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Full Version: Sainz Cantinfleando
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Gus Sainz Wrote:¡Ay Caramba!

Listen, doctorcito (sorry for the Cantiflas reference—my mother made me watch all his films when I was growing up)...

That explains a lot.  

Now if Goose really had watched all (some 50) of Cantinflas' films he might have known how to spell his name correctly.  It's "Cantinflas," not "Cantiflas."

Cantinflas was a Mexican comedic actor whose stock in trade was doubletalk and bullshit.  Something to consider when reading Goose's posts.

Quote:Among the things that endeared him to his public was his comic use of language in his films; his characters (all of which were really variations of the main "Cantinflas" persona but cast in different social roles and circumstances) would strike up a normal conversation and then complicate it to the point where no one understood what they were talking about. The Cantinflas character was particularly adept at obfuscating the conversation when he owed somebody money, was courting an attractive young woman, or was trying to talk his way out of trouble with authorities, whom he managed to humiliate without their even being able to tell. This manner of talking became known as Cantinfleada, and it became common parlance for Spanish speakers to say "¡estás cantinfleando!" (loosely translated as you're pulling a "Cantinflas!" or you're "Cantinflassing!") whenever someone became hard to understand in conversation. The Real Academia Española officially included the verb, cantinflear, cantinflas and cantinflada in its dictionary in 1992.
¿Que pasó con los frijoles?

Goose must think that since Klempner went to Sweden that the spelling police are on holiday too.  Worng! Big Grin

How long before Goose reads this and sneaks back again to fix his mistake?  

Quote:Cantinflas was a Mexican comedic actor whose stock in trade was doubletalk and bullshit

Sounds like THE perfect representative for a dodgy school...
Speaking of Mexicans engaged in doubletalk and bullshit, this one happens to be a self-promoter and coincidentally has the surname Sainz.


She created a controversy where there didn't need to be one. The NFL is about the players and the game itself, not the reporters who cover it.