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Full Version: An entire forum about Chip White???
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I came back to check this thread and see it has been quite active. Seriously, I don't know the details of what all has or continues to go on at the aforementioned support site. I was concerned by what I heard and could not help but search out connections. I might have gone a little too far in my cut and pasting from the SI site, though it is publicly viewable. None the less, I wish I could take that part back.

I don't like getting into others politics, but there was too much concern for me not to share the associations I found. The Tuscon-Czech article actually quotes Chip as being not in favor of filming without condoms, but that wasn't what concerned me. What concerned me is that is showed him to be actively involved in the production (and obviously distribution) of just legal age gay pornography. That really got the red-flags flying for me.

Should I have brought it up? Maybe I did so in an inappropriate place, though the conversations seemed started. What if I just ignored the issue and someone got hurt and things happened that should not have? Yes, I suppose you could argue things are now worse. I have no clue what is going on behind the scenes of all this. Maybe I should have just ignored it. As I said, I tend to avoid interpersonal politics or gossip in regards to others because it is not where I prefer to put myself at. None the less, I have obviously stepped into this one, right or wrong. I do believe disclosure of this is pertinent, in that yes, many young people who get caught up in staring in porn before their judgment capacities have fully developed (or are in a way acting out with such behavior) put themselves at future risk. I personally knew a pretty active straight porn actor that drank himself to death. Not all end up as casualties of the business, but many do.

As far as the anti-gay comments go, I cannot throw my support behind them. I have a feeling that many of the board members here have a pretty negative feeling towards Chip, and what is being said is just a reflection of that. I would just ignore them if they feel personally offensive. Unfortunately this world will always be filled with things that offend us, so we have to learn to let some of it blow on past. I'm not trying to be dismissive, I am just saying. Anyway, I better back myself out of here again.

BTW, I am adding this because the post above mine happened after I wrote this but before I submitted my own. What happened to Tyler Clementi was a tragedy. To have filmed that and posted on the internet is messed up (they will end up paying for this in more ways than one.) I just can't partake in any humor related to what took place. You may have personal opinions that disagree with homosexuality, and everyone has a right to their opinion, but what took place in regards to this whole scenario was pretty messed up. Just more fun in the modern world I guess. And imagine, most of us didn't get cable until about 25 years ago. Who would have figured.
Quote:I might have gone a little too far in my cut and pasting from the SI site, though it is publicly viewable. None the less, I wish I could take that part back.

Why? Fear of blackmail? I see no big secret in a public site online anyways...

Quote:Should I have brought it up? Maybe I did so in an inappropriate place

Sure...try posting this at degreeinfo and see it disappear in no time

Quote:Yes, I suppose you could argue things are now worse.

How worse?
Come on! Nobody compelled Thomas Chip White to do anything...he took part in the set up a possibly fake therapy site for possibly recruiting or meeting twinks under the "acceptable" purpose of providing psychotherapy...but he has no university degree, so his real purpose remains to be identified.

Quote:What happened to Tyler Clementi was a tragedy. To have filmed that and posted on the internet is messed up (they will end up paying for this in more ways than one.)

Tyler Clementi chose the wrong friends and paid for it...it happens all the time.
Did anybody force him at gunpoint into anything? I guess not.

Quote:As far as the anti-gay comments go, I cannot throw my support behind them. I have a feeling that many of the board members here have a pretty negative feeling towards Chip, and what is being said is just a reflection of that.

Why has anything related to some chosen groups always to turn into a tragedy?
I mean...have you ever lampooned, criticized or ridiculed anybody based on their beliefs, looks, the car they drove or something?
Of course you have...we all have.
What's the difference with queers, gays, Jews, Africans etc?
If you lampoon or poke fun at them, it all turns to tragedy because they pretend you want all of them dead by midnight or some other bandwagon appeal kind of excuse...please...
Tyler Clementi was killed in the web of friends of his own choosing, not by hypothetical homophobes marching into town.

Also, please don't personalize...
I have no "negative feelings" towards Thomas Chip White...I have no feelings at all...he's just lines of a PC screen...but he's a fraud in many respects and a bully, too...you make it sound as if Chip is the poor nice, fat guy everybody hates for no reason...far from that.
He poses as great moralizer at degreeinfo, but facts about him tell a completely different story.
Facts...I am sorry...but I had no part in his posting obscene comments to pimp his gay teen porn empire on queer boards...I just copied and pasted some here...and he was so gay-and-proud-with-nothing-to-hide that went back & deleted his name from those posts...does it tell you anything?
The degreeinfo bastards want to put everybody on trial for imaginary offenses of their choosing, but expect others to be gentlemen and politely look the other way when their sordid, ridicule or borderline deeds are concerned.
AnavriN Wrote:Chips doesn’t own ec. Hes a volunteer. Hes not picking up teens or convincing ppl they r gay or recruiting for the porn biz. Hes helping ppl cuz HE IS A GOOD MAN.  He's trying to prevent things like this
{ link removed}

Are you talking about Thomas "Chip" White? You have got to be kidding.

