor Ward Churchill from the University of Colorado who is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Spingfield. You may remember him when in an essay written the day after the Sept. 11 attacks, Churchill said; “white-collar workers in the World Trade Center were the equivalent of "little Eichmanns," a reference to Adolf Eichmann, who ensured the smooth running of the infrastructure that enabled the Nazi genocide. Churchill also spoke of the "gallant sacrifices" of the "combat teams" [9/11 terrorists] that struck America.”

My interview with Richard Hoyer:  I found my talk with Richard Hoyer quite interesting. It’s nice getting it right from the person being smeared and stalked by George Gollin and John Bear. Gollin or Bear have never communicated by phone, fax, mail or email with Hoyer. Except for one hang-up phone call from John Bear’ daughter’ fax machine that still shows on his caller ID.  

Richard Hoyer finds it amusing that Gollin has no experience in distance education and presents himself to be a “diploma mill” and “distance education” expert on television and any newspaper who will listen to him. When Hoyer first began the research for his book, he found 80% of the colleges and universities that responded to his inquiries could not be listed in his book, because they were diploma mills. Four years went into his research before his book was written. That was in the early 1990s when he wrote the first edition that he updates yearly. “George Gollin seems to think you can accomplish this same work in a few computer clicks.”      

Gollin has threatened his life with a rife-scope next to his name and four others, right on the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana web site. As soon as it was brought to the University of Illinois attention, it was quickly removed and replaced with a picture of Gollin and his wife. If it was just a joke and harmless, why was it taken down?  

With this investigation, it’s quite obvious that George Gollin, John Bear and Alan Contreras, have been stalking Richard Hoyer continually and I have strongly suggested he not put up with this public attack any longer. Alan Contreras has posted the on the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization web site the page Gollin was forced to remove about Hoyer from the University of Illinois web site. Contreras has also referred to Hoyer as a “rent-a-perp” (inferring criminal) on that degreeinfo web site.

This stalking serves no legitimate purpose but to annoy, harass and libel Richard Hoyer and hamper his efforts in opening 60 university campuses to train and educate our country first responders in preventing the next terrorist attack. He needs to get the biggest aggressive law firm he can retain to bring a lawsuit against the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, George Gollin, John Bear, Alan Contreras, and the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization. Alan Contreras and his office were recently sued successfully by Kennedy-Western University and another lawsuit is currently pending. Contreras now relies on Gollin and Bear to supply the information that he places on the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization web site. When asked if he verifies the information provided to him, he says: “The state does not provide me a budget for that.”  Allen Ezell is not guilty of anything other than using Bear and Gollin as a reliable source. Besides, his testimony at the senate hearing is protected against libel.

The only threat to homeland security here is George Gollin, John Bear and Alan Contreras referring to the man opening 60 homeland security and counterterrorism educational campuses across the country as some kind of sinister character, when none of this trio has ever attempted to contact him directly and seem to know anything about him.


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  Where is Alan?
Posted by: razor wire - 05-14-2007, 01:56 PM - Forum: Alan Contreras - Replies (9)

He is rarely heard from lately.

Did he get told by the state attorney-general that the next time he violates someone's civil rights its on his dime.

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  Oregon ODA Unveils New Logo
Posted by: Tanya Heddankoff - 05-14-2007, 11:45 AM - Forum: Alan Contreras - No Replies

[Image: logo365.jpg]

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