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Full Version: "Resumé Enhancement" All in the Family
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Self-anointed "expert" Gus Sainz used to boast of having "two RA degrees" and posted a link to a list of online MBA degrees in his sig. Then it was discovered one of his vaunted RA degrees was an AA from his local juco, and the other was a humanities BA acquired a mere 110 days later from TESC.

It looks like the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out NickSainz.com and click on his resume. Or just check the copy attached below. Nick Sainz is Nicholas D. Sainz, Goose's adult son, who recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in Computer Science.


Looks like he did it the old fashioned, cheeks-in-seats way, and it took him four years, not 110 days. So far, so good.

But wait, what's with this claimed work experience? If the kid is in college in Pittsburgh from 2007 to 2011, how is it he was working for this "NewMed Corporation" in Miami from 2003 to 2009?

Well, in fact, "NewMed Corporation" is a DBA for another company--Sainz Medical Systems, Inc. Yup, the same one operated by dear old dad himself.

"This is Me!"

And it seems that not only did that DBA expire in 2004, but Sainz Medical Systems itself expired in 2005 when it was administratively dissolved by the Florida Secretary of State for failing to file its annual report.



So how is it exactly that you work two years in another state for a company that doesn't exist?

It looks like whoever wrote that resume was playing a little fast and loose with the facts.

And just who was the author of that document?

For the answer, click on "File" in Adobe and then "Properties." The author is shown as......none other than Gus Sainz, the King of Cantinfleando himself!

And the title of the document is "Leslie Ann Sainz." That seems like an odd title for a document purporting to be the resume of Nick Sainz. Who is Leslie Ann Sainz? Why Goose's adult daughter, of course.

LinkedIn tells us that lovely Leslie Ann Sainz also attends Carnegie Mellon, where she is majoring in......Creative Writing. It must be in her genes, because when it comes to pulp fiction few are more creative than dear old daddy Goose.

[Image: LeslieSainz01.jpg]
Leslie Ann Sainz
Pulp fiction in her genes?
Nice catch Winston. Hysterical. Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Nick Sainz Wrote:2001 – 2003 MediLogic, Inc. — Miami, FL
Administrative Assistant
Assisted Vice President of Operations. Responsible for answering telephones, taking messages, filing, data entry, photocopying, scheduling, and other clerical duties.

And the VP of Operations for MediLogic, Inc. is who? Dear Old Mom, I betcha. Or as the Florida Department of State's records call her, "M S Sainz."

He left out "washing dishes, doing laundry, taking out the trash, feeding the dog, mowing the lawn and washing the car." Or maybe Gus put that stuff on his daughter's resume.

Quote:Leslie Sainz

Marketing Intern at NTMir
Greater Pittsburgh Area Apparel & Fashion

Apparel & Fashion??? According to the NTMir website:
Quote:NTM Info & Research (NTMir) is a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization formed on behalf of patients with pulmonary nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) disease for the purpose of patient support, medical education and research.

Of course Pittsburgh is the center of the apparel & fashion industry, so I can see how she could make that mistake. RolleyesTongue
[Image: PittsburghFashion.jpg]

Fashion and lung disease are pretty much the same thing, right? She can just "find and replace" all the references to "fashion" in her docs with "lung disease" and everything should be alright.

Or could it just be some more of that Sainz "creative writing" we've seen so many times before?

How long before the degenerate Quinn Tyler Jackson sends her obscene messages and then tries to pin it on someone else?
(03-26-2012, 08:18 AM)4Knee Kate Wrote: [ -> ]How long before the degenerate Quinn Tyler Jackson sends her obscene messages and then tries to pin it on someone else?

Not Quinn's type. She looks human.

A marketing intern at a lung disease support organization equates to working in the "Apparel & Fashion" industry? I don't get that either. Maybe she was thinking of ostomy bags.

Knowing how some people like to rewrite history, a screen shot of the LinkedIn page for posterity:

[Image: LSainzLinkedIn.jpg]

(03-26-2012, 09:14 AM)Dickie Billericay Wrote: [ -> ]Not Quinn's type. She looks human.

That can't be Gus's daughter. This girl isn't ugly.

pido que dejen de darles la lata

how's that? RolleyesBig Grin
Leslie Sainz Wrote:Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School of Business
B.A., Professional/Creative Writing
2010 - 2013 (expected)

I'm trying to figure out why she is telling the world that the CMU English Department is in the Tepper School of Business. In fact it's in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. (And the Professional Writing and Creative Writing programs are two separate programs, not one program connected with a slash.)

Oh no, don't tell me she's got that same "humanities" aversion thing as dear old dad?!?! Goose needs to 'splain to her that flat out lying is different than just leaving out the important parts like he does. Not morally different, but just makes it easier for people to catch you.

Although there may be a few other things he needs to 'splain to her first.....

[Image: LSainz49.jpg]
Leslie really knows how to make papa proud, doesn't she? What parent wouldn't love seeing a photo of their darling daughter standing at a urinal--especially knowing that everyone else in the world can see it too. Classy. Rolleyes

But wait, that's not all. Where is Gregg DesElms when you need him? A real "expert" would know what to make of this:

[Image: LSainz3030-02.jpg]

Quote:30 Minute Session $30
A private 1-on-1 video session with Leslie

Quote:Iintimate size, depth of learning, Greek life!

Thirty bucks for a thirty minute "video session"???? Has she discovered a provocative new way to help out Gus with his bills?

I'm detecting more than a few double entendres there too. "Iintimate size," with the apparent emphasis on "Iin," "depth" of learning, and the all-important "Greek" life??????? With a come-on like that even Chip's few hetero customers likely would be expecting major tailpipe action for their $30.

Seriously, how does a young lady get all the way to college these days and not catch the nuance of such things? Leslie "$30 for 30 Minutes" Sainz? Either she just fell off a turnip truck or she's another one who enjoys embarrassing the crap out of her inept parents.

Nice job raising the kids, Sainz. Clearly you put all that internet time to good use.

Once again, considering that child rearing is probably the single most common managerial function that anybody can undertake, why are we supposed to trust our education to sleazy stalkers like Sainz, whose own kids blatantly and publicly lie about their experience and education? If he can't even do something simple like raise decent, straightforward and honest children why would anyone take him seriously in any other endeavor?
(03-27-2012, 01:57 PM)Martin Eisenstadt Wrote: [ -> ]Leslie really knows how to make papa proud, doesn't she? What parent wouldn't love seeing a photo of their darling daughter standing at a urinal--especially knowing that everyone else in the world can see it too. Classy. Rolleyes

If you think the photo is classy check the accompanying discussion.

[Image: LSainz49.jpg]
[Image: LSainzToiletTalk02.jpg]
Equal time for big bro. I believe he is the one on the left, but considering that Goose once said some of his best friends were perverts, you never know.

It's nice to see that Goose's male offspring has so much in common with Gollum's...er, whatever offspring. They both like girls!

You would think he could have put on his clean T-shirt for the big occasion. (Somebody tell her.....time to hit the peroxide again, honey, your roots are showing!)

[Image: NSainz01.jpg]
Nick Sainz, aka Nicholas D. Sainz
[Image: LSainz49.jpg]

I thought this was a doctored image...
It looked like an Asian transvestite...RolleyesSad
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