Quote:But u wouldn’t understand that would u, cuz ur a str8 53 yr old man. I never realized how homophobic u were till u made these posts on this site. I shouldve seen it be4 but I thought u were our friend. Now u make me wanna throw up cuz ur trying to say chip is grooming us for what? Porn? To have sex with him? Wtf r u trying to say? Cuz none of it is true. ALL he has ever done is help us.

You sound like a streetwalker defending her pimp. Aargh ...

Quote:All of u ppl on this site, n to have a random site that only seems to have a purpose of ripping on other website owners.. well that tells me u probly own or work for competeing degree sites? Or u have n life  no hobbies. nothing but hate. Either way I wanna clear something up. U DON”T KNOW HIM but U R JUDGING HIM based on lies n bullshit.

I know him. Ive known him for almost 2 years n we’ve talked almost every day sometimes for hours. Hes talked me off the suicidal ledge more times then I wanna admit.

Some things u should know about him.
Chip is against drugs, even pot.
Chip preaches safe sex.
Chip is AGAINST ppl with a huge age gap having a relationship.  He thinks ppl should date in their own age range.  Mark u would know this if u had really read his posts.

U r all ripping on Chip for being gay. That’s ur problem.
U wanna say hes a pedo cuz hes gay? That’s ur homophobic  problem. I was being molested by a pedo when I was in 1st grade so I think I know more about it then u. I can tell u he is NOT a pedo.

i can  tell u he has worked with cops to get pedos put away.
i can also tell u he went after this old guy that was stalking me and scared him into leaving me alone.

U rip on him cuz  1 of the  companies he owns does gay porn?  If u don’t like gay porn, don’t watch it. Its not meant for u. if ur problem is that they shoot movies with guys in their late teens or 20s- ALL LEGAL- then that’s ur problem 2..  I bet if Meghan fox or hell even miley cyrus was spread eagle in playboy u’d be the 1st to check it out.

<snip - melodramatic snivel>

Chip volunteers his time to help ppl… what good in the world have u done today? Or even.. this year?

If Chip wants to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse then he should do so by donating money (earned from his gay porn business). If wants to play an even bigger role then he should end his involvement in the porn industry, denounce it for the exploitative sleaze that it is and use himself as an example of the insidious, corrosive power of porn.

I have no advice for you except that you should seek help from a qualified professional. Do not accept "help" from anyone involved in an industry that profits from the exploitation of people for filmed sexual performances. This world* is a mere hop, skip and a jump from the sick, twisted world in which you undeservedly suffered abuse as a mere child. These porn entrepreneurs have helped create an atmosphere that almost urges on those predators who prey on children, as they live out their sickest fantasies.

* The whole notion of "twinks" is designed to appeal to the latent pedophilic interests of the future molesters. If there is no hidden pedophilic appeal then why not use only those "performers" who are 25+ and look like mature, adult males?

P.S. If Chip were on fire, ... I wouldn't piss on him.
Ham, just a brief clarification. My last post was made simply to express that I don't have enough background or knowledge of Chip that I can't really make any accusations. Am I pretty confident this person is more involved with porn than others are trying to defend against? Evidence seems to point that yes he is. Do I think that does not sit well with CSA recovery? Yes, I think it is a bad mix. I have no doubt, like Little Arminius said, that this kind of pornography has many negative consequences. As someone who also has had to deal with CSA issues, I understand the negative role porn can play in a persons life (in my case it has been a coping mechanism.) Can I know for certain how Chip conducts himself with the teens on the mentioned support site? I just don't know, that is all I am saying. I just don't have any personal involvement that would allow me to know. That is all I was getting at. As far as the comment about the "gay" remarks, I was just trying to send a message to those that are getting worked up over them (I assume teens from Chip's support site) that if they find them offensive they should not invest too much emotional attachment to them because in this world you will always come across things that offend. If you take it all personally you will lose as a person. That was my point.
EmotionSickness Wrote:damn... this site is sick.. i am seriously thinking about reporting it.
cant believe bashing ppl like this in public is legal..

u should try n count how many times uve called ppl  a queer or fag or butt buster in this thread n wot kind of an outcry thered be if sum1 wouldve just once used the n-word (cue ham makin another ridiculous nazi joke)

u r sad medieval old men

n yes.. i said i wasnt gonna come here again,.. i was asked to.. n i
would like to applaud anavrin.. just think about it.. we r teens n already so much smarter than them .. maybe we should go into politics after our porn careers..lol... oh wait.. not supposed to use sarcasm in front of the mentally challenged..

Don't go away mad, please...just go away...nobody asked you to come here, in fact...YOU did it out of YOUR free will and now regret it...too bad, eh?

Quote:ue ham makin another ridiculous nazi joke

yo cuz ya wid proffer homophoebes, k? Whatevva dude...yo!

Quote:i left cuz i didnt wanna be involved in ne fights...

You made my spell checker crash, dammit...Big GrinRolleyesRolleyes

Quote:u r sad medieval old men

And you are the twink getting your...ehm...brain...shrunk by Thomas Chip White and/or discussing a possible career as a gay porn star? Supposing you're really a minor, he could be your father... And you talk about old men because you like them, right?

And by the way...do you think that registering multiple aliases is really that smart and none can see through it? Come on...
Do you really think anybody with half a brain thinks there are N different twinks here defending dr. Butt?
Please...don't demean my intelligence so much...
Quote:im not convinced u got half a brain.. but..i have no problem with ppl checking the ip adresses.. or ask mark.. i bet hes figured out who WE r by now

Sure...ever heard of proxies? Come on...I was playing this kind of games in 1997...

Quote:im not convinced u got half a brain..

And YOU got a whole brain AND spell like that...what a waste...Big GrinRolleyes

Quote:wot a lovely thing to say to a csa survivor.. but i g2 disappoint u

I have no idea who you (want me to believe) you are, and I don't care...I can register a fake alias and come here as Otto Bismarck...got it? Or do you expect me to believe whatever people claim online? Oh yes, I lost an arm in the Boer war of 1900...PFFT!

What is your purpose here, exactly?
Ok, you are a twink with abuse problems who wants us to believe there is nothing wrong with a gay teen pornographer, medical quack etc with no university degree discussing sexual abuse stories with minors and providing therapy...and that this gay teen pornographer, medical quack with no university degree etc is a very honorable person...or so goes your story...and you expect others to take it at face value? Why would anyone? Please...

All I get from this is that Thomas Chip White added a questionable therapy sites for underage victims of gay abuse to his impressive roster...great.
Have as much of it as you please...I'll pass.SadRolleyes
EmotionSickness Wrote:victims of gay abuse?????????

omg.. ure so much more stupid than i thought.. now its no fun to fight u nemore Sad

Then Adios maricon. Good luck to you and Chip.
Junior Member

Hey, how has life been treating you lately?  How did your 16th birthday party go back in September?  Does you mom know that you come on these kind of sites and call people names?  This is one of the great things about free speech, everyone here is entitled to their own opinion.  It is entirely within anyone's rights to believe that someone who films and distributes gay twink pornography is about as low as anyone can get.  Chip will probably treat you really nice until you are 22 or 23, then you will be all washed-up and 50% says that by then you will be HIV-positive, probably a heroin or IV cocaine addict too.  Imagine having to wear long sleeve shirts on hot Summer days to hide your tracks, imagine having to turn tricks just to pay for your next fix?  Is that the kind of life that you think that you want to live?  Is that what you came to therapy for, to meet a gay porn king who wants to use you to make himself rich?  

I hate to say it, but in my opinion based on long experience, the best thing that you could do would be to put as much distance between yourself and Chip and Ken as is possible.
Listen up, you 16yo twink or whoever you (want us) to think you are...
Nobody here cares about the possible gay love triangles, the gay drama queens and the tentative to whitewash Thomas Chip White 's gay teen porn empire, or to turn his lack of any accredited degree into a doktor nauk...it isn't working too well...

You may very well not only be as queer, but as fake as a 4 euro coin from Egypt...your atrocious spelling is something I have never read...sounds more like an impostor wanting to impersonate a "cute" minor than anything else...personal details? Oh sure...I go on a site, read a few stories and play the part...
Again: not very clever and not very successful.
Please go back where you belong...
You are not adding anything here except hearsay...and I may even concede you may have no problems with gay teen porn kings ministering to troubled gay youth or whichever category you want to belong to...but others may disagree, so just fiche le camp, ok?
ham Wrote:Listen up, you 16yo twink or whoever you (want us) to think you are...

[Image: obese_fat_guy.jpg]

Guy in picture types: no im not.. as i said b4 hes never even remotely mentioned nething sexual to me
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